Ocean Grove Bake Shoppe

55 Main Ave, Ocean Grove
(732) 774-8235

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The best coffee crumb cake ever!

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Coffee Cake


Stopped in because it was eye catching from the street.Upon entering there were 2 large golden retrievers in the small entrance whom belonged to a customer….. I am a dog owner & lover but in my opinion dogs should not be permitted in a food establishment because of shedding and allergies with respect to other paying clients.After standing there for about a minute and not being greeted by either staff member I said “ May I order?” to be then told by the owner standing to the right, which I knew from overhearing her zealous conversation with the previous clients “what do you want?”I was a bit taken back but figured she must have had a hair ball in her throat to speakTo a customer like that so I ordered a cappuccino and an iced coffee with a chocolate croissant.The croissant was not fresh and had a day old taste to it. The cappuccino was cold and the iced coffee was watery and coffee tasted old.The only thing impressionable is the decor and outdoor seating. Owner needs a class in empathy, manners and customer service.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 3

Service: 2

Noora Rehman

I really wanted to like this place, but the cupcakes I got just tasted really stale and you could tell they’ve been out for a few days. Same with the danish, I really didn’t enjoy it either since it was hard and almost crunchy. And my boyfriend also did not enjoy the Boston cream donut.It was very cute though inside, very pink

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 2

Service: 4


Loved the pumpkin bar!! So delicious!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Pumpkin

Gabriela S.

I ordered a cranberry muffin and a black coffee. This "coffee" tasted like dirty water and the muffin tasted like it came from a low-end grocery store - AND it was stale. Even the cranberries were hard as a rock. The muffin was a veritable sham. No berries inside, only the crusty old ones at the very top. The only "flavor" I detected was sugar - no berries. I have baked better muffins in my sleep.As if that wasn't enough, the woman behind the counter chose to make disparaging remarks about me to her friend who was in the shop, and chose to guess my age. Instead of engaging with me, asking me about me, she spoke about me while I was standing there. Incredibly unprofessional.

Tracie Mendoza

I wanted to LOVE this place so much, but it was an instant heck no for me! We were walking the town of ocean grove with our pups and we wanted something sweet and our pups were thirsty! We literally stumbled on to this cute little spot and added bonus they had a doggy water bowl and outdoor seating! I volunteered to run and grab the goodies and ask for a fill up on the empty water bowl so our pups could grab a drink. Although, we have lived in a town near by for about a year, I’m sure I seemed like a visitor with all my excitement when I walked in. Two girls were working the front counter, one directly in front of me (not in charge) and the other to my right. I walk in with a huge smile and I say “hey y’all!” With no reciprocated response, so I then say can we get a fill up on your pup bowl and we are also gonna want some goodies. Still nothing from either, I then suddenly received a blank stare from the one in front of me and the one to my right was still with her head down ignoring us both. The young one in front of me, stumbled over her words and nerves as she looked at the one in charge for some back up and nervously said “uh, yeah.” I looked at the one in charge, who was still choosing to act like a paying customer was not in front of her. I could feel the awkwardness so I said, “ or maybe not?” The one in charge finally looked up and said “do you have a dog or something?” I said…reluctantly, yes….she then said “well we are about to close and we don’t want to waste water!” I said, ok, and what I didn’t realize, is that they were getting a bottle of water not faucet to fill the bowl. I said, “I will pay for the water.” The nervous girl in front of me said No, don’t do that. I then said, “I guess I just don’t understand why people have to be so rude?” She apologized and again stressed that I not buy the water. I said, no I will pay for the water and I will buy your most popular pastry. I intended to purchase something from the get go. The one in charge came back inside and said don’t pay for the water, I once again said, no I’m paying for the water. I fought back tears, because I wanted to just enjoy the night that had started off so lovely, and I wanted to love this shop so much. The young girl went to ring me up, gave me a crumbled cake she didn’t want to charge me for the water, but I insisted especially since there was a 5.00 min for credit card purchases. She charged me 5.00 and apologized again, but her supervisor never apologized or showed any kind of remorse for the way she treated us to begin with. Unfortunately, the pastry was not good either, one bite and we had to dump it. I can say that my pups did drink most of the water, so I’m grateful we were able to get that for them. I will always make sure to grab the water bottle I filled up out of the car go forward! Hard lesson learned.


Expect somewhat tasty baked goods but it depends on the day.Don't expect service with a smile. In fact don't expect logical, orderly service. Pro tip for workers: handle one customer's order to completion, then serve the next customer.

Jonathan Anderson

Providing everyone with this PSA: Try the blueberry baked overnight oats!Went looking for a light snack, came across this bakery and decided to give it a try. The shop has a warm mom and pop atmosphere, the two ladies there were very friendly. Saw the oats in a tray and decided to give them a try. Omg, so delicious!!!! Reminds me of my grandmother's house...#nomnomnom

John B.

Really charming mother daughter place filled with delightful baked goods. A few GF options as well. Go early on Sunday...

Art F.

We've been coming here for a few years with only good things to say about the bakery. The coffee is excellent, as are the pasties we've ordered. Apple turnovers, crumb cake, cookies, etc. have been fresh and tasty. The staff are friendly and very patient. The ambiance is charming, unlike bakery departments in supermarkets. We will be returning soon.


We’ve been here several times and enjoy the great, delicious baked goods and coffee. We’ve had the coffee crumb cake and giant cookies. The friendly staff makes the visit pleasurable. The outdoor tables allow you to enjoy your food while watching the activity on Main Street. This is a must visit when in town.

Joshua R

This bake shoppe has single handedly cured me of depression (although I didn’t have and don’t have depression so that may be a little biased). The white cream donut is THE BEST and you must try it when you go to Ocean Grove/Asbury Park.

Victoria Lopez

This place is hit or miss with baked goods and staff. You either deal with someone who is super nice or couldn't care less. They either have gluten free in stock or not. When they do, the quality is just mediocre and not worth the inflated price. I won't be returning. I'm done paying for something that tastes horrible and stale.

W C.

We have to join the chorus of other reviewers here: the baked goods here are stale. As one other person aptly put it, "I like dry-aged steak. When it comes to baked goods, it's another story."The chocolate-coated 'pretzel' had was a nice combination of chocolate and cinnamon and looked adorable, but it was dry, dry, dry. Same with the chocolate roll type thing. Our daughter's chocolate chip muffin tasted like cardboard. Their black and white cookie had a good frosting situation but the cookie itself was too soft. We're settling on three stars instead of two because the women working were very friendly and patient, and their iced coffees were good. There's some cute seating outside and we spent a pleasant morning here, but it was definitely a waste of calories and we will not be going again.

Aloyisus S.

Had a wonderful quick outdoor breakfast at the Bake Shoppe. Cranberry scones and muffins were fresh and delicious. The coffee and the fresh squeezed lemonade were also excellent. Enjoyed the outdoor seating along Main Ave. Friendly and helpful staff made us feel very welcome. Highly recommend. We'll definitely be returning. They are dog friendly too. : )

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