Pizza Palace

204 Grand Ave, Burwell
(308) 346-5200

Recent Reviews

Shelli Spencer

Working long hours at the swimming pool prevents time to go home and eat. When I order pizza and request a specific time for pick up, it is always ready! I have lived in Burwell since the Pizza Palace opened its doors. The staff is friendly, the restaurant is clean, and the pizza is the best I have ever eaten! Thankful to have this in Burwell!!!

The Hair Society Do More

Every time my family and I passed through Burwell. It’s a must that we stop by the Pizza Palace. It has become a family tradition and the people there are so nice and friendly. Not to mention the pizza is so darn good.


I’ve grew up in Burwell and The Pizza Palace is truly a part of the fabric that makes up its food options. The folks there are so nice and the food hits the spot every time


The food here is sooooo good! I would strongly recommend stopping by and taking advantage of the buffet or just take a pizza home.

Wendy Layson

I bought 3 large pizza's there for over $100, and all we tasted was cheese. We throw all of it away and NO flavor!!! PUCK!!

Robyn Vance

The crust is the perfect thickness. Lots if cheese. We ordered the meatlovers and it was loaded!!

Paul Soulek

We were in town to do a river float trip and decided to check out the pizza. Overall our experience was good, but the temperature was so cold it was hard to focus on the food. (It was 90 outside and we were dressed in shorts / tshirts.) There were four pizzas on the buffet and they were loaded with cheese. The pieces nearest the heat lamp were definitely much warmer than those on the outside of the four-pizza warming area. The salad bar was small but adequate. The goldfish crackers as a salad bar topping were an interesting (and good!) addition. I’m not sure it was a great value for the $12 per person, but it was a good small town experience.

Alan Humiston

We stopped here on a motorcycle trip through Nebraska and thought we might be too late for their buffet. We were glad to find that they were just adding a pizza to it. Though not an extensive buffet, it was perfect and everything was great. The pizza was amazing and the people very friendly and welcoming! We'd definitely stop here again!

Eli Jah

2 pizzas and a family size mac-n-cheeze was 100 dollars. Ok fine. The pizza was so nasty teenage boys wouldn't eat it. We had to throw it out.

Terry Holt

The pizza was delicious. Perfect crust, fresh toppings, great selection of unique combos. Lots of cheese!!

Nathaniel McCauley

Lots of food of ok quality. Might be better for other diners. The buffet pizzas aren't always going to be steaming hot goodness, but the soups and salad are absolutely wonderful with an amazing staff.

Tracy Hoedebeck Christian

BEST pizza we have had in a long long time!

Sandy Hood

The staff is awesome at least for me they have went above and beyond, I highly recommend this place

Sharon Noah

As always great pizza. Enjoy being here with friends.

Todd Enders

Great find in the middle of Nebraska. They make a great cheese-on-top style pizza, and it's terrific, and ample for even the hungriest travelers. Really nice folks, and having the ld town square to walk around in while you wait for your pie is a nice touch.

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