301 S Poplar St, Elizabethtown
(910) 862-2636

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Pamela Bryant

Several orders were wrong for dine-in and carry-out. Ours was wrong. The lady that 'bagged' our food bagged it with wrong items, blamed the cashier but the order was correct on the receipt from the cashier. Also heard cursing from employees behind the counter.Food: 5/5

Albert Shaw

Second time this has happened , did not get what I ordered , brest and wing dinner ordered received short thigh and drum stick . It will not happen again because I will not go back.

Gloria Lewis

The chicken were kind of hard and greasy

Kevin Kaffenberger

When you ask for another dipping sauce you don't ask didn't I give you some with attitude and then tell me it 29 cents after I personally watched you give a handful to another customer. And no 29 cents doesn't mean anything to me but your attitude bent me out of shape I guess you was scared of the dude that asked for more or didn't want him too show out in the store . I guess being treated like I was at Arby's across the street or Chick-fil-A was not an option.

Joni McMillian

I have been to this establishment several times and dines in with my son. It does not matter who takes our order, they get it wrong. The food is okay. The persons that take our order as well as the manager seem to have the personality of a wet mop. I understand everyone has "off" days but dang.....we stop here almost on a weekly basis. (Only because it is what my son wants to eat). A

jamie Anderson

Got extra crunchy and it wasn't as greasy as the regular

Martin Hackle

Food was fresh, hot, and tasty. I'd go here again.

Kim Metz

Food was delicious! Service was okay, the order was wrong when we got the food, but they were good and made up for it.

thomas price

First you don't give me my change back that you owe me which is not my problem you are short of change. Short Yourselves not me, not my problem. Then my order was completely wrong. Do your job and take pride instead of asking for a raise. If you want more money then go find a better paying job.

Brenda Kelly

The food was hot. The fries were delicious.

Gary Prevatte

Just a basic KFC, Small town business. Nothing wrong with it. Quick service and everything was correct

Hix Bryant

Yesterday they were out of chicken including sandwiches. Only had wings and 2 sides to choose from. Today I waited 17 minutes for a Plain chicken sandwich. When I got home it was Mayo on both sides and pickles. I am allergic to pickles. I took it back and when I got home they didn’t refresh my fries and they were cold as ice. Come on people geeeeeesussssss

Krystal Polovitch

It's KFC if you know you know and if you don't you better find out! Staff was awesome and the dining area was clean, they were quick, my food was fresh, the kitchen area appeared clean and tidy.

sam britt

Not impressed with food or service

Natoshia Allen

Was delicious

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