Taco Bell

3906 S Memorial Dr, Winterville
(252) 439-1041

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Racks Wayne

They were supposed to open 30 mins ago but are not and I see a bunch of workers just standing around talking

Husky Musher

The food is good. It's a taco, hard to mess up. I will say that if you use the App, check your order BEFORE you leave the drive thru. Last 2 times I've had to go back to get items that were left out.

Joshua Adkins

I ordered a meal for 2 and got a few chipotle melts through Grubhub, the crunchy wraps were half empty, the soft tacos were wet, and the burritos were wrapped extremely poorly. The only good thing that came out of this order was the chipotle melts and the fact that we weren’t missing anything. Extremely dissatisfied, enough to never order Taco Bell again.

Clinton Crutchfield

Great place with great food. My favorite fast food restaurant.

Hope V

For fast food. It was good. Clean restaurant, but a little attitude with staff.

Garrett Harrison

Cashier STOLE all my coin change, said coin shortage. No such thing in 2022! General/District/Regional Manager did not care. People get a REFUND if they do this scam to you and LEAVE.

L. Squared

Nothing like giving your entire order at the kiosk like you're supposed to, and they were so busy goofing off that they missed part of it and told me that I had to go to the back of the extremely long line. This is ridiculous. Do not go here.

Abigail Craft

Food was good. Service at fast food continues to get slower and slower.


5/17 7:25 PMThe drive thru staff this evening were very polite & professional, from the young lady at the intercom to the gentleman at the window. I really appreciate them for not catching an attitude with me when I ordered the wrong drink on the app. Thank you for being kind. Food was nicely prepared as well.

Paisley Bland

guys at the drive through were ace!! He said they have “the best sweet tea in taco bell history” and i agree lol.

Emmet R.

The only place you can get gas for under four dollars now please try the Baja blast it's is bussin

Pam Webber

I want to give a huge shout out to the employees that were working Saturday March 16th around 2:00 pm. You did an amazing job. That was the BEST chalupas and soft taco I have ever had. It was fresh, it was hot, it wasn’t messy. The employees were all very polite and the restaurant was spotless. Even were listening to gospel music on the radio. Keep up the GREAT work. Very proud of all these young adults that I encountered today it was a blessing.

Alex Cone

Ordered through DoorDash with specifications for 2 Crunchwraps (no sourcream, beef to chicken, add steak) and for 2 Quesaritos (beef to chicken). My friend said the Quesaritos were fine, but both of the Crunchwraps were not made right. I also got a Baja Blast Freeze but they gave me the regular drink instead of the freeze - which isn't as big of a deal. But it's extremely annoying that I paid extra for the Crunchwrap changes that they didn't even give me.

Joshua Brown

I like taco bell but this taco bell was kinda mid ngl. Like no cap I look forward to getting taco bell and honestly it's the highlight of my week before the paycheck and I'm Ballin on a budget. But the the highlight of this week was watching the Kanye West trilogy "Jeen-yuhs" but anywho, hopefully next week is better fr

Grace V.

the last couple times ive went to taco bell and ordered food i would order my food without tomato's and they would even put it on the ticket but whenever i would get my food there would still be tomatoes on it.

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