The Rig Lounge

6805 105th Ave NW, Tioga
(701) 664-9412

Recent Reviews

Nick De Carlo

Great food, drinks and people!

Jeremy R.

Came here two weekends in a row. I ordered the same sandwich both times. I got a french dip with beer battered fries, it was so good that i had to order it the second time too. The spicy ranch that they offer isn't anything special, and not that spicy. The Au Jus that came with the sandwich was pretty good. The bread was soft and the meat was juicy. Very good sandwich. I also ordered some spicy/jalapeno cheese curds on my first visit. They werent spicy and the spicy ranch didnt make them hotter... the first visit was food and a few beers. The second visit i went at the night crowd, played some pool, and had quite a few more drinks. I ordered a couple different whiskey and tequila drinks, they didnt taste quite right... but i ended up finishing them anyhow. When it comes to pool, it takes quarters, so youll need to bring some or get change at the bar. It was very loud, and there were several guys there i thought that probably should have been cut off 2-3 drinks prior. So im not sure that security here or monitoring is very top notch. I guess its an okay place to go, if you are bored on the weekend... not sure it would be my go-to spot though.

Delisa A.

Absolutely the worst restaurant experience I have ever had. This place came highly recommended by friends. The waitress was extremely rude, my drink was horrible, and my food was burnt to a crisp. I left it without touching it. Five stars is a joke.

Lisa L.

Food was of low quality and I think our cashier was drunk. It was a bad experience altogether.

Sarah Muniz

Food was hot and delicious. Generous portions, pickles are delicious. Onion rings are amazing! Food does not taste like old cooking oil, veggies in the salad are crispy and fresh.. ordering over the phone is easy as well. Nothing negative to say


Food was good. Service was fast. We had a group of 20 and it did not take long. Friendly staff.


Lovely Bartender that always smiled, helped out my lady and I quickly, and was very nice.

Connie Olson

The food was just okay, nothing to rave about. The service was just bare basic. It is definitely a bar atmosphere. Didn't see a smiling face the whole time we were there.

Austin Palmeri

Friendly staff and delicious food.

Zack Burke

Very good food. An a very good atmosphere

Jessica Chapa

The girls here will take care of you and set you straight! Spent 6 months in town and had so much fun thanks to their hospitality, they knew us all by name and always had our drinks ready for us! The food is good, Frisco burger is my favorite.

Edwin Holland

The food is great and the people there are nice.

David Spannaus

Good food. Clean building and friendly staff.

Greg Tonini

I would drive back to Tioga just for another Cajun patty melt and sweet potato fries!

Tabitha Maxwell

Friendly staff and good food. Good prices

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