Bagel Stop

1679 Hamilton Ave, Hamilton
(609) 588-5988

Recent Reviews

Deborah Thompson

Been going there for years Bagels are always hot and fresh Staff is efficient and orders don't take more then a couple of minutes


Great amazing soft delicious breakfast bagels. I only wish they would add the ketchup when asked at the beginning. Nothing more disappointing when getting to your destination and opening the breakfast sandwich and no ketchup.

John McNamara

owners had to change or something because the bagels suck now.. does this look like an everything bagel to you? Bring back the original Greek owner back. You can count how many seeds are on the bagel & the majority is all sesame and poppy. It's supposed to be everything.

Local Kid

The best local bagel shop around. The service is fast and they are nice and attentive. My food is always ready (I call ahead) by the time I get there. Definitely worth a try

James Coleman

Amazing find. The bagels are as good as anything you find in NYC!


4 years ago I rated them 5/5 but sadly I'm here to update my rate to 2/5. The bagels used to be covered in spices not anymore tho they got cheap all the way from the seasoning on the bagel to the amount of cream cheese they spread on them

Victoria Villar

I love this place. Today their oven broke down. But that didn't stop them from selling bagels. They are all amazing workers ❤️ I hope they have their oven back and running in no time.

K. Edwards

I had never gone to this place although I live about 5 minutes away. I went 2 days back to back. The food was yummy and the bagels were fresh! I bought a pork roll egg and cheese on toast the 1st day and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese the 2nd day. I will probably be back this week as well for a breakfast sandwich!

Fernando Castillo

Bagels were good flavor. Cream cheese was good as well. Cinnamon rasin walnut flavor. Just make sure to order ahead.

Hi Me

This is the 3rd time in the past 2 months. No cream cheese. Bagel is delicious just put cream cheese on, please

Kevin Voorhees

Best bagels in the area! They also make really good sandwiches with high quality meats and cheeses! The owner is a friendly, hard working guy who will gladly chat with you if not very busy. But that's not often.???

Wendy Arias

Love this place ❤️ we have come here like a ton of times, we come from Cali and it's the best place to have a great bagel in my opinion, we are from walking distance and we practically go there everyday, great prices, awesome people.

Brian Ordonez

Quality bagels and service. Been going ever since their beginning. Love the bagels and other goods. Highly recommend them to anyone wanting a bagel

Holly Marsala

I stopped here and the service was absolutely excellent! I ordered a grill cheese and it was out of this world! I will definitely be back


I love this place the bagel stop rocks ! Service is fast what a great team ? the owner is nice ! The coffee is good ..the Bagels scrumptious .. I ordered my toasted. God Bless them all for there hard work and making an easier breakfasts for us.

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