La Michoacana De Paquime

6500 Zuni Rd SE, Albuquerque
(505) 266-3408

Recent Reviews

Flying Rook

Every flavor of paleta that you can imagine plus mango con chili!?!?! What is not to love?

JoAnn Arellano

Amazing selection of yummies! Service is great. Nice and clean.

Armando Canales Torres

It was incredible. My family loved the ice pops. And I had an incredible moment. I thank you so much.

Mari Chavez

There's hardly a thing on the menu that's not delicious.

Amber A.

We had the trees leches, pinon paletas. Both delicious and a great price. Super friendly guy at the register gave us suggestions. Wish I lived here so I could go here all the time!

Ricardo Esparza

Good food many options and great services speaks English and spanish big win for me

Shannon C.

This is a great authentic Mexican ice cream shop. They have unique flavors like cantaloupe and mango that you don't find everywhere. My favorite is where they put the salsa in a bag of chips of your choosing and you eat it with a spoon. This is a great place for a summer treat to cool off.

Stephanie Morris

Great place for a Mexican inspired snack, ice cream, elote or aqua fresca. This is one of my families favorite places to go for a snack or treat.

Moni Martinez

Its always a nice trip going to la micho ❤

David Majors

Good food. Friendly service.

Zig Zarley

Zig likes this little place o f sweet treat is kinda neet..try the bag of fritos ripped open with special scoops and streams of sticky hot melted fuego quesa caliente prima!!


Very friendly & tasty snacks

Tara Smith

The papaya one is bomb

Alisha Harji

Best place for ice cream in town❣

Phatpharee !!!

Very accommodating! I requested something and they made it for me with no hesitation.

Angelo Mitchell

Nice clean space with large selections of aguas frecas, paletas, Nieves and more. The fruit is fresh and you get a lot for the price.

Astro Bean

Very good my fav is the paleta de mazapan

Darlene Rodriguez

I love this place the food is good and the service is great.

Alfredo N.

If you're looking for a delicious Mexican snack, this is the place to go. They have great aguas frescas, paletas, nachos, ice cream and more. I drove by this place one day and discovered it by "accident" and it's one of my favorites. They have an incredibly delicious tres leches paleta, you all have to try it!!! ----- Este lugar está perfecto para comprar snacks tradicionales de mexico, tienen aguas frescas, paletas, nieves, nachos y muchas cosas más! Me gusta mucho el lugar, tuve suerte de descubrirlo por accidente un dí­a. Si un dí­a van aquí­, tienen que probar una paleta de tres leches, está buení­sima, síºper cremosita y dulce!

Susana Regalado

The Obispo were not shaved ice even the snow cones would have been better it seemed like the ice was that of the crushed ice setting straight from the fridge. The Fresas con crema were to watery and yet way to sweet some of the strawberries were to ripe to be used and yet were. The agua de freitas was missing the creamy taste and the fruits was just melon and apple chunks. They shouldn't be allowed to use la michocana name it misrepresents.

Diana L.

The elotes were hard and cold, you would take a bite and the entire kernel would come out and be hard to chew. It didnt really have flavor either, it just tasted like salt-less chili powder. Also if you don't know what comes on something and ask nicely to change it, they will say no because it's a waste of their food so you're s**t out of luck (even if youre allergic to something). Both of my children also got sick from the food and I'm glad I was only on vacation and won't ever have the opportunity to pass by there and be reminded of their nasty food... the only good thing about them is their ice cream and juices. Dont waste ur money here when there are much better options where you won't have to leave feeling dissapointed.

Matthew Allen

great Mexican dessert place has some good dinner options as well I ordered the fruit yogurt which was very good had very good fruit medley my fiance leche ice cream which was also delicious. Military discounts. We'll be coming back often.

Felicia Murrell

Had to send the menu to a friend to help us understand it all, but we loved the sweet treats here. Can’t wait to go back!

raquel garcia

Best paletas and aguas in ABQ!

Lasagna C

Love this place always here and will always come back. Fast and friendly customer service.


Amazing Icecream and food it's perfect for these not that hot summers

Avram L.

Let's say that your "bucket list" suddenly became "modified!". Before you "kick the bucket" you want to experience every Paleteria in New Mexico. After all, This Paleteria is named for Michoacan just west of Mexico City, where it's believed that Paleteria's Paletas frozen ice and Mexican ice cream bars were born. This is a large comfortable paleteria. My mouthwatering Coconut Paleta bar dipped in Dark Chocolate bathed in sliced Almonds cooled my heat from this 90 plus degreezz day. It's that good. Enjoy and please follow me on this Paleteria Adventure. Thanks for reading. Avram De Paquime

Ann P.

So glad I found this place. It's so worth the visit. Popsicles for less than 2 bucks. I tried the mango, strawberry and the guava. I ordered the milky mango and starwberry. My favorite was then mango then the starwberry then the guava. I really don't recommend the guava if you like more milky and creamy popsicles. However, if you enjoy icy popsicles then you may enjoy the guava. Please take a look at my photos and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

r scott carlson

Only about 100 different flavors of artisanal popsicles!

Erin Haynes

Delicious! A wonderful place to grab a tasty snack. This place stays pretty busy. It's clean and the food actually looks like the pictures! Good for an afternoon treat with your kiddos or a sweet treat with your hunny.

Mo Torres

Owner over charge for 2nd time I purchased paletas and horchata. I call them too make it right i spoke with husband and he is a very nice guy. But she. Was rude. And didn’t give me money back. So count your change and check on prices because she will over charge you 1 xtra on everything...

Arty 764

I love that place the chips ice cream evry thing

Patricia Sanchez

La michoacana en Zuni es lo peor los empleados hablan mal de uno como cliente y en sus narices. Trabajan gracias a uno. Te dan mal tu orden y todavia se enojan y hablan mal de ti. Busquen gente que si quiera trabajar y no a andar hablando mal

Rachel Morrill

Love their coconut drink and the fruita, Perfect for hydration and me replenishing electrolytes

Laura Gomez

Fresh ingredients--just keep in mind that when they list the flavors, they *mean* those flavors. Fresa y queso sounds like it should mean cheese cake, but it's quite literally strawberries and cheese. (Which I like, but they do have more traditional flavors for those with a less adventurous palette)

alexanderia weeding

I love the fruit and fruit drinks. A great stop for a snack,everyone in a while...I did prefer white corn, not the chewy white corn.

Luzelena V

Bought banana split but bananas 🍌 were missing. Staff apologized and tried to make it right. We said no. Great ice cream

Stan Alexander

This place is a little gem that is always busy and serves some of the most interesting deserts that you will find in the city! The paletas come in an amazing assortment of flavors, the ice cream is very unique, and the other items on the menu look more than interesting!

Chris Q

The best elote en vaso and yummy fruit paletas.

Iris Nocchi

This is a lil "hole in the wall" kind of place but if you're looking for antojo kind of foods with great customer service then look no further! The food is delicious, generous portions with reasonable prices. The fruit is always flavorful and fresh, the aguas are so delicious and fresh tasting, the ice cream and paletas (fruit, fruit juice, or ice cream) are delicious (no freezer burn), and the other food selections are prepared fresh to order. It's always worth the drive from Belen to Albuquerque!