Union Orchard: Central Apple Market

701 Central Ave, Nebraska City
(402) 873-1090

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half driven

Visited the store in Nebraska City. The lady working was super nice and friendly. Prepared our delicious sandwiches walking us through all the options. She made us a strawberry rhubarb pie that we picked up later and was the star of the show (family dinner) we are here twice during our visit and would go back again and again.

K D Fountain

2 weeks ago a lady gave me a Cherry Pie from there. She also bought a Carmel Apple Pie & Peach. My Cherry Pie was so good! The best since my childhood. I froze 1/2 my pie. Took it out to finish. I live in Omaha.

Kaleb Huffman

Stopped in briefly just to check it out and support a small business. Nice, little place. I purchased a cherry turnover and an apple turnover for $2.10 an item. Great taste and very fluffy. Friendly service. If you're on Central Avenue give this place a look.

Space Gremiln 64

On Applejack things can get CRAZY. But it has a lot of jams I never heard of but look yummy. The pies taste great, I LOVE THE CARAMEL APPLE PIE. Didn't have apples in late November, but it was due to nature. Would recommend.


I very much enjoyed my visit There was a variety of foods to look and buy. They even had wine tasting that was very good and pleasing. I will return next year to buy more!

Margie Cook

Enjoyed visiting with Kelsey and Taylor ?

Brenda Wolfe


Laura Betz

You need to try the doughnuts. Especially the fresh ones they are amazing

Atanael de los santos

excellent experience.

Tom Browning

This is a lovely market located on Central in Nebraska City in the historic downtown area. It’s quite large inside with various offerings such as coffee, pastries, donuts, pies, popcorn, jellies, jams, and other food related market items. It’s well decorated with ceiling fans and Tiffany style lighting. There were a lot of people in the shop at the time I arrived during the applejack car show. It seemed like business was hopping for them, which was great to see. I’d suggest trying one of their fresh baked treats! It was a worthwhile stop for sure. Check it out sometime!

Laurie Knapp

Windshield replaced on 5/5/23. Tech said he cleaned as best he could. Photos show how “well” he cleaned

Kay neumeister

Sorry but I have never ate in there so if anyone wants to they can

Patrick Maloney

I traveled to Nebraska City from Lincoln with my son. One of my goals on this trip was to visit your bakery. Upon entering your store I spotted your apple pies. I bought one whole pie and my son chose 2 muffins. Upon getting home I sliced the pie and served one piece for myself and one for my wife. We both agreed, this was the best apple pie we've had in a long time. A pie begins with the crust and it was perfect. And the apples were not too hard or too mushy. Just darn tasty. I need to make my way back before the holidays for another pie. Kudos to the baker. Nice bakery you have.

Janice Jordan

I love coming to Union Orchards! Always so many coices. The pies are wonderful, you can buy fresh baked or frozen, to take home and bake later!!


Super awesome place, had a piece of shamrock cake! It was hella good!

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Union Orchard: Central Apple Market

701 Central Ave, Nebraska City, NE 68410
(402) 873-1090