Bonchon Nashua

341 Amherst St, Nashua
(603) 791-4736

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E Behrman

I am from out of town. I flew from the West coast to Nashua NH. I was hungry and tried this place out. Started with No one at the register for what seemed like 5 minutes before someone showed. Then this person lacked customer service. I told him I had never been to one of these food chains. Ordered 12 wings Soy and Garlic. There were nice and crispy, the way I like them. The flavor was good. But to me a bit salty, I did eat them all. Customer service was the worst part of my visit.

Bjorn Ronaldson

I am not nornally a fan of any chain restaurants, however, this place is pretty damn good! My chicken katsu was perfectly crisp, the sauces spicy, sweet, creamy and the rice was perfect. My wife got the japchae and it was also delicious. The sauce was beautifully savory, the noodles tender without being mushy and the vegetables were cooked, but still crunchy. I am very impressed.

Caclulus E.

On the "Good-Meh-Suck" scale, this is a solid "meh-minus". My son was all excited about Bonchon. I have been there twice. Both times I left thinking "what is all the hype about?" The chicken portions are small and feel like all crust. The soy garlic sauce is barely noticeable. I tried the crunchy chicken bowl and it was all rice, very little chicken and was underwhelming. The other time was the boneless chicken and it was just crust. Not much chicken. Perhaps some find this great like my son but for me, I will take a hard pass.

D Godd

I ordered the 30 piece hot wing today and every bite I took feels and taste like it’s been dropped in sand. I can feel my teeth biting into small pebbles which I can only describe as sands. Had my family tried it and they told me the same. Never had this problem before when ordering Bonchon from Lowell (smh).

Windy Oleary

We got the fried drumsticks with the garlic glaze and they were amazingly crunch and tasty!!! My husband loved them! It may be our new favorite spot.


Fried food done to perfection. Their soy garlic sauce is a great staple for flavor. I highly recommend the potstickers and chicken strips. They are amazing and always come out great. Don't tell anyone but once I tried this place I ate it 5 days in a row.

Ed C.

Been here three times and can't get enough of the wings. I would say it is much better than the equivalent TKK fried chicken. Good: - Bone-in wings: Both the spicy and sweet flavor are great. - Coleslaw, never thought a Korean place would make such good coleslaw. OK: - Drumsticks, compared to the wings, you get more meat but not as much flavor Avoid: - Fried rice, good but overpriced for what you get and didn't really wow me. - Kimchi mac and cheese: Sounded great on paper, but was disappointing.

Nick F.

The wings were crunchy, flavorful and delicious. Beware, the spicy flavor is actually spicy which I thought was excellent but if you don't like a little heat it might not be for you. Everything we got was good but for the price compared to portions might be a tad off (inflation). Overall I will be going back and would recommend if you like wings / fried chicken.

Allison Frechette

Overpriced. We got a family meal and added dumplings. The boneless chicken was similar to chicken nuggets. Taste good but so small not enough to feed the family of 4. Coleslaw was great in flavor but not enough for everyone, only fed two of us. Fries soggy, undercooked and again really small portion considering it was a family meal deal. Loved the dumplings but you only get 6. Walked away paying about 55$ but did not feed a family of 4 which is what a meal deal typical is intended for.

Colin F.

Honestly the best chicken wings I've ever had in my life. No exaggeration, a taste that can't be replicated. Their fries are also very good, but the chicken wings are so good you'll be thinking about them for days! High quality food can't wait to come back

Teja G.

The staff was extremely sweet and patient. I asked a lot of questions and the staff was super sweet and patient with me. The street tacos are soooo good and you will be craving them every day after eating them. The street corn was good just wish the corn was a sweet corn. It was still extremely good. Will be returning.

Momo R.

This Bon Chon location is a fast casual set up as opposed to their other sit down locations hence their menu is a little different. You order at the counter and they call out your order when it's ready. There is a self serve soda fountain along with multiple tables for self seating. We ordered wings and found it to be on the dry side. Have these been sitting out under a warmer and brushed to order? I think this is something that needs to be worked on as it's their bread and butter. The portion of the sides were a lot bigger than their traditional restaurants so that was a nice bonus. This place is good for a quick lunch (this location offers a chicken sando), but I wouldn't go out of my way.

Chris C.

This place is known for the signature fried chicken. The chicken is tasty and flavorful. Their fries are crispy and well seasoned. Don't go to a fried chicken spot and complain about their rice dishes.. we'll be coming back for more!


Their soy garlic sauce is amazing! My husband picked up the chicken as a snack.. we went back for dinner the next day.The katsu is okay. But the potstickers and chicken are great. The fries are also pretty good!

Di M

We had heard that their chicken was delicious so we were excited to try it out. I’m not sure what the hype is about because what we got was so disappointing. We all agreed that the chicken was nicely flavored but portion was very small and some pieces were dry. The small portion of fries looked like they would be great but were not crispy and seemed undercooked inside. The tiny bit of coleslaw tasted off. This small amount of food (one meal) set us back over $12. I’m just glad that I decided to order a small meal to try before dropping a whole lot more (it’s pricey for fast food). Maybe other locations do better?

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