Ranch Steakhouse

1119 ND-20, Devils Lake
(701) 662-6630

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Lynn Imel

Good filet that keeps me coming back. But The peppercorn sauce is more gravy-like then pepper, the Sinatra style okay, the garlic mashed underwhelming, lobster bisque had very little lobster, the walleye is very nice and the bang bang shrimp pretty good. The popovers should be served with any dinners rather than ordered as an app…I mean there is no bread offered so popovers should be gratis. Then if you have a different size party then the size of popovers then you order 2 orders, then likely have to many..just not cool. Surprisingly decent sushi. The service needs some polishing. The wine glasses are just stupid. See pictures. They seem to be using a tasting glass..way to small to properly breathe the wine. I wish there was a 3.5. I will still go back. Probably top 3 for devils lake.


We go to the Ranch once a year during our visit home. This year, as usual, we looked forward to our trip. Unfortunately, the food quality has fallen... simply put, the attention to detail we are accustomed to was not there. The food was actually bland, funny but I just asked my wife how her steak was. She said and I quote, right after I wrote "bland" said her steak was "bland and tough". Or guest, daughter and boy friend had the German dish, my daughter loves it. She said the dish wasn't right, it was missing the proper ingredients and she should know having spent a year in Germany. It wasn't authentic as it seemed to be in the past. We asked locals after eating, they unanimously agree the attention to detail has fallen. Sad to say but now it's just overpriced food, nothing special.


My wife and I enjoyed an excellent dinner here while on a short vacation in North Dakota. Nice "steak house" decor, excellent food, and good service. We had the Walleye and a Sirloin steak. Both meals were well-prepared and delicious. Our waitress was a delight and we would highly recommend The Ranch for a nice meal out.


My wife and I ate here while on a trip to the area to see our Granddaughter in a little theatre production. Decor was what I would class as "typical steakhouse" and the restaurant and its staff were warm and inviting. My wife's Walleye was superb - delicious, well-prepared, and a real treat for the fish lover. I had a medium rare Sirloin which was done to perfections. Our waitress was chatty, professional, and efficient. All-in-all, a very nice dining experience. My one comment: you can either enter through the downstairs bar or drive around to the back and come in that way. The rear entrance is a somewhat non-descript metal covered door with a star-burst pattern and I wasn't sure it was actually the way in. However, the door opened onto a nicely panelled and well-lit hallway, quickly dispelling my doubts.

Jillian Hildebrandt

Beautifully and thematically designed, the Edison lighting helps in building a rustic and welcoming ambience. Our server, Isabelle, was excellent; attentive & friendly. The only part that fell short for us was the food. Our steaks, albeit slightly overdone, were juicy but lacked any flavor. Garlic mashed and macaroni & cheese were also flavorless, needing more salt. The best tasting item was the croutons; garlicky and the perfect amount of crunch. Their menu talks a big game (Steak au poivre, Sinatra style, etc.) but failed to deliver. Will likely try again next time we're in town.

Tom Krause

Well, I thought the food was pretty darn good. Waitress was a little stressed,over worked I suppose, but she was very nice. Leave em a good tip!

Liong Vue

This place his has some of the best food I ever taste the people there was great.

karina k.

I give Ranch Steakhouse 5 stars in ND because there were many points I appreciated right away. This is even though I am mostly vegetarian and pescatarian when no vege options and they have signs from the past that promote meat eating for health for "energy" and "success." I wish there were some vegetarian options but this is North Dakota. So why I gave 5 stars: 1) the server and the owner came to my table pretty much the same time just about 1-2 min after I was seated. The manager came first and he asked me what I wanted to drink I'm case I was thirsty and this gesture made me feel welcome. The waitress came 5 seconds after he did. (2) The waitress allowed me to order an item on the kids menu even though she said I was supposed to be a kid ... but I told her I already had dinner before this as it was 9:00pm and couldn't eat a full dinner. I wanted to support local restaurants and I heard this was a good place from locals. She didn't give me an attitude and just put my order through. (3) The food was good. I enjoyed the lightly battered, not too salty, fried shrimp with Tatar sauce that had dill, celery, onions, capers, and mayo that was not too thick and gooey like some tartar sauces that taste like gelatin and too salty. But this sauce was just right for the shrimp. (4) The mashed potatoes was from red potatoes and done without much salt or butter which I appreciate as it's a nice healthy side dish with the shrimp (it's hard to find vegetarian meals in ND so I eat a pescatarian diet in ND a lot). (5) The other side was a required for the kids meal on the menu it wrote to add to the health benefit for kids to eat veges. I loved it bc they didn't dress it up. No salt and no butter. Just steamed. If I wanted I dipped it in the tartar sauce and it was great. (6) The restaurant is upstairs from the bar and the inside is clean, doesn't have any mildew smell or old moist wood, and the natural wood tables are stained well and cleaned. (7) The bathroom is clean, smells nice, no bad odors, the garbage was freshly changed at 9:30pm (they close at 11:00pm). It has 2 mirrors inside along with free womens feminine products and lotion. The entrance to the bathroom is grand...it's large and has a nice historial area between the mens and womens sections with lanterns (pic attached). Cute museum piece. Inside the large stall is a baby changing station that accommodates tall and short people bc it sits higher up than most stations so it's nice for your back. And they had a poster of an old paper article about The Ranch and who started it in 1946 quoting how they promoted having high quality meat served. It was nice and fun to read a little history. ***Overall the experience was positive and I enjoyed it. They played 80s music so one can't go wrong with that, playing Prince, Chicago, The Eagles, Belinda Carlisle...The New York Minute by Don Henley...the waitress came by like 5 times to ask if I needed anything and was very sweet. ***Recommendations for an even better experience: (1) Get rid of the carpet walking upstairs to the restaurant bc it has a musty smell bc I am very sensitive to these so I could tell right away even though the restaurant itself is great w all hardwood floors that are well kept and no carpet which makes it have no odor, and replace with hardwood steps, and (2) Get rid of the carpet in the room next to the bathrooms (see pic) because I smell the same musty carpet smell and replace with hardwood just like the dining area.

Kathleen F.

This was such a surprise find! Ordered the popovers and meatloaf, both were delicious - portions were huge, too. There are not many restaurants in this town, so it was wonderful to come across such a good one.

Leah Lovin

The servers know what they are doing. The owners are running a top notch operation. I have never had a bad meal here. The menu has something for everyone, and they have an amazing happy hour! Check it out. Yum.

Kelly Lewis

Delicious food and such a treat for Devil's Lake

Tyler Manske

Stopped here when visiting a friend, and luckily I struck happy hour. The two of us split steak tips, shrimp, and poutine. We each also had a beer. The total bill came out to be under $30, which is just incredible. The food was phenomenal for a small town restaurant!

Shaun Dailey

The food was spectacular. Best steak I've had in a LONG time. I'm from Wisconsin and this is the first time I've ever eaten here but it most certainly won't be my last. It was delicious.

Sarah Hendrickson

My Boyfriend and I came here for Valentine's Day. He loved his steak and I really enjoyed my Jager Schnitzel. Their steaks are very expensive, and my boyfriend said his was filling. If he gets a steak again he would split it with someone. Their one plate meals are more affordable for people who want a nice meal at a lower price. We took a cream brule to go and it was also delicious. Our server was super kind and polite. We had a wonderful time!If you have a wheelchair, you should park in the back of the building instead of in the main parking lot. I think they need to put a sign out front to let visitors know this.

Chris Broz

Very good food and an upscale atmosphere. A lot fancier of an environment than I expected but not an unwelcome surprise.

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