Clam Haven

94 Rockingham Rd, Derry
(603) 434-4679

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The clam strips and onion rings are awesome. I love the frappes as well.. Which is much needed after fried foods.

Melanie Courcy

What happened to this place!?! We ordered 3 meals…lobster roll plate, 3 way combo and chicken finger plate. The fries and onion rings are no longer made to order and sit under a heat lamp. There was no one ahead of me when I ordered and only one person waiting for their food yet it took almost 30 minutes to get our order and they gave us the fries and onion rings that had been sitting out that entire time, if not longer. They were ice cold and soggy. The cole slaw came in a small condiment container which amounts to one bite and it was spoiled, smelled sour as soon as the cover came off. The haddock in the combo plate was also spoiled. One bite and it was an immediate spit out. Only a few scallops and shrimp came in the combo plate but the batter is now so oddly sweet that it just wasn’t good. The lobster in the lobster roll is minced, only a very small scoop of it and had no taste, seems like it’s frozen lobster instead of the nice fresh chucks it used to be. The only redeeming thing were the chicken fingers. Over $80 for cold, soggy, spoiled food and very small portions. Never going back. This used to be the place to go for fresh fried seafood. Stay away!


I've been coming to Clam Haven with my family for over 20 years and have fond memories. The food was always delicious and the prices were always reasonable. Good times. However, this place has gone downhill since new owners took over a few years ago. I visited recently on a beautiful weekend afternoon at lunchtime and the parking lot was completely empty. Zero customers. Nobody ordering food and nobody eating food. So dead that I thought they were closed. The old Clam Haven would have had a long line out to the street and a packed parking lot but customer loyalty will only last for so long. The word's out about the food quality dropping and the food prices skyrocketing. I understand the high inflation everyone's experiencing and restaurant price increases are perfectly understandable. But Clam Haven has taken it to another level. I used a credit card - like most people these days - and was whacked with a 3% "Service Fee" for my trouble. Restaurants get additional business by being willing to accept credit cards. Why lick the plate by charging customers for that? The final kick in the groin was ANOTHER 3% fee. This was one was listed as a "Customer Service Fee" - WTF is this? I laughed out loud when I was prompted to add a tip to the monthly car payment sized total. The food quality was like most others here have mentioned. Soggy and small portioned. Not much to add about that. Hopefully someone else buys Clam Haven and returns it to its former glory.

Mechell Lord

I was CRAVING fried clams and since I’ve been living in Florida the past 12 years we miss out on the authentic whole belly fried and steamed clam experience down there. This was an absolute WIN!! Thank you for an awesome experience all around. Delicious ?

Melissa Pershing

Got a clam strip, calamari, and lobster platter and a clam chowder. Split it with my daughter. It was delicious! Definitely would return!

Larry Riendeau

Our meals were whole clams & scallops, which are market price, therefore a little expensive as expected. That said the food was well prepared and delicious. I plan to visit again when in the area.

Shawn L.

Inconsistent. We have been to Clam Haven probably a dozen times over the years and some years it is good, others a let down. Unfortunately this year was the latter. We hate leaving negative reviews, but there were so many bad things we just felt we had to. We are hoping some of the notes ahead will be read and addressed by the owners. First, people don't mind paying a bit more money for fried seafood, it is kind of expected. But what people want is good quality food worth the money. This year we all had issues that are easily fixed. For each of us that had the fried Haddock fish plate, it was very oily, like it was not let to drip off the excess oil at all. Fried seafood is expected to be somewhat oily but not like what we experienced. Also, my mom had their fish sandwich, something she looks forward to ordering each year when we are in the area. It too was made poorly, as they stopped having lettuce on it at all, and put a strange ketchup or red sauce on the fish, without asking at all. And last issue is around extras. When you pay a decent amount for food you don't expect the counter rep to act annoyed if you want an extra tartar sauce. The lady actually said something like "fine, but we are running low. And it will cost you." I mean to charge an extra $1 for a condiment that they should have in stock, is cheap for a business to do. I sure hope things get better here as kind service and not nickle and diming people, are basic asks of any customer.

Donna A.

Clam Haven is not a place I would normally frequent because I don't like seafood but I had to waste time and had my dogs w me. On the positive side, they make my favorite puffy onion rings. They are as expected, greasy but good. The burger was equal fast food and the shrimp tiny. The cowgirl chicken sandwich was just ok. 45.02 a lot of $$$$ for low quality.

Damaris Lamontagne

I miss the old Clam Haven! 2nd time I eat here and have been disappointed twice. The prices are higher, the fries and onion rings were soggy but I have to say that the shrimps were good. The ice cream was good but even a pup cup is $5.00!!!! The tables ALL needed cleaning.

Cheryl Carey

I’m very disappointed with the new way. I stood in line and watched the servers go from the food to the screen to the register back to the food with the same gloves on. Not sanitary at all. We sat in the screened in porch and there is so much clutter there. I felt like I was eating in a shed. The food was ok, but the coleslaw was warm and so was the ketchup. I hate warm ketchup. Lol Hopefully it in time it will get better.


Worse meal I have had in a long time. If you charge more then I expect the same quantity and Quality. If price is the same then I expect less quantity and less quality

Chris Leonard

Wow! Been coming here for years. Moved to Derry and thought to give them a try with a new owner. I must tell you I am highly disappointed. My 2 way haddock and shrimp was minuscule soggy and sure didn’t taste like haddock. Was so bad I didn’t even eat it. It’s in my fridge, waiting to be brought back to clamhaven. Don’t even want to waste space in the dumpster for this. Terrible!

Scott McCallum

I ordered deep fried lobster tails, which I have been wanting to try for years, so I was excited. Except, there was a very strong onion flavor in the lobster tails, so my dinner was not that good at all. I thought the lobster tails were flavored from the onion rings since they were both deep fried, but the onion flavor was that of fresh chopped onions which as you could imagine just wouldn't be a good accent for deep fried lobster tails.

Pam Sheppard

Quick service but tasteless fried clams and onion rings. All you can taste is the coating and grease. Very expensive and not worth it. Stick to the hot dogs and burgers, and ice cream. Missing good oil for the price. Gone are the good ole days!!

Stone O.

$15.50 Scallop Roll consisted of 6 small Scallops in a smaller than average Hot Dog Roll. I know that prices are up everywhere but this may help explain the lack of customers this season. Stone COLD Clam Chowder was not worth the $6.00. A quick heating in the Microwave at home couldn't help the overall lack of Clams and flavor. The Two Hot Dog Special is still a bargain, even with the $1.50 adder if you go all Onion Rings. No, they're still not the Clam Haven Onion Rings of days gone by. More greasy and less flavorful. sigh. No lines, no waiting is not always a good thing.

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