Pollo Campero Trenton

508 Hamilton Ave, Trenton
(833) 226-7448

Recent Reviews

J. Urbaez

If you like to eat fried chicken dumped in oil go eat there. That was my experience. ?

Adolfo Magana

Great food super delicious and incomparable latin flavor. Super delicioso y doradito.

Jocelyn “Juice” Steele

The food was good and the employees were kind. I will come again. ?

Stacy Clay

I had to travel an hour away for an appointment. I wanted fried chicken ? yes fried chicken!! I have tried others in the area, and NO. I found Pollo Campero the chicken was so juicy, seasoned very well. The salad ? with their balsamic dressing was AMAZING REALLY!! Environment was clean staff were very nice. Definitely coming back!

Juan Orozco (JC)

Delicious chicken dishes with a Latin spin and flavor profile. Generous portions.

Jennifer Roslowski

Really good fried chicken, great flavor on the marinade. Super juicy! Sides were good too, love the variety of options. And they remembered to put hot sauce packets in our Doordash order, it's the little things!

Robin Everett

I always get take out here they have the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life I don’t know what it is but that skin is so crispy and flavorful

Niomie Roberts

food an service was good. On a last minute run looking for something new to try.


Enjoyed the eight piece family meal for dinner one night. While I have long wanted to try their grilled chicken, it wasn't all that it was chocked up to be. Most of the sides were disappointing. There are so many good Peruvian chicken places elsewehre. In some ways, I'd prefer to pick up a rotisserie to this, but if you are hungry, this will work.

Lokki Savage

One of the best locally owned chicken spots hand down, the crowds speak for themselves


Quality...all the lettuce was clean and fresh. Chicken was right, not dry. A good amount of dressing was included. The "Jamaica" hibiscus punch was a good drink too!! I'll be back.

Julio Urbaez

Very slow service but great tasting chicken.

Estephania Loder

Pollo was good and crispy. U can even eat the bones

Winston H

Good chicken. Good service.

Lloyd Thomas

Highly disappointed I was told that this was the hispanic version of KFC didn't cut the mustard it sucked never again

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