73 Pickering Rd, Rochester
(603) 335-7100

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Tim Barter Sr.

I had the big breakfast, which consists of three eggs over hard, 2 nice fat sausages, bacon strips and home fries with hot buttered rye toast. My wife had two eggs with 3 sausages and home fries and toast. We each had two cups of coffee, and the bill only came to $17 and change. We definitely got our money's worth and this won't be our last visit!

Becca Wirick

A quaint little breakfast nook! Great food and service at a great price! Will definitely be going back!

bag removal

Great food I didn't have to.wear a muzzle and no vax required to come in ill be back. Hot waitress you known who you are.

Matt Hannifin

No real maple syrup, Potatoes were pretty bland, eggs were good for diner food, ice tea seems to be sitting for awhile, coffee was awful its the beans not necessarily that it wasn't fresh cause it was brewed recently I saw. Overall it was ok it was just bland and unexceptional. Prices were cheap though.

Bob Lussier

Food is good but the service is very slow.

Jessica Bouchard

Lovely little breakfast and lunch diner. Attentive and nice staff and delicious food at a low cost!!! Will definitely be back

Andrew Judd

Excellent food and price. People really friendly

Wayne Rasch

If you don't mind a wait inline to get in, then you will be very pleased with your meal. Staff basically runs around serving guests.

Katie Hutchins

Food was delicious!! We will definitely be going back

Rebecca Goad

No-one was wearing mask in kitchen area . Not even gloves . No covid protection at all ..Not even peoples tables being six feet apart and the place was dirty . I was freaking out about the kitchen wearing no mask or gloves . Will never go there again .

johnny havastixs

First off the food was bad. But the service on the other hand was awful. The waitstaff has no personality. As soon as I walked in and stood there waiting for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Not once did any of the employees make any acknowledgment that I or any of the other guest waiting that we were even there. Not a hello, or a we will be right with you. Nothing. Then a table full of people gets up and leaves. They clean the table and never offer it to anyone waiting for a table. One of the cooks had to come out and start cleaning tables and offering people a table. And and there were 3 waitresses. In a small restaurant that wasn't that busy. They took my order and brought my food and then the check. Never asked me if I wanted or needed anything else. Was going to get some carrot cake but never had the chance to order it. I personally wouldn't recommend this place, but I will let you make your own decision. I'm just writing about my experience and it wasn't a good one.

Barley F.

Not enough mask wearing in the kitchen. 3 employees were walking around without masks . BUT

We have been meaning to try this restaurant for a while, breakfast restaurants are me and my family's favorites.  Brick stones held up well. My Irish Benedict was good , had good flavor and was cooked well. My daughters and wife's pancakes were much firmer then they should have been instead of a airy fluffy consistency . We most likely won't be back but it was good .

The manager or main waiter did bark at us in a yelling tone through the kitchen when we walked in which was really welcoming . We were waiting for 10 minutes without being helped and she leaned through the kitchen and yelled "your going to wait a while"

Paula knowles

It's a good breakfast place to go haven't been disappointed yet

kasia d.

Really liked this place found it on a ride going to Maine and boy so glad.  I had the house Sunday specially which is prime rib and eggs. It was very tasty and do much I had to share it with the hubby to finish.  Definitely recommend it

sandy gayer

Very good food and nice people! Have distanced for social precautions.

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