Snits Bar

619 Central Ave, Great Falls
(406) 452-1966

Recent Reviews

Christy Larsen

The Bartender was hitting my partner and untill my partner started kissing me we got zero attention to even pay our tab and leave.

Diana Stringer

We have been in the restaurant industry for a combined 75 years. We accidentally found the best burgers and service in many years. Thank you so much ❤️

Stephen Haubenstein

Nice small town establishment with good drinks and they serve an Above Average Burger. Very inexpensive.

Francis Boucher

Fantastic Bar. Great Bartenders. Definitely the place I'd hangout at if I lived in Great Falls

Autumn Lee

The bartender his name was Alex today I stopped by to have a couple drinks with my dad and wanted to show him the makeover I had been trying to get the bartenders attention for over 10 minutes maybe 15 before the happy hour was over and when he finally came over made my drink and was charging me full price not even 3 minutes after happy hour I mentioned about how I've been trying to get ahold of him so I could get another drink before happy hour ended he threw a fit took my drink away and kicked me out of the bar worst customer service it wasn't even busy there was no excuse other than him paying more attention to his friends than the other patrons

Sean McGuire

Well done. Good time was had by all. Can't think of any other criteria so we're gonna go straight to 5/5. ???

Racheal Dyess

Best burger I have ever had


This review is for Joseph (and Joseph only haha jk) what a wonderful experience, his service was unparalleled. Highly recommend. Five stars. Go here and ask for Joseph!

Bobbi Palagi

Looking for a fun bar with great burgers? Snits is your place!

Todd Martin

great place to grab a cold one and watch the game!

Stacy Nelson

Good people-Great burgers-Tons of fun

Celeste Corder

The bartender was rude as hell for zero reason to me and he flipped out on me

J Schmidt

Your general Dive bar, got served right away, but I have no idea if that would have happened if it was busy.

Corey Stubbs

Wow. Just wow. If you are looking for that loud, dive bar experience, look no further. This place on the weekend is packed and booming. The server did great keeping up with demands at the bar. Karaoke machine is a hot item here. Be aware though that this is not a club, this is a bar, and as such all walks of life frequent here, which is kind of half the fun of this place. Just be mindful of your surroundings and drink responsibly with a plan on how you’re getting home cause you will have fun here!

Jalyn Kapp

Fun bar with a great atmosphere. Love the burgers and the amazing staff. The owners have done a great job of rebranding the bar and making it a fun place to be.

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