Blue House Derry

21 Birch St, Derry
(603) 818-4363

Recent Reviews

Irene Rawson

Great food, but very hard to get through on the phone.

Hunter G

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST BEEF IN TOWN!I could literally get a super beef 3 way everyday here and not get sick of it! You guys are killing it and I will always return because of how great the meat is and how generous the portion size is! Please keep these coming and don’t change anything about it because your beefs are the best!!!

yo yodoe

They’re the best! Only downside is their phone lines are always busy and they aren’t open every day. Try the chicken parm won’t regret it.

Steven Davis

The best, I repeat, the best hot roast beef sandwich ever! Better for the junior as they are huge sandwichs...

Pat F.

I love blue house. Their roast beefs are amazing and loaded with meat. Even the 'regular' size beef is huge. Ive tried their subs and apps too (which are also good), but I always come back for the beefs. Only negative is it can be very hard to get through on the phone. On my last visit I had to call over 40 times before I was able to get through lol. Considering the challenges small businesses are facing now, they still deserve a 5 star rating.

Ken Hensley

The roast beef sandwich is HUGE and I loved it. It was a wonderful place to eat at while in Derry.

Kristen Bertolino

I absolutely understand that’s it a Friday night, but called at 8:52pm was busy called again busy, waited called again got answered and asked to wait. I said sure no problem. About 3 minutes later someone else answers the phone. Asked me if I wanted pick up or delivery. I stated I wanted delivery, hold please, waited about 2 minutes, hello and was totally ignored by the person who answered the phone.

Alex N

Do you not get me wrong I love blue house their food is incredible however they need to fix their ordering system it is outdated and frustrating to try and order dinner and get told that the line is either busy or have a thing for you for almost a minute and then it automatically hang up on you. Very unhappy

Luigi Provencher

$26 for two large egg plant parmesan with extra sauce and cheese is way too much. Wasn't even that much sauce on them. Not enough to consider it extra than the norm and they didn't even ask me if I wanted them toasted otherwise I would've said No. The sizes weren't even impressive either for larges. Nothing to write home about. I'll be going somewhere else next time.

Emily M.

Ordered a chicken finger dinner...came home to eat it and got a box of fries and onion rings that aren't even good

Dan Forrest

Great roast beef sandwiches, everything you could want on the menu.

Cherie H

Great white tuna subs! Friendly service.

Dave Clark Jr

The best place around for subs, roast beef sandwiches and Pizza! The portions are huge and the food is delicious. The staff is great!

Jessica Houghton-Vella

This is now the original Blue House. How I missed them. It's good to have my favorite food back.


Really good sandwiches. Great portion size.

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