760 W Fire Tower Rd #109, Winterville
(252) 321-1511

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Joan Avilez

Be cautious when ordering via the online app…First time I placed an online order it said my order was ready for pick up when I arrive they told me they had no bread at all and couldn’t make my order. This was about 1hr 30min before closing They couldn’t even refund me and the person in charge gave up trying to come up with a solution. One of the new employees suggested I come in the next day to pick up my subs and guaranteed me they would make them. So I went home without a refund or food and had to trust they would keep their word and that the employee would show up the next day. A 30 min drive out the way but a solution nonetheless I was thankful for her quick thinking. I tried to give them another chance by ordering via the app a second time a week later and when I showed up it wasn’t ready either even though the app said it was and I had to go through my order in person with an employee and have them build it on the spot completely defeating the purpose of ordering ahead but at least a walked out of there with my sandwiches this time. Only posting this so others can be cautious in case they’re in a hurry. I call ahead of time now to make sure they have bread before placing an online mobile order through their app.

Joe Joe

Walked in with my grandson and daughter for lunch. The employee working. Didn't greet us. Or explain why they are not servicing us. They are working on phone ordersAnd we stod there for 20 minutes and still .Not one time ack like they care for walking customers. I'll never go there again.Totally un happy.. with they're sevice

richa dhungana

Worse experience ever at Subway…. The subway was made in a sloppy way, I was charged extra…. The footlong sandwich did not have meat and vegetables all over it. It just had meat and vegetables in the middle. We won’t be eating subway anymore.

Minnie Hixon

Subway is still a good place to get a good sub, but I still prefer jersey Mike's sorry subway but your my 2nd choice.Food: 4/5

Mr. Philip

Great subs and I liked the workers here for sure.

Nezettia Stevens

I love Subway but see a lot of inconsistencies in stores. Some stores are not as good as others.Food: 3/5

Jeff Rorer

This store consistently gets orders wrong or missing items. Why my wife continues to order from them is beyond me. Must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for employees. Really though, you would do better for your brand to go out of business at this location.

Tony M

They renovated this Subway and probably fired the ladies that worked there before. I had many BAD experiences there before but now everytime is a pleasure with the new staff !

Billy Crawford

Great subs and the service was also great. My granddaughter loves going there when she comes to stay with us.

Christel Colville

This Subway is good, could be a bit better. They need to have the pizzas like the other Subway has. One day I went, they were out of bread! Otherwise, good staff & food.

Beth Shelby

I used to love subway, what happened?? The turkey was very dry, the lettuce was soft, the spinach was wilted- actually brown on the ends, the onions were so soft that they looked like they had been grilled, the cucumbers were translucent… They almost look like they had been frozen and then thawed? The wrong sauce was on it too- same color, wrong sauce. I paid subway for a sandwich I threw out and came home and ate cereal.

Michael Pichan

What an AWESOME idea! Yes you get a cookie, but even more so it promotes positivity and gratitude.

Chris Warren

Love to online order and simply pick up. This location always does well with my order and is very clean. Easy in and out. Subway menu and quality is also much improved.

Richard Beck

The manage made my sandwich today. She was awesome. Very friendly and professional. Also, remodel looks great.


Place was very clean and new looking but the music was way too loud and staff didn't listen. I had to repeat myself multiple times and my sandwich still came out wrong and the sweet tea was a bit sour. They seemed very overwhelmed but the were only a few people in at the time.

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