Lei's Garden Restaurant

150 Rockingham Rd, Derry
(603) 434-4911

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amanda smith

Awful food. Two of my items in my plate were raw and not cooked properly. When I called to tell her she argued with me saying thats how crab Rangoon ate supposed to be because of the cream cheese. I've had crab Rangoon so many times I know what they should look like. When I told her I wasn't coming back to the restaurant tonight ill come the next day she said oh bye im busy. So rude and unprofessional didn't apologize once. I will use my money at another place

Amanda C.

If I could give 0 stars I really would because thats what they deserve. My chicken fingers were completely raw and unedible. The crab Rangoon the middle dough was not cooked all the way. The only thing that was half way decent was the rice. When I called to tell her the problem she was SO rude. Argued with me that the crab Rangoon are supposed to be like that. I have gotten crab Rangoon many times they are not supposed to be doughy. She got huffy and said well come back and I remake it for you but I'm busy ok bye. I will never ever go back here again. Not only is the food horrible but the owner is so rude


Food tasted horrible and reheated from the day before. I’m pretty sure the boneless spare ribs were going bad when we first got them. When trying to eat them as left overs, they had definitely gone bad the next day.

Scott Gallagher

Food is good service was guick and easy

Stacey B.

We put in for sweet and sour chicken and they gave us an extra box of chicken and some sweet and sour sauce, and called it a day.

Mark Demaree

Inedible. We tried about one bite of everything. We chose not eat it based on smell and taste, it was all most likely rancid.

Juan Ortiz

Cold food, not tasty at all. Wings were fried in old oil, rice was not fresh, pics shown on website does not match at all!!! No not recommend this place. Waste of money, time, and space in my trash. Smh.

Rachel W.

I would give this place zero stars if I could, but you have to leave at least one to write a review. This is truly the worst chinese food I have ever eaten. I have never written a negative review of any business before tonight. I spent 35 dollars and took a few bites and will probably just throw out the rest because it tastes so bad. I got the basic chinese food items fried rice, an egg roll, general gaus chicken and lo mein. The chicken was soggy/doughy, and tasted like it had been cooked the microve with water. The lo mein tasted like the leftover burnt food on a pan soaking in water. It was oily and the veggies were uncooked. The egg roll filling was so dry and flavorless. The rice was..... edible but not good.

Gina Pitocchelli ARNP

Thank you Lei's for correcting a boo boo by Door Dash, and going above and beyond! This is our favorite go to with company, after a long day and when we just need a hot quality Chinese meal!! ♥️

Gina Pitocchelli

Thank you Lei's for correcting a boo boo by Door Dash, and going above and beyond! This is our favorite go to with company, after a long day and when we just need a hot quality Chinese meal!! ♥️

Tom Donnelly

Okay, food was ok,bartender was borderline rude, just ok


We have eaten in the restaurant (pre-COVID) and had takeout food dozens of times. The food has usually been fresh (sometimes egg roils and sweet and sour battered items seemed re-heated). The costs are competitive and reasonable. The staff is accommodating to add extra duck sauce, when asked. On the last take out order, we noticed differences in preparing of two of favorite dishes. The sweet and sour sauce was put on the chicken (previously it was always on the side) and the chow mein was mixed with dry noodles, that was previously separate. Not that there was anything wrong with the meals, just different. There must be a new cook. Overall, we enjoy the food that we have had from Lei’s Garden and will continue to go there.

Ron Cartwright

Great take out!

Lisa Maple

The food was the best Chinese food I have had in years! It was served hot and fresh and in a timely manner. The lady who served us was very pleasant. She checked in with us a few times. I highly recommend this place.

Nick Chiccarelli

Food lacks any flavor. We ordered 8 different items and they all tasted weak. You can also tell that some of their food sits out for a long time before ordering. Disappointu

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