USA Subs

66 Crystal Ave, Derry
(603) 437-1550

Recent Reviews

John B.

Stopped in after picking my daughter up a school. What a skimpy sub. Small ham and cheese 7 and some change. Rip off.

Michael Brideau

USA subs are just the best! I go to this place a lot for my lunch breaks. Service is always friendly. The last time I went there I dropped my wallet on the floor. I went back looking for the wallet and they gave it back to me. Almost everyone in this day and age does not have standards or honesty, so I was SUPER HAPPY they safe guarded my wallet! THANK YOU!

R. V. S. L. (Rucipher)

Good, fresh and tasty. But I constantly feel as though they are skimping on the toppings so to offset that issue I order whatever I am in the mood for with extras and don't feel as though I'm just getting a mouth full of tasty bread in every bite.Food: 4/5


Absolutely love this place, whenever I get a chance that's my go to for the best subs around guarantee!!!?Food: 5/5

Alex LaRosa

Quick service and and friendly staff. Quality sandwiches is a guarantee. I like calling ahead to avoid waiting inside

Autumn Wilbur-Quinn

USA Subs is the absolute best sub shop out there! The food is delicious and the staff are amazing! I grew up in Derry NH and have been eating here for as long as I can remember. My favorite being the steak and cheese! My family is close with the business as numerous family members have worked there. My uncle currently still works here and has been a part of this company for years!

brittnee limongiello

I wouldn’t even eat her anymore. they are infected with fruit flies. none of their product is consistent. if you have to push flies away while eating i’d say it’s not sanitary. the employees don’t wash their hands after changing gloves will touch their hair or shirts without changing them. the fat girl in the mornings smell they definitely need a health inspector check! over priced for the foood you receive

Kasey Marie

such amazing and fresh food every time i eat here. The teriyaki chicken salad is otherworldly!!

Mack G.

Stopped in here the other day. Was a customer for 25 years in Derry and Salem, subs were still great but lately the customer service has been plummeting, hard to get anybody on the phone, lemonade machine is down often, closing unexpectedly often, the demand is there. Think it's time to up the ante.

Steve C.

Wanted to try tonite after work, had a craving for a sub. Got there at 8:05 and the doors were locked. 3 workers standing inside, i tried the door a couple of times and not one reaction from any of them. Hours posted on the door on a big sign, open until 9. Oh well, one and done. They don't want my business I'll take it elsewhere

Jeffery Crawford

The food has always been good but the new employees are just terrible. Their customer service is bad and they can’t even properly wrap a sub with paper. I had to basically re wrap my sub to make sure it didn’t fall out on my way home

Scott Makino

Famous for their steak bombs, mmmm, WICKED good. Not a bad sandwich in the place! Something for everyone. Been a fan for over 10yrs.

Marie Pepper

This was so delicious! First time being here didn't know about it. Definitely will eat here again. Their frozen lemonade was just the right amount of sourniss

Donald Ouister

When capturing the enemy base is always nice to be enjoying a delicious USA sub. They have very delicious steak and cheese sandwiches Destro likes the Italian sandwiches and I like the steak sandwiches. Cobra!!!!!

B&L Messina

I am thankful for the USA staff that continues to push forward making what I believe is the best sub sandwiches in the area. Always with a smile and a thank you whenever I stop in for a sandwich. Even today when it’s 95 degrees outside and probably hotter over the grille.Keep doing what you do best and know that you are all appreciated. ???

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