Rockies Kitchen + Bar

2800 Terminal Dr #2, Great Falls
(406) 453-0565

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Davy Jones

They are actually open departuring flights foods decent, service is 10 out of 10.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Aaron Sheppard

The one lady never stopped smiling! She had such a positive attitude even when I asked for a couple of things that distracted her from the bar area. The food was good and the fries were yummy!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Haley Richards

Horrible prices. $100 for two people and we SHARED a meal and got a couple drinks. We were the only ones there for over an hour & now I know why. Won't go back. Do not recommend.

Alicja Zuber

My favorite airport bar . Really friendly stuff and good drinks . Makes waiting for the flight very enjoyable . Gotta love Great Falls . Hope to come back soon .

Kaylene Caldwell-Kershner

Just terrible, food mostly gone by 730, shells hard as rocks, worst meal ever. Won’t go back!

char jones

It is hit and miss. Early July we have a good meal at the sit down restaurant. On July 26 we expected to return, but now the don't open until 9 and the flight boards at 10:15. So we opted to eat at the past security section. The sandwich was fine. The breakfast that included sausage patties had been microwaved to rubbery texture. Also, one breakfast lacked the bacon ordered. Because it was so slow we had to take it to go. Everytime we visit the GF airport the restaurant hours change... Even in the same month. If you eat there plan on a simple sandwich after security. Or do a drive thru at McDonald's at Market Place location. At least it is consistent.

Mark Oppelt

Bought a Cubs sandwich great falls today 6/12/21. Staff member came out and put it in front of me. I said Thank you and he walked off saying nothing. Did not offer ketchup or anything. I had to ask the bartender for fries and napkins. Pretty rude.

Trisha L Heck

Your Mother’s Day Buffett was fantastic! This will be something we do again. So good! Lots of different food, beautiful views, relaxing music. Great service.

Trisha L Heck

Your Mother’s Day Buffett was fantastic! This will be something we do again. So good! Lots of different food, beautiful views, relaxing music. Great service.

Thea Ann Williams

Lovely place with amazing food, staff, and drinks.

Erin Darko Wombold

The Valentine’s dinner was absolutely horrible.. the thought was there but the food was horrible.... it was ice cold.. worse prime rib ever and it was 130.00!! And they brought us the wrong drinks 2 times. The butter froze on the potato I am pretty sure.. I had heard nothing but how good it was?? But never again will I go..

David Wayne Schuler

Awesome food on there Italian night special. Looking forward to exit event

Angie Davis

Finally a page

Stacey P.

The Rockies Kitchen and Bar is a one stop shop in the airport. It is a bit of a restaurant, a bit of a convenience store, and a bit of a shop. I watched one woman operate the whole thing - take orders, ring people up for snacks, grab drinks from the little shop, put the orders in the kitchen - all while keeping a smile on her face. For her alone this gets four stars. She was a machine! The bar serves beer and some bottles of wine. If they had more there was no menu that showed it. There was a full menu but due to COVID the vast majority of the menu was unavailable - only salads, pulled pork sandwich, and chicken tenders were available. The tenders were very large and tasty. The fries were fine. They were available for an up charge. Everything was served in a styrofoam containers. It was a fine experience and more than I used to in small airports.

Joeleen Maurer Ramsey

We had a great mothers day meal. Very friendly staff.

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