Galicja Lounge

602 Mulberry St, Trenton
(609) 712-2866

Recent Reviews

Ricardo Hidalgo

Nice place to chill. Bar tenders are quick and attentive.

Kathleen Simmons

Nice place, classy people, in general. Large venue although it could still get packed at times, and could get quite noisy depending on where you're seated.

Fausto Ramos

It's a family owned locations. It's very clean place, friendly and very good Polish foods. Must come to enjoyed a good time with friends and experience a great time. ??

maximus larson

Bar food, mmm, quality stuff. i had a cousin come into town and she asked me to go back here. the bill won't break you.

michał błażej

Seems like a nice place to get drunk in an old style if you are an insider.

Shan S

I love this bar

Lisa Blanco

Smokey. Stinky. Hopefully the front opens soon. Have not been here in a while. I smell like smoke


Best bar in Trenton

charzo81 .

Best bar in Trenton

Svabenik Ivan A Lenka

Great place

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Great place

Rebecca Davis

This place is great! A little club in Trenton. You don't have to know Polish. The bar tenders speak English. There are two bars. The one in the back is technically outside, so you can smoke there. But no arm wrestling.

Roblox gameplay

He is a good guy and I

rickki ricci

Wonderful atmosphere, Quiet,Relaxing, Nice people

Jorgio sanchez

Great polish bar, they recently expanded the place and it's now more spacious. Gabriella the Bar Tender was really cool. Awesome customer service

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