Mickey's N.Y. Pizza

94 Lowell Rd, Hudson
(603) 883-0444

Recent Reviews

Johnathan Cerasullo

Ordered a pizza recently and it took more than an hour over my expected wait time (roughly 35min). That was red flag number one.... Once I finally got my order it was not even correct. Bottom of pizza was burnt. the cheese was cold, and extremely soggy. Service here is absolute garbage. DO not waste your money, time, AND patience with these people...

dave parent

Great food! Employees are warm and friendly. service with a smile!

doug golden

The pizza’s look a lot better in this picture than the couple I had before the dough looks cooked more an appears to be more sauce than the one’s I got before I’ll have to try it again

Tara Milley

Best place! Food is extraordinary! Staff is professional. Highly recommended!!

Stephen Pecorella

They are one of the very few in the area with real Italian style pizza and it is very good!

Linda Maynard

Best Food in town! Excellent service, fantastic people and best sandwiches and perfect pizza!!

Tamryn Williams

Best pizza around! And you can’t go wrong with the subs either, fresh Boars Head meat! I eat here with my family every week and never have any issues. Family owned and gives back to the community. We love Mickey’s!

Kaz jean

Foods dope, and the qt workin the phones has a beautiful smile ?

Michelle Turner

Best pizza I have had in NH and I know my pizza being from Jersey!! Thank you and we will be back!!

Sang Soo Cho

read the reviews, you got super defensive about someone giving you a negative review. Wont be coming anytime soon if your response to customer feedback is to get defensive and use Covid as an excuse. (Yes we all know its happening, and yes delivery takes time.) You could have just said sorry and moved on. But you coming at someone looks super unprofessional, and you responding as you did "is just not right". LmaoEdit: people keep calling you out on your responses. Just say sorry. Unreal. Now im never going there. No denigration needed, you did this to yourself. Its pretty sad.

Shannon Sawyer

We have been wanting to try this place for a while, so we decided to try today, glad we did. The buffalo pizza is probably the best we have had!!! Ever. Amazing crust and flavorful pizza. We will be back ???

Justin Smith

Took an hour and a half for delivery. I ordered at 430, well before they had a rush (in my opinion, could be wrong). When we finally got our pizzas, they were gross. Tastes like premade frozen crust. Will never go back.

Joe C.

I will tell you their pizza is great and food overall is very good. No masks for anyone inside and that is great as well. I'm an anti masker but please wear gloves. The girl making the pizza had gloves but the kid handling the food putting it in the containers had no gloves touching his phone then handling the food straight into the container. Seems like supervision might be lacking here. Pizza can be overcooked so make sure you ask for it less well done, or it'll be like a rock. That last time it was not great, but when cooked right it is great.


This place is a must try. I mean wow, we ordered plain and Hawaiian pizzas and the sauce was so flavorful and the crust cooked just right with a slight crispy bottom. The roast beef sandwich was stacked high and on an onion roll really knocked it out of the park. Everything about this place was an amazing experience. Definitely make Mickeys your stop if your in Hudson or nearby.

Frank Bedlam

Easily the best pizza in this area, friendly staff, and no hassle customer service if by some chance you do have an issue.

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