Burger King

155 Loudon Rd, Concord
(603) 225-0784

Recent Reviews

Leatherman Jams

Typical fast food.

Carmel Gangi

I like their mix and match deal of two for $5, two sandwiches and a soda is less than $8 so that's less than a value meal. Of course it's minus the fries but that's okay. I went in the middle of the lunch rush so the food was fresh. The line was long but it moved quite quickly and the service was friendly and efficient. I got the big fish sandwich and the original chicken sandwich.

John Bolgna

It wasnt bad for fast food I suppose

Jessica Donaghe

Fast friendly service, food is just ok but I guess that’s what you get with fast food anyways

Tom Reagan

Bacon King. Staff was friendly food wasnt very good, not sure why, just not up to par.

Bib Gatti

No one here speaks English. At all. Nicest BK you ever saw in your life on the outside, disgusting on the inside. Avoiddddd.

Tim Woods

Very slow and got my order wrong..... I know its a holiday season but.....

John Dixon

Service was great and my Whopper was perfect. Best looking and tasting fast food burger I've had, consistently so from this particular location.

Tal Weinberg

Super friendly cashier . Food was great and came out fast . Clean store and everyone was wearing a mask

Karen Myles

Service was SLOW and had to go back in for missing item and wrong topping on chicken. The counter person was new and very apologetic but jer manager was kurt with her and couldn't care less why I was back inside 2 times. The 3 star is only because the new counter person was was trying so hard despite the attitude of the manager

Thomas Flaig

I ordered a KF mc Whopper. It was amazing

Billy Bob

They are abnormally slow on the drive-thru. Almost as bad as Taco Bell.


Rarely would I review a fast food restaurant, but this BK always delivers a great service experience and always gets my sauces right (a lost art). Great consistent service

Paul LoPresti

They do a great job with there breakfast sandwiches! Surprisingly they are never busy! Check them out!

Andrew Reisman

This location is absolutely terrible. Shake machine NEVER works, or so they say. Food is not served fresh. Frequented this location and their crispy chicken isnt even warm enough to melt the cheese. Employees frequently (every time) forget to add bacon and cheese that I ask and PAY for. It's ridiculous and hasn't gotten any better. I put a call in with corporate so we shall see what happens but I doubt anything will change. Seems to me that noone working gives a [email protected]$$.

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