Glacial Till Vineyard & Winery

344 S 2nd Rd, Palmyra
(402) 610-3068

Recent Reviews

Renee Colette

the atmosphere and nice staff. the wine is superior. they have gluten free wine and ales.

Raylene P

4 miles off the highway on a finely graveled road. Straight shot though no turns. Don't wash your car it will get dusty.

Jamms 4

Very beautiful place. It was a bit windy. But we didn't get it too much because the placement of the chairs. We were protected. The arch way was beautiful. Plenty of places to have pictures. The inside was beautiful and lots of options of alcohol.

Karabo Angel

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Steve Van Hoosen (Van Hoosen Video)

I was there in a working capacity, but the staff was 5 star, the venue is really beautiful. Get there if you want a getaway!

M. Spencer H.

What a FIND! I'm so glad my friend brought me here. We had such a good time that I had multiple flights and bought a number of things to take home. I appreciate that their offerings span the dry to sweet scale. The Ciderpatch was excellent with that sour bite to it. I'm eagerly awaiting cold weather to enjoy some of the other seasonal things I purchased like the prairie fire, but I can't wait to tell people I know about this place in the hopes that they'll go for a visit. Amanda helped us and was absolutely wonderful answering questions and managing a HUGE sale of things for us to take home.

Genevieve Randall

So beautiful out in the hills of southeast Nebraska! Love their spacious place, the variety and quality of the ciders and wines. The Sunday summer events on Sundays are so nice! Highly recommend!

Jack Rodenburg

First: I never leave reviews. Good or bad. Just doesn't cross my mind.Second: Glacial Till has been my favorite vineyard due to their delicious ciders alone. Tied with Saro for quality, but with many more flavors and better availability.Third (and the reason I'm leaving this review): I play in many local bands, and I've played at every vineyard around Lincoln. On my way to Glacial Till, I ran over a nail and I showed up to the gig with a leaking tire. It promised to ruin the night for me, as instead of feeling the music I'd have to be thinking about changing a tire, calling AAA, getting a tow, etc.A bandmate mentioned to the staff at Glacial Till my tire was slowly going flat. Within minutes, Tim pulled up in his truck, identified the leaking tire, and (with my permission) drove my car to the barn. 30minutes later he drove my car back with a patched tire and 37psi of air in it.You can't make this up. Go to Glacial Till for the delicious Cider and Wine (and good music ?), but stay knowing you're going to be taken care of and treated like family.

Henry Carnaby

Great location for a meeting. No signage other than the front gate so a little hard to find. Good selection of wines but not a fan of the hard cider.

Abby Eastman

Fantastic time. Great family atmosphere

Bethany Inge Photography

Glacial Till is such a modern, urban, and beautiful venue. You can see flow from start to finish that has clean atmosphere. The views are gorgeous as well. These are from an October wedding.

Kevin Smith

Beautiful and elegant venue. Staff is A+ service and treats you very nicely. If you want a getaway from the city to experience the great outdoors this is definitely a great choice ?

Duane Wunderlich

A Glacial Till cider will be an excellent choice no matter which flavor you choose and Fermented Friday's are a great time.

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Glacial Till Vineyard & Winery

344 S 2nd Rd, Palmyra, NE 68418
(402) 610-3068