Domino's Pizza

448 Rahway Ave, Woodbridge
(732) 750-3730

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Vinamra Jain

3 stars all only for customer service. Staff was very friendly but got my order wrong twice.. :( I ordered with App. App says Delivery not available in your area, hence had to pick up. When reached home they had the toppings wrongs. I called them, they said they will deliver a fresh on for me. When delivery received, the pizza was not baked or something, the topping and sauce were all over the box, as shown in picture below. Called and they asked for proff, when I share the photo, they credited me for free pizza in future. Hence the 3 stars for customer service and -2 for No Food.. :( May be this is one time event, will update the comments if I have a better experience next time. Also, they do deliver no matter what app says. Better to call.

Piyush Sachar

We always order from this location but some how when it comes to the veggies on the pizza the qty is too small. Not a very great experience.We got a 3 toppings pizza.And we hardly see the mushrooms and onion..They should improve ...

mayama sumo

This is the worst Domino’s store I have ever encountered. I order pizza for delivery at 9:18 pm, it’s 12:00 am; I still haven’t receive my pizza. When I called the store at 12:00 am to find out what is happening with my pizza, the store manager have the audacity to tell that they only have one driver but my question why didn’t you inform at first. It take you almost 3 hours went I called for you to tell me this. Their pizza is not that nice, I know some of you will ignore this review but you will experience what we’re saying about this store

Melissa Francke

Pizza was nasty, not hot, and hard. Weird for dominos! Delivery service took forever. Driver literally Banged on the door and proceeded to throw lollypop sticks on my lawn. Later in the week, while checking my bank statement, I noticed that they over charged me by $15. I called to discuss and was told someone would call me back before being hung up on (thanks Eric). I had to dispute through my bank. Do not order from here... It is not worth it!

Rihanna Polanco

To begin with, I do not recommend this Domino’s at all. The driver, Azhar, who had delivered my food, took so long that I was about to cancel the order. But when he finally arrived after what felt like an eternity, he handed me the wrong order. I politely told him that was the wrong order, and he went back to his automobile, and he got the right one. Afterward, I gave him a fifty-dollar bill, and he allegedly claimed that I didn't give him the money claiming he couldn't see good; like how did you drive here then. I was impatient since it was supposed to arrive there at 9:20, but it was already 10:27. He then realized I had handed him the money, and I gave him five dollars tip; therefore, he should have passed me 16$ back, but instead, he gave 15$. At this point I was tired of this so I just let it slide and he left. This wasn’t the first time either that this has happened to me with the same driver. He always arrives late with the food being as cold as ice. (I have to put it in the microwave)

R. Reddy

The worst Domino's restaurant I visited. There are many negatives about this place. No one wants to work. The pizza is usually undercooked. Wait times are higher. The order will not be ready even after the app shows order is ready for pickup. If you order chicken on pizza, its only one piece of chicken per slice. If you order with mushrooms or olives, pizza will be watery. Better to close this place.

Jessica Millan

It’s very hard to mess up dominos but they managed to mess up everything about my order. The pizza would’ve been cut better by my 6 year old. They didn’t give me any of the sauces I asked for. Pizza was undercut. Wouldn’t recommend anyone ordering from this location unless you want your food to be a complete disappointment

Judy Palma

I live 1 mile away from the store. I got a text at 615 saying the driver picked up my order. 40 minutes later no delivery. I looked at the tracker which showed the driver in Edison. I called the store asked where my delivery was and they told me that the driver picked up multiple orders and would arrive. When I eventually got my order 50 minutes later the pizza was cold and the chicken pineapple jalapeño was totally burnt on the bottom what little of it there was. No insulated pizza bag just my order sitting in the back of the drivers car when he arrived. I will never order from them again.

Kay M

Save your money or order from the Rahway location! Haven’t ordered from here in years but decided to give it a try. Once I placed my order it was being prep which is kind of odd if you ask me. 20 mins later the status said “quality check” I was like that’s pretty fast. after, the delivery guy Azhar demanded a tip even though I was about to take the tip out of my pocket. Turn off! He snatches the receipt out of my hand after I signed my name. The taste of the pizza was disgusting. The pepperoni had a funny smell to it. As well as the ham. The center of the pizza was NOT cooked all the way. Yuck? the chicken wings were soggy idek why. I should’ve read the reviews first.

jimmy kapahi

Ordered half chicken pizza and half cheese pizza they just give almost 1chicken piece small on one slice of pizza. Really bad experience to order a chicken pizza rather I should have order full paying for chicken pizza n getting just 5 to 6 pieces of chicken on topping.

Samuel huang

I been reading all over your reviews.(1) the reason why no one answers phones is because of short staff. No one wants to work.(2) you are all complaining about your delivery wait times. Short staff. Only 9 drivers. No one wants to work.Been working at dominos for six years as a driver and know how you all feel when you order pizza especially for deliveries.It’s best to order for carry out and come to the store to pick up your food especially on a FRI & SAT night,If you want a better experience for your food orders. Recommend y’all to order your food for carry out on a Fri & Sat night,Weeknight deliveries will be a better experience for your food order for deliveries. Mon - Thurs.Hope you all understand,,

John Kaznowski

So I dont know where to start. Placed an order at 625. Then it went out for delivery at 737. The order did not arrive until 821. The pizza had to be heated back up because it was cold. I tried to call a few times and never spoke to anyone because i had to listen to a recording saying we will be right with you to take your order. If this is acceptable service then i will be more then happy to change the score of 1 to a 5.

Leo Morales

The dominos pizza in woodbridge nj is horrible.Bad service, they never answer the phones.& you can't get any service when you walk into the establishment. 1 star is being too nice.The staff always are in a bad mood & never want to help out the customer.

Jamie T

Never EVER again.Frozen pizza is better than this place…Delivery time said 40 minutes. After 60 I called and they said up to another hour but my order was sitting there done. I went to get it and it was cold and the chicken tasted old. I was missing items in my order and I was charged a delivery fee when they didn’t deliver. When I called and asked for a refund for the items I didn’t receive and for the delivery fee they told me they couldn’t locate my order with my phone number so they couldn’t refund me. That was a lie because I had an email from them that included the phone number and address so whatever scam they wanna pull fine. I mean That’s theft but you will never get my family’s business again.


I initially read other reviews and was skeptical to order from this location, but surprisingly our pizza was pretty good (well, I mean it’s Domino’s good). Our delivery was quick (within 40 minutes). I know it’s always easy for us to write a bad review, so I decided to write a GOOD review ?.

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