La Super Paleta

301 San Pedro Dr SE, Albuquerque
(505) 967-8635

Recent Reviews

Joel Castillo

Great service. Good food

Rebecca Swan

Amazing authentic Mexican desserts at super reasonable prices. I loved it

Victoria Love

Please don't come here and make it all crowded. I'm not telling you what I like.

Goofy T

Got a drink

Damian Santillanes

Fantastic definitely worth the money great service!

Moni Martinez

Great nice homie lil plc😉

Fabian Madrid

Fast great food and drinks

Cyanotic M.

I'm updating this review because I want to be diligent about correct information. Everything I said I stand by, the place is great! The address is also correct. However, I thought that the name might be different? Sure enough, I went back and there's a sign hanging up indicating that this spot is called La Michoacana Del Sur #2. I'm not quite sure what to do about this, because the address is correct and I still would very much encourage people to go! Just maybe the shop changed hands? In any case, I'm adding a photo to the review, hopefully it helps.

Jim henry

Great deli

Josh Kaler

Went here to vote, voted it was very efficient.

Crystal Vigil

I love the Paleta here and the fruit cups. It’s really good and well made. Good ingredients.

David Chodosh

Great selection, prices, and service. I highly recommend this place to anyone craving a fun paleta!

Emilee M.

I absolutely adored this place. I was on vacation from Fort Lauderdale Florida and we happened upon this place by accident. Not really ever having the opportunity to try an authentic paleta, I was really excited about this visit. The gentleman who owns the place actually happened to be there and spent so much time going through the menu and varieties of paletas with me. My friend and I ended up buying 4. He also totally sold me on mangoneadas! He said it's what he grew up eating and I wanted the most festive thing I could get. I'm now obsessed and think about them often. Highly recommend. If you ask, he might even prepare it for you up front so you can watch the cool process of preparing it. I've also uploaded pictures and video of that. Have fun!

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