56 Crystal Ave, Derry
(603) 432-2292

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Everyone one that works here looks dirty an the food is just as gross wish I could give negative stars ?

Denise Penta

Nice, Clean, all the girls were great keeping busy!!!! Not standing around. I'll be coming back to this Dunks no Doubt

Robert H.

Was dying to try the new hot and crispy fries. They were neither hot or crispy more like cold and mushy. Couldn't eat them , had to throw them out. What a disappointment


Hours, offerings, facilities... They have been closed just about every time we've tried to go there in the last 6-8 months. I was told by a cashier last weekend they don't offer the breakfast which is disappointing. The other downside is the place could use a facelift to make it feel less dark and dirty on the inside. The food, when they are open, is typical Wendy's food so no complaints there really.

Kelby Heffner

I eat here 4-5 days a week. The staff does a great job with fast service and consistent food quality. Management is clearly putting the work in to train staff and maintain standards. Special thanks to Liz!

Van Laventure

Clean and fast and open to indoor dining.

Julie “Bubbles” Varrato

All they offer is drive through. We were in motorhome which doesn't work. Five guys got our 100.00 dollar order.

Wesley Beason

Food was great, very consistent Wendy’s. Highly recommend.

Jennifer S

Didn't make my order correctly but what I got was still good

Jennifer Adams

Staff is always pleasant and friendly. This is my local and closest Wendy's so I frequent it often. I have a tendency to do a lot of special orders and they always get it right and don't seem annoyed. I have recently discovered the chains breakfast sandwiches and my only complaint is this location doesn't serve breakfast so I have to go a little further if I want to get something from the breakfast menu

Glenn Adams

Burgers are fresh, not frozen meat...

Sue Churchill

If you want cold soggy fries and your order most definitely made wrong, then this place is for you!! How this place is still open is beyond me. SMH, horrible food and awful customer service. The employees look like they came from a tent in the woods and went right to work. Gross!


Great experience! I do wish they still had sawesome sauce, but oh well. The service was great however, and my food was hot, fast and tasty!

Whitney Love

Ordered 3 orders of spicy chicken nuggets and a medium fry. Was charged for all of it and received 2 orders of nuggets and a small fry. Incredibly understaffed and never seem to get orders right.


Stopped by to pick up something for the way home 2 hours north.. and got no straws nor utensils to eat my food. Hire more ppl with energy and not so lazy.

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