Ranch Steakhouse

1119 ND-20, Devils Lake
(701) 662-6630

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Joseph S.

Service is great... Wait times can be annoying but they take reservations so that can be avoided with a simple call. The atmosphere is great one of the best in town. Steaks I would rate an A- they are good and seasoned well. The temperatures are cooked as wanted and have never had any issues. They have great variety in their menus. My favorites are the ND honey pork chop. Sweet with incredibly juicy, tender pork chops with great flavor. One of my other favorites had to be one of the pizzas. Can't remember what it's called but it has this amazing garlicky sauce with the nice texture of spinach. One of my few complaints is they don't give enough ranch. The ranch is really good and as a ranch lover you can never get enough but you know that's just kinda me. Their fries are average but a perfect balance of crunch and softness so no complaints there. Their nachos are really good and will fill your appetite no matter how big. I will definitely be coming back in the future no doubt.

Krystal J,

First time ever eating here. Great service, environment, and food! Must visit??

Teresa M.

While the food was tasty, the service was lacking. I'm not sure if our gal was relatively new to the hospitality game or if she should consider another career path. We're not difficult patrons & we are rather lenient, especially in these crazy times. On entry we were seated right away by cheery staff. Once seated, we were immediately approached and asked what we wanted, having not yet cracked the drink menu, much less the food menu. We asked for a few minutes & were granted the minimum qualifying 3min. We went ahead with our drink order & received "& what about food?" Again, we asked for additional time to look over the menu. After about that same amount of time, we were approached again & our order was taken. Drinks were served after that, without a work. It was awkward. Meanwhile, the table behind us was treated to a different experience & advised of the specials. We exchanged looks & shrugged with a laugh. The food came out and it was indeed very good. The check was dropped promptly as my husband finished his meal & I was about halfway through. I dare say we'd go back again and, hopefully, if our gal was new, she'll have found her groove.

Clark Hall

Myself and five other hunting buddies went in tonight. It was absolutely awesome. The food was amazing the service was spectacular. The little girl that took care of us was so friendly and helpful joking and laughing all the time. We had a wonderful time. If you’re going to Devils Lake this is a must see place.

Brandon Wall

I’ve been here many times over the years. Very good food overall, but super pricey. They have their ribeye priced at $38!! I can go to other restaurants locally and feed my family for that price with equally delicious meals. We can’t afford to patronize this place any longer.

Colleen Batton

The large gathering of 40 people I was with had the very best service by our servers. The food came quickly, and sure was good. Thankyou for making our dinner party a great success.

Clayton Flock

Best place in town to get the best steaks. Hands down. I'm never disappointed in the steak.

Ted Kaminski

I'll start out by saying that the the ranch has been a staple of mine whenever taking trips to devils lake. Past experience and food have been phenomenal. Not now! I was looking forward to tater tot hotdish as did for 3 other buddies. They are out of tater tots! I actually had a request by my wife to bring home 2 orders as well. Things happen, but a restaurant of this former caliber it shouldn't. Now one of the guys orders a steak which was ok, 3 of us order brisket. This is where it went from bad to worse. 2 pieces of warmed up rubbery brisket buried in sauce to try to make it BBQ. One of the guys actually puked when we got back to cabin it was so bad. I can't believe the one of favorite restaurants has gotten this bad

Doug Goodman

Great food, friendly staff and excellent service ✔️?

James Hancock

Extremely disappointed with both the level of service and the quality of the food. Was in a very large group with guaranteed the service staff of a 18% tip, unfortunately for us as the patrons this ment that our waitress did not have to work very hard at her job. For the price of a rib eye steak at $38 I expect a lot. Unfortunately I got something that had the texture of a frozen cut rate piece of beef. Our server was not attentive and when came time to pay told me she would not do any math for us to ensure all parties paid what was they're fair share. The lack of effort put forth by here did not entitle her to the 18% she received. But honest truth had she put in any level of true service I am sure she would had received more than 18%. I guess when you are the only "steak house" in 80 or so miles you do not have to be good

Vincent Gratton

It's a very good ? place to eat. We had peace about that place.

Ashton Kobbeman

We just finished our third family vacation to Devil’s Lake, and we always have to stop by The Ranch for dinner. It’s our daughter’s favorite restaurant, and we all look forward to it every trip! Our favorites are the Tater Tot Hot Dish, the popovers, jumbo shrimp, honey roasted pork loin, and the sushi poke bowl. Staff is super friendly, great service and amazing food. We look forward to many more years of amazing food on our yearly ice fishing trips! Thanks so much!

Jennifer Fuhrmann

Really enjoyed this place. This was the 2nd time we have stopped in and it was great. We only got a sushi roll and a few drinks but it was amazing. Service was great as well.

Evies King

Loved this placeOur waiter was super nice. The host was super helpful. Every time I come to ND from Minnesota. I always wanted to to visit The ranch. I finally got to. Best place for a steak.

Jeff Nelson

Had the pan fried walleye. It was excellent. Service was also great.

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