Pizza Palace

204 Grand Ave, Burwell
(308) 346-5200

Recent Reviews

Todd Enders

Great find in the middle of Nebraska. They make a great cheese-on-top style pizza, and it's terrific, and ample for even the hungriest travelers. Really nice folks, and having the ld town square to walk around in while you wait for your pie is a nice touch.

Tara Woodward

A favourite place to stop at whenever I’m driving through. The take-and-bake pizzas are great to bring home, and the staff were very accommodating when I stopped through to finish a zoom conference call.

Sally Bell

Just enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch at Pizza Palace!! Wow…quite the spread!!! Very friendly staff!! Very clean!! We love Pizza Palace!!!

Gail Mumm

Great buffet very friendly staff ?

Al Wenburg

Great pizza, only knock is that our taco pizza had way too many toppings. It was good but almost became a taco salad because of all the lettuce and other fixings

Darrek Olson

We were just passing through town when we found this place and tried it out. Very friendly service! However, there was hardly any pizza on the buffet and the desserts were scavenged very quickly. Didn't care much for the pizza either, the crust was not good and there was way too much cheese. The salad bar was simple but tasted fine.

Randy Schwartz

Very deliciousFriendly staff

Julie Rowse

Best pizza around! Love the individual size pizza. My husband and I have very different tastes and there's no worries about which piece has the right stuff!


I liked the veg pizza. If you like cheese you'll love this pizza. I was on a business trip so It did feel like a heavy meal. I wish they would offer a less heavy pizza, less cheese and thinner crust. I'll ask next time, it's worth a stop. It is very good tasting pizza.

Kimberly Armstrong Oberg

Super friendly greeting upon arriving, great service, superb pizza, nice surprise for the birthday “boy”. Highly recommend!!

Dan Gibbs

If you need a hidden gem experience, this is the place to go!Pizza Palace is a great handmade pizza joint that uses its own recipes and local ingredients as much as it can.They have a decent selection of items on the menu as well as many frozen products you can take with you on the way out!The dough of the pizza is crisp and cooked all the way through with no soggy spots, but still soft on the inside. Unlike many places, they do NOT skimp on toppings and cheese and bake it to the perfect doneness where the cheese starts to crisp up adding that extra flavor to each bite. The sauces they use are home recipes and don't make the dough sloppy and heavy.Portion-wise, the small is large enough to eat some and take most of it back with you or share with a buddy! Price-wise, it is a bit more pricey, but well worth it and the wait for your food.The only reason I'm not giving it a perfect 5 star is because of the decor and atmosphere. I've been to and worked in small towns before, so if you aren't a local, the other patrons will watch you. It's unnerving if you've never been to a small Midwest town before.Speaking with some of the locals and relatives of the owner, the decor is still in progress! They are still looking at making future improvements on the inside, but the quality of the food is clearly the main focus.If you've had pizza from a chain place, you know how they slap things together sometimes. Pizza Palace does a great job with making sure their products are done correctly. Please go and support this local gem in the sandhills, especially if you are at the rodeo!

Stephanie Rose

THE BEST gluten-free pizza I’ve had in twelve years! Combination on a thin crispy cauliflower crust. Also very clean and friendly. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Perez

Super friendly staff and delicious pizza. 10/10 would definitely recommend!

Jenny Mayfield

Our family loves coming here. Best pizza around

Lee Glebe

Pizza was fresh and hot on the buffet. Salad items were good also

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