Jason's Deli

5920 Holly Ave NE A, Albuquerque
(505) 821-7100

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Andrea Richards

The food is always fresh and good but some of the staff were messing around behind the counter & making strange noises. Someone was also loudly banging metal pans that was very uncalled for.

David Colton

About 2 hours after eating the tuna sandwich yesterday at supper time, I got the runs. The only other food I consumed that day was a bowl of Cheerios that morning. 24hrs later I still have the runs.

Deborah Ill

Jason's Deli is a good place for a simple meal.My friend had corned beef on rye. It was a marble rye with plenty of corned beef. She had ruffled potato chips as a side. She said "They have the best corned beef here".I had the chicken panini with baked chips as a side. It was yummy - one of my favorites there.Service was excellent. We ended our meal with free soft serve ice cream. What could be better than that?

Edward Feldhake III (Nippy)

Great place, Clean super fast service and wonderful vegetarian menu. Fot the Salad bar the possibilities are enormous.

Michele P.

This is a 'go to' place for us. Last night we had a Reuben sandwich (huge) and a Chicken Panini sandwich. The sandwiches were excellent! We also each had the salad bar - very good. This is an era where many restaurants have few staff. What we noticed here were a man constantly picking up plates and cleaning off tables after people had left, a woman constantly at the salad bar refreshing items (from the nearby frig) and cleaning things off, and another woman running orders to tables. The staff was friendly and helpful. That salad bar in itself is a big draw for us - and less than $ 7 each! Loads of choices of veggies, pasta, small beets, olives, croutons, mini muffins. We've had so many bad experiences with restaurants in Albuquerque ... this is our best. Thanks jason's!

Brenda Olson

I was disappointed with my visit today on Holly Avenue and thought I would share my reasons. I had a Reuben Manager Special. The salad bar was excellent! Everything was clean and stocked well. My sandwich arrived without a pickle, but that wasn't a problem because I had one from the salad bar. The sandwich bread was sitting on the plate in saurkraut juice and was extremely soggy. In fact I could not pick up the sandwich and ate the insides with a fork. The corned beef was very bland tasting, unlike most reubens I have had, and quite fatty. The juices also made the chips soggy, although the ones on top were obviously fresh and crunchy. I would think the sogginess could be eliminated by placing the sandwich on a paper doily type product. Still, the flavor was mediocre at best, and had way too much fat. BTW, service was friendly and fast. Not sure if I will have that sandwich again.

melanie brown

I enjoy the food... when it's done right. Lately, the broccoli cheese soup comes out grainy and so thick that your spoon stands up in it and the sandwiches are dry and poorly constructed. Tired of the inconsistent quality. Strongly considering not going back here. To the workers there: would YOU eat soup that thick? No? Then why do you serve it? I can hold the soup bowl SIDEWAYS and it doesn't move.

Adam Blanchard (Nova Sky)

Took 30 minutes and us asking where in the world our food was for them to finally bring it out. I guess ive never seen them be this incompetent dealing with a large crowd in the store. Yall should be ashamed

Steve Lynn

I came down for the Cedro Peak race and am staying at a nearby hotel. I’ve ate at Jason’s 3 times in the last 2 days. Had the chicken panini, a turkey muffuletta and am currently devouring their roast beef sandwich (wish I could remember it’s name on the menu). Definitely you get your moneys worth, their sandwiches are loaded with whatever you order.

Terry Whalen

Always a wonderful place to eat. Great variety, ALL the food is amazingly good and fresh. Very clean and friendly staff.

Kay C

Jason's deli has always made some of my favorite sandwiches in town, always nice staff and clean restaurant. Been coming here since 2013. Will be back

Christine Williams

The food most part has been very good. But last nite the worst sandwiches!! We wanted delivery, to long of a wait!! instead had to pick up order!!! Very disappointing

Alma Montoya

Great place to eat! The food and customer service are amazing! Jo was very helpful and very nice. Will be definitely be coming back. 5/5?

Shannon Runyon

Excellent. Had not been to Jason's since pandemic started. I really enjoyed going again and the crew working were polite and nice.

Les Dencklau

Always good sandwiches and soup, baked potatoes are amazing.

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