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628 W St Georges Ave, Linden
(908) 290-3149

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Rakia Whitfield

Long wait but totally worth it. Food was so delicious and friendly staff. Had the rasta pasta with salmon. Kids had wings, mac n cheese and greens. So so good. Would definitely be back.

Melanie Boone

Yesterday was my first visit at this black owned establishment. The food was delicious the staff customer service was outstanding. I’ve seen some of the comments regarding pricing anytime you order Oxtails period your gonna pay a grip it’s an expensive meat. Get what you can afford. I can’t wait to try other delicious items on there menu keep up the great work. Will definitely be back . #SMOKINBONAFIEDBBQ certified ?


I have ordered from them via Uber Eats for the past 2 days. PROS: Freshly cooked food, perfect portion sizes, great food all together.CONS: Waited an hour or more each time which I'm perfectly fine with. Food takes time to cook. Though, the chicken I ordered yesterday was burned. The outside looked visibly overcooked and tasted burned but inside was cooked perfectly. Maybe this is how it's supposed to be cooked?? I honestly don't know but thank you for the great food.

crystal amaka

Love their food, food tastes just like the name. Their a little over priced. Also it’s better you go get the food rather than have it delivered, if they deliver they’ll put less food idk why but yeah.

diamond amaka

Love their food, food tastes just like the name. Their a little over priced. Also it’s better you go get the food rather than have it delivered, if they deliver they’ll put less food idk why but yeah.

Shakeria Hansen

So today was my 1st time ordering from this spot. I have to say that the the front staff was nice but the service and prices wasn't so much. I had to wait over an hr to get my food.. The prices for the oxtails is OUTRAGEOUSLY high and they only give you scraps is what it seems on top of all of this rice. The sweet potatoes tastes funny and a little under cooked..The lamb chops and the jerk rasta pasta was good. I think that you should remove the oxtails from your menu because it is not what customers should be getting. IT'S A RIPOFF. #unhappycustomer #disappointed

Sergio A.

Chicken tasted like yesterday didnt get my coconut rice smh...blended flavors more like blended garbage


So disappointed. I had tried their food today, and this is a joke. I got charged $28 per oxtail which cost $21.95 and realized that after I got home. I got 4 bones with so little meat on them that I didn't know what to do with it. My Bones for my dog have more meat on them than what I got here. My husband ordered rice and peas but got just rice which was extremaly dry.(I was told that Carraibian peas meant beans, too bad I'm not Carraibian I would have known that). The grandma potato salad its simply mashed potatoes with vinegar and little bit of sour cream (I think).When I came back to ask for explanation I was told that the price had increased and the menu wasn't updated, I was offered another plate or dessert but declined after I saw that some of the people working in the kitchen were not wearing masks. Without a problem I got the refund for price difference. Thank you for that.

Darryl Canady

Y’all food is the bomb but the potions don’t match the price the other day I got jerk chicken Rasta pasta and it seemed to be only a spoon full of noodles. Please go back to the potions you guys gave before because it’s not right for the price to go up and the potions be less.

Kelli C.

I ordered food from here and waited patiently for 50 minutes when I had already pre ordered food on the app. I couldn't wait anymore and left without my food . Others in front of me were also still waiting. Highly recommend calling first to see if it's ready and then pick it up. Terrible experience

Tiffany B.

After seeing so many pop ups on FB we finally gave this place a try. There were cars lined up outside waiting for orders which got me very excited. I ordered Rasta Pasta with Teriyaki Salmon and a side of cabbage while my husband got Oxtails over rice with side of greens and mac & cheese. Rasta Pasta w/Salmon - Was very good! Would definitely return for more. Plenty of pasta I would have like a bigger piece of fish. Overall good dish. Oxtails were good but could have benefited from more gravy. The side dishes were all just "eh". Mac and cheese was very dry, greens flavor was mostly of spice and the cabbage was the tastiest of them all. All in all I think it all comes down to personal preferences. I wouldn't get the sides but would definitely go back for the pasta and salmon.

Ameenah Grant

I gave three stars because the fish, collard greens, and baked macaroni & cheese were good. But the fried chicken was burned. I ordered through Uber Eats and could not return it. I was so disappointed with whoever packed the food. They had to see the chicken was burned. I would bet that they would not eat it. The wings were huge too, that may be why they fried it so long , but the outside was burned.

Stacey Stace

Great service and delicious food!

Evelyn Uribe

Loved the food. Tried for first time on New Years eve. Everyone at home really enjoyed it. The pasta was excellent as were the wings.

Suzanne Lang

My daughter work's there but there food is out of the world. I highly recommend this place.

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