Heavenly Donuts

36 S Main St, Derry
(603) 216-2831

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Hannah Dicey

You guys should update your times on Google. Google shows you guys close at 7pm I showed up at 630pm and the store was already closed and all the lights are off I was excited to try out a new place just to drive 45 mins out of my way for no reason so just a friendly reminder please update your hours with Google much appreciated ?

Kitty Michelotti

Autumn D was our server and she was a ROCKSTAR! I had a massive order that changed and grew as more of my friends arrived, and she handled it all with grace and a smile. Autumn D embodies great customer service and kindness. She was patient when she could've been exasperated. Way to go Autumn, and way to go Heavenly Donuts for having a fantastic crew that nailed our order, and had it ready in less time than it took us to order! We love Heavenly!

Meadow Childers

50-50 chance on whether or not you’re going to get quality items you’re paying “top dollar” for. Many of the sandwiches are around 6 or 7 dollars and look thrown together in a messy manner, and the food items are meh. BLTs usually have soggy bacon, lettuce is browning, and the bread is barely toasted so by the time I get my food it’s soggy and not super enjoyable. Same with avocado toasts. At times I’ll online order and they’ll leave it on the counter at the pick up spot in customer reach so if I see it, I’ll grab it. But when I grab it they question it, like if I see my name on it I’m going to grab my food instead of waiting for it if it’s just sitting there. I work in food too so like I get the concern, but you have an online order shelf for a reason, only a few more stops from the counter where you guys place it, makes it so much easier for the customer and the employees. They also have a tendency to not grab a donut if I online order, and seem kinda condescending whenever you ask for missing items. Coffees are also a hit or miss. I don’t think they treat everybody with the same level of kindness and I’ve never seen fast food employees in such sour moods before.

Steven Murphy

The best donuts and coffee around, pleasant staff who cares about your order and will do everything they can to make you a happy customer. Hats off to the owner of this location who knows a thing or two about donuts, employees and customer service!! Will be back again for sure!

Jerry Hunsicker

I definitely had higher expectations that what I tasted. The name really should be changed to mediocre donuts. That way you get what you expect. The donuts we tried were larger than average but just tasted ok. We tried the butternut donut which was ok, we tried the glazed stick which was just okay, and the apple fritter which was large but just ok. As a matter of fact I didn't finish the fritter as it just wasn't worth eating when you factor in the taste. I think if I had known I would have gone some place closer to my home but I felt as though I had to try this place given the name. The coffee was again just ok. I hope they have plans to change the donut recipes and give you a great tasting donut, in the future. We may come back again but I doubt it.

Art Sickel

I had the pleasure of stopping in to this Heavenly Donut location in Derry NH. This location has BY FAR the best donuts I've ever indulged in. TEN stars would be given if possible!

Cara Guzman

Everyone here is always super friendly and helpful! Tons of coffee flavors and always have fun donut options that are great for my nephew! Avocado and hummus toast are sooooo good!

KTC EightFiveNineTwo

There was some confusion on my part about a drink and the cashier explained the difference very nicely and then I changed my mind as they were making it and I wanted another drink instead. I asked if I could change it and the cashier said no problem. As I was waiting for the drink, I heard that same cashier explained to other cashier what happened and they were talking about me. At least let me leave the store (or not be an earshot of the counter) before you start complaining about me.

Ben U

Dam good doughnuts.. Hello sugar coma. 3 down 10 to go.

Kassandra Fish

Employees are friendly. Donuts are meh. The cake donuts are decent.

Shawn White

I'm not a big doughnut eater, but I went there with a friend whose family always gets heavenly donuts. Donuts are way bigger and more plump and moist than the ones at Dunkin' donuts. I immediately noticed it as soon as I walked in. And they have some cool flavors. If you like doughnuts I recommend you check them out


I’ve been to the Heavenly Donuts In North Andover, Both methuen locations and north reading. This Derry one blows all of them out of the water. I stopped going to Heavenly when I lived in MA, recently moved to Derry and this location is my favorite for coffee and donuts and egg sandwich. Great staff too always nice to me.

John Fallon

This is the first time I went to heavenly donuts. They are really big and taste really good.

Rob H.

Ya I didn't have any problems. I really try not to be critical of places like these. The breakfast sandwiches we got were great and so were the pastries. I love the wider variety than just donuts. The staff were great too no complaints.

Arti Mahon

Good smoothie and good people are GOOD!Mini donuts are a surprise like this ? ? ? ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️. I like food ther.

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