999 US-1, Edison
(732) 743-7123

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Andrew N

Closed on Sundays. All the other days the place is really crowded especially during lunch and dinner. I do feel like the drive through line goes through quickly.Food: 5/5

JL Minaya

Customer service is excellent as usual. Courtesy, a positive attitude, smiles everywhere, and, most importantly, a genuine concern for their customers. I fully recommend it to everyone.Vegetarian options: Salads, chicken wrapsKid-friendliness: High chairs, kids menuParking: Huge parking space

aaron brown

Order cheese on my sandwich and the put it on top of the bread???!!! I called no answer!!! Who does that ????crazy!!!

Gina Sanders

Had my first chicken sandwich biscuit. Ok, I love biscuits but that was a little hard for me to swallow. It might have been to thick for me. The real negative comment is that the dont sell decaffinated coffee. I love the fact that the close on Sunday to honor God.

Mtshali Beryll Bery

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Patrick Henry

Thee worst location of all time. Yesterday I ordered two spicy southwest salads with extra chicken filet which I didn’t get. I called this store multiple times and no one picked up. Then today I go back I ordered the same thing, and they messed FOUR TIMES on one salad. I asked to talk to a a manager and all she had to say was I’m sorry. Don’t waste your dollars here and if you’re on break for work you’ll be spending half of your break there due to their consistent mess ups.

Terik Ahmed

Yeah Chick-fil-A always great. The spot is no exception. They have the queso which is amazing and their mac and cheese is always perfect and a little bit of crust with every serving which I love and of course the service is spectacular

Amit Kapur

Excellent Spicy Chicken Sandwiches on the Menu! Love the drinks and the Waffle fries! ???

Emily Jimenez

Thank you for such a great experience “Movie under the stars”. Such a great place and good costumer service. The music, food and movie were amazing. Sorry about the Karen’s that still need to grow up and learn how to behave in public but we appreciate the effort you guys put in to make this work ! Hope we get to see movies at this chick-fil-A once in a while! Thank you team, we appreciate your patience and service!

Donna Vig

Fast, friendly, fresh, and accurate. I would recommend this Chick Filet. For faster service use the app to have your food ready on arrival, but even if you don't. It still is quick regardless. Especially for how busy.

Alex L.

Awesome Chickfila location. Easy to get to and in the middle of a growing shopping center. Plenty of parking and a good mix of outdoor seating, indoor, and double drive thru ordering. Very accommodating no matter how you decide to dine. Food wise, everything came out as expected. Hot fries, awesome chicken sandwiches, and great milkshakes. Good location along route 1.

Michael Bowtell

Yum yum yum, I bloody love Chik-fil-A! Not really sure what else to say. The drive-thru was packed but the queue moved pretty quickly. Then we drove away and I got sauce and grease all over my shirt, but my word it was worth it!

Helen Asanovic

The service was good no problem! I use to Love Chick-fil-A ?I’m sure not what is going on the with the chicken sandwich combo meal ? i went to several Chick-fil-A’s and I had the same problem the chicken sandwich is dry there’s nothing to it very little Meat and I have a problem with the waffle fries they are never cooked fully like they used to be so crisp now the waffles fry’s are Super soggy not even cooked well ! It’s so sad ? the food use to be so good ! I’m going to skip Chick-fil-A from now on so sad it use to be so good


This Chick-fil A has beens in our area for a few months now but we haven’t eaten there as it has been so crowded. Today while driving by it looked like they had a lull so we stopped in for lunch. The experience mimicked just about every Chick-fil A we’ve ever been in. A clean facility, good food and best of all polite employees. This is going to be a regular lunch stop for us.

Dawn Twist Gagnon

Always good food & excellent service!

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