Abel-Sandoz Food Service Building,University of Nebraska–Lincoln

840 N 17th St, Lincoln
(402) 472-4960

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Sammich Smiggms

The decision to move to all online ordering was a mistake in my opinion.

Emma H.

we were lied to. the sign says waffles and desert but there are no waffles. the sasage patties are not meat and the rasberries are sour. the corn is hard. the inly good thing is the pizza and ice cream. do better nebraska

Ben Rockefeller

While there food and drink options are less varied than the nearby Cather, their food on average is more consistent than Cather. Cather tends to have days where the food quality suffers a bit, and some where the food is amazing, while Abel almost always has food of a similar quality to Selleck, which has several little restaurants instead of a buffet. The biggest issue that Abel has is a lack of bathrooms in the dining area, so you need to go before entering (there is a bathroom down the hallway to the left of the stairs), or you may be left without easy access to one. For late night meals, Husker Heroes near the base of the stairs next to the bathrooms is a great place to eat, being open longer than every other dining area on City Campus.

Peter Friesen

Great food kind workers

Kevin Damke

Great salad bar. The Grilled Pastrami and Swiss on marble rye got me in today.

Sofia Okorafor

Nice staff

Emily Marvin

A lot of people don't like this dining hall, but I'm usually pleased with the quality of their food and they have a decent selection.

Josh Toddy

Buffet style eating. The food is very good and very fresh

Betty Matson

Needs more types of food, but overall wonderful service and wonderful food

Tedde Taege

The food was good and the staff was friendly.

Hundter Biede

Eh. Food is ok.

Bob Sildmets

Great food....., great staff

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Abel-Sandoz Food Service Building,University of Nebraska–Lincoln

840 N 17th St, Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 472-4960