Dim Sum Restaurant

62 Crystal Ave, Derry
(603) 434-0314

Recent Reviews

amy Rogers

Egg rolls and teriyaki are spot on!! That's only 2 things we orderd!So Good. Owner is a nice hard working man too!-Give them a try.

Maura Manning

Reviewing to remind myself never to order here again. We’ve ordered at work twice now. Once for Christmas a few years ago and again for delivery with a few coworkers last weekend. Both times the food was nasty. Greasy, heavy, tasted like it was scraped off a greasy floor and microwaved till dead. But somehow the pork was both dry and raw. I’d forgotten about the Christmas order until we got it again. Never again.

K C.

Not a fan. Ordered the chicken noodle soup and the broth was not broth, looked like water to me.

Michael Mcdonald

Got food their yesterday. I was told to wait a few minutes. A few minutes later another customer comes into the restaurant and the owner gave the other customer her order first before me even though I was their first, both orders were ready at the same time. The other customer's order was a 50 dollar order and my order was 10 dollars and 40 cents. I guess they give priority to the higher dollar valued orders. It should be whoever gets their first their gets the order first. Was a little offended by this.

QxalityTrash `

1st time eating there. Pleasantly surprised and pleased with the flavor and quality. Was nice to get an order of chicken fingers that aren’t overcooked and dry. Theirs was moist and tender. I will definitely return.

Chris Haddock

A little hole in the wall. Great apps and soups!! We had chicken dishes and it was over fried and hard. Sauces great. Combo dishes huge and good.

Kim S.

This place at one time , was a good place to go for Chinese food but boy has it changed . Honestly have to say , this was the most disgusting Chinese food I've ever had .The food was overcooked, everything was horrible.Teriyaki was like beef jerky,crab racoon  dried with no filling ,chicken wings cooked to the bones and boneless ribs were like pieces of red plastic , house special Lo Mein .Special alright not a dam thing in it except for mushy noodles with some dried up chicken -Save your money...Never will I ever go there again!

Ginnie Folan

This used to be the best ever, yet the last time I ordered here the food was saturated and floating in oil. Couldn't eat it. Wont ever be ordering there again.

James Knight

Best food in town and very quick service id recommend it to everyone

Brandee Miller

Excellent food. Peaking dumplings to die for!!

Amber Halchak

We tried Dim Sum for the first time using Door Dash and we have found our new go to! Our usual place is closed due to COVID and I can’t believe how delicious this food is. The service was quick - 40 min from order to delivery and we were pretty far from the restaurant). Everything was so flavorful and delicious. Will definitely be back!


the place is great, the food, is pretty good for chinese and with what is left in derry, it is better then the rest, most of these reviews are years ago or last year when they first reopened under new owners, they are doing pretty good even with what is going on,

Paula Berthold

This was unfortunately the worse Chinese food I ever got! We got a bunch of side orders. Chicken fingers were so old and dried out you could barely bite into them without them crumbling and the fried shrimp were the same. Boneless ribs had an odd taste. Noodles had no flavor. I ordered 2 different small fried rices and they gave me large. Also old and tasteless. It cost me over $70 to barely eat and toss everything in the trash.


4th of July and after calling around to several restaurants to find one that was actually open due to holiday. I decided on Dim Sum. So glad I did! The gentlemen who answered the phone was very polite and also very caring. Because the last Chinese restaurant I ordered from did not have any food allergy cautions on menu nor could I even understand what.the person was saying. I'll never go to that place which is only less then a mile from Dim Sum. The gentlemen on phone was happy to answer if pork fried rice was made with eggs. (Egg allergy) he even went as far as noting for further orders about other items that may be mixed in and cooked using eggs. .. Food was ready on time . Benny , the gentlemen on the phone , was very nice when he greeted me. I definitely wanted to make sure he is noted in review. He went out of his way to pay special attention to food allergy. Food was fresh and delicious. No typical sluggish feeling after eating. Best Scallion pancakes by far.

Sherry Sunshine

Food is great. We've eaten there a few times. Great service and awesome food.

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