USA Subs

66 Crystal Ave, Derry
(603) 437-1550

Recent Reviews

Jeffery Crawford

The food has always been good but the new employees are just terrible. Their customer service is bad and they can’t even properly wrap a sub with paper. I had to basically re wrap my sub to make sure it didn’t fall out on my way home

Scott Makino

Famous for their steak bombs, mmmm, WICKED good. Not a bad sandwich in the place! Something for everyone. Been a fan for over 10yrs.

Marie Pepper

This was so delicious! First time being here didn't know about it. Definitely will eat here again. Their frozen lemonade was just the right amount of sourniss

Donald Ouister

When capturing the enemy base is always nice to be enjoying a delicious USA sub. They have very delicious steak and cheese sandwiches Destro likes the Italian sandwiches and I like the steak sandwiches. Cobra!!!!!

B&L Messina

I am thankful for the USA staff that continues to push forward making what I believe is the best sub sandwiches in the area. Always with a smile and a thank you whenever I stop in for a sandwich. Even today when it’s 95 degrees outside and probably hotter over the grille.Keep doing what you do best and know that you are all appreciated. ???

Lauren Hildreth

Best subs in Derry, hands down. Friendly staff and have always had consistent, good food here. Can get busy and hard to get a hold of through phone, but worth the wait.


Last time we went my bread was flaking like it was old or had been frozen. First time I really didn't like it

Trey H.

Went here tonight after a workout for some quick supper! Wasn't busy at all but I heard it gets super busy! Called and answered right away and only 10 minute wait! Ordered a steak and cheese and boy was it deliciousThe bun to meat ratio was perfect and I'll definitely be stopping again! Pretty reasonable pricing to!

Jennifer Barclay

I live out of state but when I come to N.H. to visit family I have to stop at USA Subs. There food is great. The service is great and the portions are huge. I always ask the owner to expand to my state.. over all GREAT PLACE.

TBird SprayNprey29

I have been going here for the last 10 years and I'm not one to leave a review but there is something systemically wrong with this place now. My last 5 subs have been messed up, 4 of which were inedible. It's really sad because I have been going here almost every Thursday for years but they are certainly not cheap and I can't keep wasting money hoping they with get it right this time. It would be 1 star but since they had been good for so long I'll give them a start for previous satisfaction.


They never answer the phone and close early. The sign on the door 9:00 close. You should honor your business hours.

Christopher Huntley

This is an awesome sub and prepared fast. Got the steak bomb and they recommended add mayo. Spot on. Good seating, good parking good prices. It’s definitely going to make my list regularly.

Mariano Santangelo

Very simple winning recipe, fresh ingredients and great customer service. Fast service, accurate order and reasonably priced.

Tianna Goodrich

I absolutely love USA subs ! The owner their and the employees are so nice. Had one little issue the owner fixed it with a FREE sub like that was really nice of them to do . The subs are always delicious and it definitely worth the money only place I go for me and my family sandwiches. Stay positive guys ! Your the best !

Fulci Banana

Real solid sub sandwich shop. Nothing too fancy, which is exactly what you want when it comes to a steak and cheese joint. It’s a step up from other sandwiches in the area but it’s not going to change your life.The fries are nice and crispy. Overall it slaps.

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