Spice House

2050 Lincoln Hwy, Edison
(732) 515-9999

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Praveen Kumar

Food was really bad and tasted hopeless. Being a vegetarian, I got a chicken piece in my Paneer Chilly. There was a lot of oil and After I ate the triple fried rice, I had a bad experience. My tongue couldn't taste anything after I ate this. Also, they missed on an order and I had to call them back. I have been here before and it was ok. It was a last minute order and never ever will see this place again. They don't even understand when you call to talk to them and I had to repeat thrice about the issue. Giving a two star only because they delivered as the order was above $50. I would not recommend this place for vegetarian food.

John Prem

I have been here plenty of times and enjoyed your food. Placed party orders. Was this an accident that you guys pour a can of oil in one order ?? Trying to kill me ? Didn’t you see it when you packed it?!?

Purvi K Thakkar

I ordered yesterday 2 spicy Hakka Noodles and they were pathetic taseteless no salt no spicy or any spices as if they were just boiled in turmeeic water. If you guys cannot make it as they were asked than pls stop your restaurant .... I cant even go back and show to them as i live in ny.... My sister told me they are good so i stop by order for take out for my husband as he loves hakka noodles... and they made my husband dinner as bad as i wont ever go back their again and I wont even recommend anyone to go their and their price were too high they charged me $30 dollar $15 for 1 and all other place $9.99. Pls never go there. If i would ever go their i want my money back i have taken pics too. Yuck


The food is just superb and the service perfect! Not great decor but place is neat and clean and staff is very courteous. It’s BYOD so bring your daru and enjoy amazing food .

Laura Mills

The food was fabulous! The atmosphere, sterile and boring. The wait staff, practically non-existent and VERY SLOW! Probably great for the take out and delivery customers but for dine in, it sucked!

Jairo Ramirez

The food was phenomenal! I've been to 20+ Indian restaurants in many states, and this has got to be the most tastiest well balanced meal I've ever had. We had a chicken biryani and chicken tikka masala ?

Sulabh Mishra

Worst food ever. Shezwan noodles were worst with so much oil, more egg but no chicken in chicken noodles. Rashmi kabab seems like we’re frozen kabab which were reheated and given. Goat thali was served with so small bowl that it was finished in just 1/4 of naan. Chole had lots of baking soda and daal was too salty. $48 I paid was total waste.

vanessa alvares

Would do with a little more ambience.The server looked very irritated and banged plates on the table .Food was very salty but was compensated with butter chicken ,Naan & gulab jamun which tasted much better .The mango lassi was overly sweet and tasted more like mango juice than a lassi .Falooda was OK.The hot & sour soup didn't taste anything like the name and again overly salty .

Manav Kapoor

Big time.Ordered Thai green curry, didn't have it. Backup was Singapore noodles, got a hell of a lot more than that, even free soup I didn't order. ?Go here when no where else will cut it. Or when no where else is open ?.Don't second guess, second level. ?

Rahul Taduri

Vegetarian Thali was not up to mark. A la carte items ordered by others in the group looked and tasted better. Service was decent. Cleanliness can be improved, slight pungency in the ambience.

Sudhanshu Kumar

Went there on a weekday for lunch. Not crowded, got good seating. It took a long time for them to prepare the food, but the food was fresh and tasty. More than sufficient quantity. Worth the wait. Decor could use some work though. I would prefer a take out next time.

Tea-me C

This place has the best Indian food. Prices are very moderate. Food comes out fast.Every meal can be prepared with the spice level you want. They really are consistently good.Ample parking space, clean, bathroom remodeled. Neat restaurant, just simple in design but food is sooooo good.The masala is perfect, sizzling chicken in black pepper is hot but the best. Their garlic naan bread increases your cravings. Lol.Like this place.

Shreya B.

I have no words! The food is phenomenal! I've never had such good pan-Asian and Indian vegetarian food. I'm obsessed, I'd give all the stars in the night sky if I could. You must eat here if you're ever in New Jersey!

Shradha Shah

Absolutely horrible non-existing service. If you value your time, do not go here. We got a table for 4 but the table had only 3 plate setting. We ordered our appetizers and they still had not brought us water or even gotten us an additional plate for the 4th member of the party.We get out appetizer one by one instead of all together. We still had not gotten water or an additional plate. We had to take a plate from a different table. We were 45 minutes in and no one came to take our order for entree. At this point we started discussing where to go for dinner since it looked like we were not gonna get that anytime soon here.Food is okay, it’s a hit or miss. Service is non existent. Highly recommend avoiding this place if you value your time, would like water with your meal, and would like to order your entree before you decide to go elsewhere to be fed.This was my fourth time here, came at different times, it was the same horrible service each time (not sure why expected it to change) except this time is was particularly a nightmare.

Kiran R.

Found this on yelp when I searched for info Chinese. Not sure about other dishes, but I do Chinese is not upto mark. Seems like they cook fried rice in sane oil. My chicken fried rice had fish taste... Manchow soup was also not upto mark

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