El Patio Rio

3851 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque
(505) 433-4499

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Dani Boise

Food was good. There are some options for gluten free served with corn tortillas. They also have a gluten free green chile, must be the right time of the year for it to have some spice, I really liked it. They have a good selection of beers & drinks.El Patio (like, the actual outside patio seating area) has a nice vibe, there were heaters, umbrellas on the tables outside the overhang, greenery, etc. Really relaxing when we were there.The service was pretty okay, nothing stellar but not bad.

TJ Johnson

Great food, excellent staff. We didn't realize they closed at 8 we arrived a little before 8. We weren't given attitude or bad service, the young lady waiting on us was pleasant and all smiles, the flavor of the food was on point (steak fajitas for me) you could tell the steak had been on the grill. Everyone else in our party of 6 raved about their food as well. Once we realized they closed at 8 we rushed to eat & left her a great tip. Well visit again when we are back in ABQ. NM

Mitch London

Exceptional service and food. The wait staff was very kind and friendly. Even with the labor shortage being felt everywhere, the staff here maintains a positive and helpful attitude. Plus the food is wonderful. Love the smothered breakfast burrito!

Brenda Downing

We are vacationing in NM for a week and wanted to find some great Mexican food during our visit. After scanning the web for great Mexican restaurants in the Albuquerque area El Patio looked unique and interesting. We tried it and we were NOT disappointed. Our waitress, Amanda, recommended the filled sopapia which was awesome. The pork filling was tasty and the Christmas sauce was nice and spicy hot. Our experience and food exceeded our expectations and highly recommend it for the food and ambiance. Thanks Amanda - you were awesome regardless if it was only your 3rd day.

Lisa Martinez

I've been to the location on Harvard Dr. But thus one is so much better. The atmosphere was great. The service was excellent!! The food was made to order and fresh! I always come for the papas. If your looking for a nice clean place to eat, gather with friends or wind down, this little hidaway is the place to be!!

Carol Steffen

We went to El Patio for dinner last night. We could see they were short staffed, so we were prepared to give them some grace. We were seated without being given menus, and it took 10 minutes for a waiter to even stop by our table. He brought chips and salsa and said he’d be back with water. We never saw him again, we still had no menus. A waitress for other tables around us gave great service to them, but we were totally ignored. After 40 minutes or so, a waitress stopped by and said our waiter had quit and walked off the job. She said she would be right back with menus. We never saw her again, so after another 15 minutes, we walked out. The table next to us also walked out.I guess you can get lucky and get some service there but that wasn’t the case for us. Definitely a management issue.

Steve H

Our first visit to El Patio on Rio Grande. We weren't disappointed even tho we caught them at the end of a busy lunch rush. Generous portions of food and we enjoyed the misters to help cool the patio off. We shall be back!

Rocio Brandau

BEST MARGARITAS EVER! An awesome place for locals. Have family who live in ABQ and they took us here. Great service too!

Aher Enyaf

Food was great, hot and freash. New favorite local restaurant! Despite short staff and many customers the 3 ladies worked very hard. Kambria our server was very kind and attentive, wonderful experience! Will come again soon.

Claud Gamble

Being originally from Southern NM I'm often nervous trying Northern NM cuisine.. Really glad I found this place. Service was great, food was delicious and loved the super laid back environment..

Cassie Nutter

My family truly loves El Patio and we do understand shorthanded service...however, this particular location was incredibly non-accommodating. Due to short staff, it was only outside seating. We had 5 guests (one of which was meeting us from 40+ mins away. They refused to allow us to combine any tables outside that are suited for 4. The waitress seating us was telling us we could do it but it's against the owner's policy. I requested to speak with the owner and she informed me they weren't there. Another waitress came up and refused to allow us to combine tables. I requested to speak to a manager and we were denied as no manager was working. I explained it would be incredibly crowded for 5 people in their 4 people table especially knowing what we all get when we do come here or the other location. She said, "5 people fit fine. It's the owner's policy and it's 5:30, rush hour and we only have 3 waitresses." The worst part in this situation is that when I mentioned our fifth was coming from his distance and that we do typically regular the El Patio downtown, she stated, "that location is still open, you can go there".I will absolutely continue to go to the El Patio downtown...that also have 3 wait staff or less and we're always understanding of any wait... But this one from the get-go with no managerial individual to even reason with, was rude (one waitress, not at all) and told me that the other location downtown was open (even though I explained the distance for our guest was in the opposite direction). I've never been so disappointed with this restaurant...and I'm still staring at many open tables... Of the service and attitude..and lack of management at this El Patio location.Didn't even need to wait to update.. the owner was called and showed up incredibly rude and assumed we did something that we didn't. He kept telling me to stop talking so he could tell me a side he didn't know at all...assuming we went directly to a table without stopping for wait staff. In the end, the food was still great and, as most times, the food was great and our direct waitress was fantastic. We were just incredibly disappointed in a waitress's treatment and the owner's treatment based off the incredibly rude and unaccommodating - unrelated staff.We know EVERYONE is short staffed! We would and do wait significantly due to this issue...and even though they needed to close the indoor portion of the restaurant, at no time of our stay were all tables occupied.

Eugene Ebner

We are visiting Albuquerque and out of all of the restaurants that we have gone to this is our favorite by far. Jill our server was excellent the patio is gorgeous the prices are reasonable and the food is beyond delicious. Highly recommend

Desert Dog

My favorite place for New Mexican food. I have been to their restaurant on Harvard near UNM several times. Decided to try the Rio Grande location. Sat outside on the nice roomy patio (dog friendly by the way). I had the carne adovada burrito smothered in red. I already knew from the Harvard restaurant that they do the very best carne adovada I have ever tasted in the 505. Great food, great service, great atmosphere. Great location in the north valley.


Had lunch on Friday. Best to get there early as the patio filled up by noon. Great Mexican food and excellent service - they are well prepared for either a fast lunch or a leisurely outing.

Neil A.

While the food was good I must say that the owner is an embarrassment. An altercation took place between a customer and the owner and the owner only escalated the situation with his aggressive behavior and foul mouth. Clearly the owners behavior made customers and his staff very uncomfortable and we were informed that this was not an isolated incident. Having good food and a nice ambiance does not make up for a rude owner, anger management and some humility are in order.

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