Seaworld Seafood

1470 Prospect St, Trenton
(609) 771-3717

Recent Reviews

wilhelmina snyder

I got mostly potatoes and broccoli lol I'll never go there again. Their fish sandwiches are actually great but over priced in my opinion

Darren Hyde

The food was good seafood and being a boy from New Orleans. I know seafood.

Meredith Wysienski

Prices are alittle high but good food and quick service.

Neal West

It was better in the past...reduced their seafood

Talhah A.

I recommend their steamed seafood more than fried selection. Food tasted pretty good and quantity was more than expected This is takeout place, so order in advance.

Joseph Johnston

Excellent food highly recommended very fresh and good portions

Scott Neilson

If you accept it as what it is, this would be a 5-star rating. However I had to give it 4 stars simply because they don't really deal in healthy food options. If you are looking for a filling, great tasting sandwich, definitely get one here.

Hugs n Smiles

This place food is a hit or miss. I did not like their mussels & shrimp steam platter. It was not seasoned enough & did not have corn as advertised. Their fried platters are a hit or miss. Sometimes it tastes like old grease fried up the food. The lady at the register is very unpleasant. I think she is one of the owners. She doesn't say hello, thank you & she has an attitude like she doesn't like her customers. Very rude & unwelcoming. The only items I like the best is their fried shrimp and hush puppies. Seaworld Seafood is more hype than anything.

Lynnetta Clark

The food was fresh and so bomb. Pricing is very affordable

Marialuisa Lee

Excelent place to order, food is good as well as their prices.

Gregory B

Food is good and they always have specials going for the economical minded.

Tasha Bennett

Great food..prices are reasonable! Order and wait outside due to the pandemic. 20 minutes tops. My food was fresh no complaints..

Lloyd Thomas

Their food is o so good their flounder sandwich reminds me of amifikas on Stuyvesant ave

Four Daughters Transport

I didnt even order the place smelled like bad fish so we left

Cecelia Bethea

Absolutely delish from the fried to the broiled platters. The food is fresh and you get a nice amount for your money! Only thing wrong was there was no tarter sauce, extra garlic butter sauce for crab legs & shrimp, ketchup or cocktail sauce in the bag. Other than that the food is great.

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