475 Union Ave, Bridgewater
(908) 725-3033

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Ana Mamani

This place has gone down in recent months. They have a new Indian guy who seems to care more about his phone than taking customers order and making them correctly. In the past two weeks I’ve gotten coffee from here and they have been horrendous, the coffee is always super watered down and you can never taste the additional flavor you ask for. The store is only properly runner when it’s the bald guy working in the morning and the young people in the afternoon. Also one day I found a hair in my sandwich and I’m pretty certain it was the new Indian dude who never wears a hat or gloves

Kristen Hartong

Even when you order ahead, painfully slow. Waited 15 minutes for my food that they had apparently already prepped but didn't bag and put on the counter. They can't handle any kind of volumeFood: 3/5

Rick Cooper

I just went in and my mobile app messed up my order and made my macchiato with whole milk instead of oat milk and I'm dairy free.That being said the guy behind the counter recognized this and gave me a new one with oat milk with no extra charge.He didn't have to do that and that was very kind of him so he gets five star review for this.

Robert Newell

Quality of the food and order were perfect.

Jared Durant

Drink was perfect food was perfect and workers were wonderful

Allen Goldschmidt

Quick and efficient service. Fresh food. Off-duty employees hanging around, distracting other employees trying to work. Locked emergency exit door.

Jeffrey Martinez

Seemed very unorganized and took forever for my order.


Took 20 minutes to get my tea this morning even though I ordered with my mobile app way before I got there.Every other morning for the last 3 weeks it's been a five-star location but this morning they made me late for work.


The sausage for my breakfast sandwich was undercooked. The owners attitude towards a black customer was even worse. I witnessed the owner greeting all customers warmly until a black man walked up to the counter to order. That guy he didn't bother to acknowledge and refused to speak to him. I will never go back to this Dunkin again. Definitely do not recommend this location.

Joe Evangelista

Same experience as others.. poor!. Got drive thru order wrong and basically accused me of lying. Poor service, straight up nasty!

Carol Van Zandt

We visited this Dunkin Donuts today. There were 2 female employees working. The girl that took our order was not listening to what we were saying, so I had to practically yell out the food order. We received a bagel sandwich that was dry & burnt, rubbery bacon, and the egg was not very tasty. We received the coffee order of another customer, but the girl behind the register said nothing to us. We noticed it was the wrong coffee, then she acted like it was OUR FAULT that the cashier handed us the wrong coffee. This Dunkin Donuts is poorly managed, not clean, and the employees are not very friendly. It’s pretty difficult to ruin a Dunkin Donuts food item, but they managed to ruin our lunch. Unless you are desperate for your DD coffee, pick a different location!!!

Orhan Baba

Hot coffee was cold. They need some bright lights maybe...

Alison M.

They provided what I needed to buy as a customer. However this afternoon at this customer table near the front window, I felt like the room heat around my table was above 100 degrees. The staff showed no interest in checking out the extreme hear issue even after I mentioned it to them. The staff were very indifferent even in how they responded in words back to me about it. None of the staff behind the Counter wore masks either. I think they should wear masks since they serve so many customers of different walks of life plus who are vaccinated and not vaccinated.

Maureen S

Super friendly staff! My orders are always right and made in a reasonable amount of time

Maureen Stephen

Super friendly staff! My orders are always right and made in a reasonable amount of time

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