Rajdhani Restaurant

1667 Oak Tree Rd, Edison
(908) 222-9799

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Arjun Persaud

Rajdhani is just ok. Nothing special. Actually, I wasn't too happy with their price. Their website post price as $12.95 (weekday) but when I get there on a Friday for the buffet they was about to charge me $18.99 when I questioned the bill then they said "oh it's actually $14.99. Make sure you ask the price before you sit and start eating because the can try to pull a fast one. The food was ok. Not too bad, but not really worth $14.99.

Chirag Patel

Very decent buffet. Above average food. The best food was hot roti/rotala/puranpoli. all the items are tried were fresh and tasty.I would comeback again.

John Rogers

I really want to give this place just one star but decided to give 3 stars only because of the kind manner of the owner and the staff. The polite and well mannered owner was kind enough to help us identify the food items as there were no food description tags. Other than that everything was BAD. When we entered, no one was at the front desk for a while. Owner was seen playing with a little child in the back but didn't bother to greet us. Since it was our first time, we dint know how this buffet works or what food they have to offer. Owner and his wife was attending to a particular set of customers but didn't bother to help anyone else until I excused and requested help In a passive manner. As many other reviewers mentioned, the cheap Styrofoam plates and plastic utensils are disgusting to eat from. Also the tiny transparent cups to drink water looks like they are made out of grocery bags. Seating area wasnt well maintained either as it needs repair. I had to explain 3 times to get a proper hot water. Food was ok but could have been lot better, Roti was very very oily, and there are much better options all around this area. So many dishes but no soup, rasam or dessert for 18 Dollar buffet???. Overall, this place offer lot of similar tasting indian dishes with plain white rice for 18 or 19 Dollars, and its not worth it. Plus, good customer service might cost extra. Owners and the waiter seems to be kind and polite people, so we hope they can turn this place around to offer much better service. Good Luck.

kruti pandya

Just exceptional gujju food !!!! We have been here for kathiyawadi dinner buffet … and i must say we thoroughly enjoyed each and every item on the menu … for those who understand gujarati food or would love to try authentic home cooked gujrati food feel … you must must try this place … everything is freshly made and has authentic Gujarati tasteVery neat and clean place with just excellent fresh food !!!

Phani K.

Went to this vegetarian Indian restaurant randomly on a weekday. Ordered ala carte. Gujrati thali was great, Rajdhani spring dosa was good. Garlic Nan was average and paneer tikka masala was below avg. On weekends they offer buffet which they say is quite popular. Definitely a place to go again for thali and buffet.

k p

This place is so homely and awesome. The owner Rita, she is outstanding in customer service. Food is pure authentic Gujarati good. ILove their Puran Podi, Papadi lot and Rotla. Amazing food served by awesome people. Love it!!

Shagun Jhaver

Below average food overall. I went there because it showed up in my search for thali. There was no thali when I went, it was a buffet with very flimsy plastic utensils. The service was slow - my veggies got cold by the time breads arrived. The phulkas and a couple of veggies were good. The serving lady was polite but had her mask on her chin.

Awara Ghumakkad

Many options but no taste. No salt in food it seems.Liked “halwa” though. It was a gujrati taste all together it seems

Prakash S.

Too expensive for being vegetarian only. Dirty bathroom with no hot water and owners keep the tip.Menu never changes and taste is bland Accidentally you might end up here BUT not conciously

Akshatha Purushotham

I don't recommend this place. Food was below average taste and quality wise, for buffet cheap plastic plates are used. Definitely over priced(20$ per person). There are lots of better options for the same price in and around this restaurant.1 star for- hospitality is good.

Pranav Pendri

The food is fantastic and tastes homemade. I was extremely happy with the service and the atmosphere was lovely. The owner is very nice and helpful.

Aruna Shroff

Good home cooked for loved the puran pole and allbthe food was food and very cute owner

Raghunandan Ankolekar

only time I felt this place as a restaurant was when I was paying the bill I felt like I was in a home and enjoying the so famous katyawadi in a most homely atmosphere I realy enjoyed the food and hospitality at this place I will be coming back whenever possiblethank you

megha mesta

Amazing food.its definitely taste as a home food.vey nice Staffs. It's nice placeI like all the food items.Served hot puram poliand roti Amazing.


The first time I was there, it was a good experience. Went there 2nd time recently and it was a bad experience. The food was not warm. There was not much taste from the food. They didnt serve some of the basic items for the thali until we had to remind them couple times by going to the counter. By the time, they brought it...we were almost done with our food. Service was super slow. Had to wait long time for roti and items to come. They definitely need to improve.

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