Revelstoke Coffee

100 N Main St, Concord
(603) 715-5821

Recent Reviews

Sarah E. Boylan

Incredibly friendly and DELISH coffee and treats. We would be there every day if we could. They took the time to explain how they make their iced coffee so I could try it at home. Very quick service as well. Highly recommend.

Andy Grenier

Incredible service and they do a great job of helping customers feel safe during these crazy times.

Tony Vaccaro

You can tell by the way the coffee tastes that they put actual time and care into their brand. I highly recommend Revelstoke.

Ron Aur Hod

Love their coffee love the staff. Best pros at making oat milk lattes that look and act like regular lattes, an expertise that wins my admiration every time.Similar to the cafes at SF and Oakland in taste and feel.Go there!

A. B.

I've heard about this place from a friend so I decided to go and have a cup of coffee. I was really disappointed with the service and how poorly I was treated. I'm definitely not going back

Greg Ancmon

Sadly, I will not be visiting this establishment ever again after the way I was corralled out the back door like a cow to slaughter. I understand if you're trying your best to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but at least have some grace while implementing your policy to your paying customer, who over the past month has spent well over a hundred dollars on coffee/tips. The barista was incredibly rude and unprofessional. It boggles the mind that someone in the service industry could be so aggressive to a paying customer for no reason at all. Good luck and good riddance.

James Simone

I would give them 7 stars if I could. Divine coffee, amazing service. We talk about Revelstoke almost every day.

Calvin Berger

Easily the best coffee in NH, one of the best coffee places I've been to in the world. I mean it, I've done coffee tours in Madrid, Valencia, Tampa, and Barcelona too. They have amazing service, a great "classic/traditional" coffee menu and the perfect amount of unique speciality drinks. You can taste how high quality their coffee/ingredients are. It's evident they use a very high quality espresso. THIS PLACE IS A MUST VISIT!!

Lauren Harris

Great iced matcha. I'm normally skeptical of oat milk, but I tried it in the matcha and was pleasantly surprised. The star of the show, however, was their gluten-free scone, also made of oats. It was really tasty, though a bit pricey at $4. I wonder were they get them, or if they're made in-house? Friendly and helpful staff.

Makayla P.

This coffee shop is amazing! The special coffee drinks that they make are no joke. I got the silly monkey ice latte and it is amazing. They used cereal milk instead of just regular whole milk, and it is a game changer. Its so delicious! They even have vegan food options. The customer service was great! It was my first time being there, but it definitely won't be my last!

Nathan Meier

The coffee is always excellent and the service couldn't be better. They have some really great specialty coffees too.

Rachel Pauley

This is my favorite coffee shop in Concord!! Every time I walk in I feel as though I’m being greeted by friends. Very kind and happy employees. The atmosphere is bright, modern, fresh and clean. Most importantly their coffee tastes great! It tastes real unlike chains such as dunkins and Starbucks. If you’re looking for something to brighten your day I highly recommend trying Revelstoke!

Cheryl Coletti-Lawson

Best coffee ever! Tremendous flavors always consistent. Great atmosphere! Staff is welcoming, wonderful and fun! Glad you are back open!!

Andrew Hemingway

This is the place to get your coffee in Concord. The team there are the best! The coffee is always fresh brewed and the cappuccino is to die for!

Kaleigh Marie

I absolutely LOVE Revelstoke - One of my favorite things to do is buy an extra coffee to bring to a friend and surprise them with their favorite drink!

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