Meson Tropical

23 E Elizabeth Ave, Linden
(908) 587-1899

Recent Reviews

Joseph Johnson

The person on the phone was very helpful. First time ever calling this place. Next time I’m in the area. I sure will be calling them back. Thank you for the help. I did not know how to pronounce the words, but she knew what I was talking about. Great service.

Jo M

The employees weren't a mask and they was talking too much right in the top of the food so I give it three star

Raquel Cortijo

I waited for over 25 min for tostones...really! My food getting cold on side just because I'm waiting for tostones.

Arelis Tavares

Food was good. Staff was friendly

S. MacDonald

Bit of a wait, always suggest you call ahead for take-out. Food is worth the wait, authentic and truly delicious!! And the people are informative and friendly. Highly recommended!

Raq C.

Ordered through UberEats yesterday. Part of one of my dishes was missing so we call the restaurant. After some time on hold a woman comes on and insists they put it in the bag. My husband tells her we emptied the whole bag and it isn't in there. She dismisses him, insists they put it in the bag and nastily tells him to take it up with Uber. I understand mistakes happen and we would have been willing to pick it up but her attitude was really crappy. You are partnered with Uber, not me. I didn't want my money back, I wanted my dinner. We are new to Jersey and try to support local businesses. Unfortunately, this is the first and last time I'll order from this place. There are plenty of others that have great customer service.

Seabreeze X.

Only order from here on Monday's, food is so flavorful. Ordered two days later on Wednesday same dish, the food was literally tasteless. Need consistency. Food: Rotisserie Chicken and Yellow rice with Ajo

Rosa Cruz

Was a hole in the wall but the food was excellent i had the Monfono with pork and my niece had the monfongo was will but with ??. Love the toast bread and my coco rico soda.

Jenn Arias

Great food and friendly staff. They have catered some of our parties and the food is always a hit!

Rosa Ruiz

Very good food very friendly

Antonio Almonte

Some of the food in all union county. Great prices, fast delivery also

lol lol

litterally never answers the phone, i found a HAIR in my food. the food is nasty.

Dee Mitchell

Great food. Order ahead

Milly Falcon

Their food amazing good and humongous portions. I'll recomend this place 500%. we came to NJ for vacations and grandaughter sweet sixteen and im so glad that we end on Sunday at this place. Tasty food. Very nice server,she was a sweetheart.

Ms J.

This fold is DISGUSTING! Shrimp mofongo tastes dahs old and dry as hell. Can't even taste shrimp in it, had to turn the light on to check, I guess that's why they put 5 on the side. The sauce is PURE SALT. The shrimp empanada is not great either...flavorless with a hint if something from the Chines food place. Don't waste your time in with the place, or you'll be throwing most of it on the garbage like me.

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