Lei's Garden Restaurant

150 Rockingham Rd, Derry
(603) 434-4911

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Courtney Price

I’m from Mississippi so when I say I know good food, I’m an expert when it comes to good! This was not good at all, the moo goo gai pan wasn’t flavorful at all, the rice tasted like and old persons home. It just didn’t take like Chinese food at all. I will admit the bbq ribs were the only good thing.


As some other reviews stated- I don’t know how anyone can say this food wasn’t disgusting??? I’ve had some bad Chinese food in my life but this was by far the worst and it’s not even close. Absolutely disgusting. I’m actually still eating, nauseous, trying to not waste the entire $48 but I feel sick. Rice didn’t taste like rice, chicken wasn’t good, tried the crab Rangoon- how can you mess that up? Didn’t even taste like crab. The only item that was palatable was the spring/egg roll and the broccoli lol.Even if whoever was in the kitchen had a bad night or it was their first night- it’s still terrible. My toddler can make better food. Lack of taste is one thing- and it’s not that- it’s a gross, indescribable taste I’ve never experienced. I really hope I don’t get food poisoning. I have stuff to do tomorrow. I looked forward to eating all day after work. And I’m so disgusted, I can’t say it enough times how gross this food is. I may drink as much hard liquor tonight as I can to attempt to kill whatever that is in my stomach- but whatever it is- it must be toxic or poison or a joke or something.I’m still trying to figure out how there are more than one positive review!? They’re either paid, friends, or this is some type of primitive, unknown, acquired taste of disgusting food. You couldn’t pay me 10x the $48 I paid for this food to try it again, it’s that bad.I couldn’t even finish my plate before starting this review. I hope no one ever has to taste this, ever. Ruined my whole night. Just unconscionable to me how they have a business. I’m literally shocked. If this food can actually sustain a profitable business- I’m in awe right now!!!!????!!!!????Weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s so bad, I literally don’t even know what I just ingested.I beg you- please go ANYWHERE ELSE. Literally. Anywhere. Not here.

Arianna Jaworski

Worst food ever imaginable . No flavor what so ever honestly I’m not exaggerating because I’m mad hands down the worst Chinese food I’ve had in a long time .. save your money . First and last time coming to this place . Wouldn’t even try it again

Janelle Beaulieu

My very first Chinese food experience was Leis garden, way back as a child in the 90's. My parents have been going there since the 80's. Hands down BEST I've ever had, nowhere else compares. I can still taste the tea! The egg rolls are by far the best - and I've lived in several states now. I brought my husband who had never been, and grew up in Florida. He even said it's the best he's ever had, and any time we go back to NH, we choose Leis garden. Fond memories of my parents getting Leis garden almost every Friday night whether it was dine in or take out, always master class.Kid-friendliness: I spent a lot of my childhood coming here and the staff was always amazing. The Pac Man machine kept us busy!Parking: Never had an issue parking in my life!


When someone comes in to eat with children and a teen with disabilities you don't say sit in the bar area. They have a dining room and would not sit us there on a Friday night 5:30 pm. Worth driving 10 minutes on same road to go to Bonsai Garden. Food is always cooked to order and perfect. And never say sit in bar area when kids are eating.

Steve Stoddard

Good food fast service and very nice staff. I will be going back for sure.Food: 5/5

Robert Gaffney

Great food! Hearty portions. Bar with bartender right inside front door, and next to the restaurant. GG 55555ttParking: Plenty of free spaces next to restaurant.

Alan Pawl

Great food. Friendly staff.

David Gautreau

They were open late. The food was disgusting. The batter on the chicken fingers was harder than a fortune cookie and the chicken was tough. The beef teriyaki was undercooked and the rice tasted like oil. The boneless spare ribs were fatty and tough. Wasted $50 on dinner for my family that ended up in the trash. Will never come back.

Chester Diaz

Ordered food online. They charged my credit card and didn’t deliver the food. I called them and they hung up on me. Good thing I used a credit card!!! They will not see a penny.

Nick Fiore

We Ordered food at 10pm when I arrived to pick it up at 10 30pm they were closed and still charged me the $45. Online and the sign on the door both said they were open till 11pm.

Scott Makino

We have been Lei's fans for 10+ years. Food, selection & people are awesome! Great value also. We always do take out & when we get home, what we ordered is what's in the bag! What more can ya ask for! Highly recommended.

Dave M

No Salt! everything was bland and needed salt. First and last time ordering here.

David C.

Have gotten it from here many times over the years and it has sometimes been hit or miss '! But tonight will be the very last visit, ordered 4 things fried rice it was burnt, beef and mushrooms or should I say gravy and mushrooms, no flavor at all , boneless spare ribs and the leather in my boots was softer , chicken fingers were ok so I'll not return as it was a pure bad experience! 1 star as they don't allow zero

amanda smith

Awful food. Two of my items in my plate were raw and not cooked properly. When I called to tell her she argued with me saying thats how crab Rangoon ate supposed to be because of the cream cheese. I've had crab Rangoon so many times I know what they should look like. When I told her I wasn't coming back to the restaurant tonight ill come the next day she said oh bye im busy. So rude and unprofessional didn't apologize once. I will use my money at another place

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