Christie's Restaurant

2055 NJ-27, Edison
(732) 287-5657

Recent Reviews

Tom Grabowski (TK1288)

Order two strip steaks one medium rare and one rare (blue) topped with blue cheese. Neither came with the blue cheese. Medium rare I was told was okay rare came out well done, they cooked another steak that came out rare...ish with no blue cheese. The state was not fresh it was a Frozen steak like you can buy to cook at home from one of those traveling meat trucks that set up in the parking lot of shopping centers. A dirty gin martini came out as a dry vodka martini and after the third try to get a dirty gin martini we got a glass of red wine. Appetizer plates and silverware were forgotten. We tried it don't think we'd ever go back.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 2

Service: 2

Tammie D.

This restaurant is located in the Crowne Plaza. My boyfriend stays here frequently for work so he eats from the restaurant a lot. Food is definitely delicious never had a complaint. I'm just not too fond of sitting and eating at the restaurant area because it's in the lobby of the hotel. I have yet to have the experience of sitting down and dining in so not going to speak on service besides everything going well with ordering at the bar or calling for room service. Will definitely be eating here again.

kay k

Not a steakhouse. Only one steak on the menu. Not a good one either. Very limited menu. If there is a party going on in the room across the way. It's like eating inside a disco. No management around either. Better off somewhere else. Use to be nice and quiet with pretty good steaks. Now, forget about it!!

Jorge Fernandez

Rosy and Elizabeth are the best. The food was good and the drinks and conversation where memorable . Definitely will go back for the lobby experience

Deniz Mirik

Didn’t try to food, was there for a few drinks.

Nicketa Douglas

NEVER AGAIN. SPOILED FOOD (STEAK), Next day, I’m Throwing up all day. Waitress and waiter needs more training and communication skills.

Steven Howard

Went to this place because it was close to where I was staying,bad choice. Staff were no existing, drinks were watered down, and the steak was charcoal, even though I ordered medium well.

Cheryl Lampitelli

Extremely limited menu. Only 8-10 choices. My steak was good. My husbands burger had no flavor. We were the only patrons on a Thursday night.

Mahbub J. Rajab

Their 12 oz New York strip steak was excellent. The place has a cozy feel to it.

Makhbub Radzhabboev

Their 12 oz New York strip steak was excellent. The place has a cozy feel to it.

Garrett Lowe

I like this place a lot. It has a unique ambiance. The cuisine is superb. the service is dynamic and the stuff is polite. The cost is fair. deeply recommend.

Craig Gonzalez

Excellent and tasty food, I love the atmosphere the spot has, and the cashiers were kind. I will surely come back.

Kristine Condon

Delicious food. Great service!


Not bad, you can visit once. Located inside crowne plaza. We went there for breakfast. All i liked was potatoes. French toast was not that great. Live scrambled egg was made. That was very tasty.

Braiden Carson

I visit this spot a lot since I work close by. I have to say their service is always awesome and they keep the place well kept at all times. Rates are convenient and they serve large portions.

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