Richie B's Pizza, Subs & Salads

7200 Montgomery Blvd NE STE A2, Albuquerque
(505) 312-8579

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Angelica Marie McKinney

Googled New York Pizza Places in Albuquerque and picked Ritchie B's based on the reviews.Very friendly staff, quick service, clean place & restrooms.The food was outstanding. We ordered 2 monster slices and had no idea how big they really were. Literally as big as my 4 year old.A must go to place!Thanks for the awesome experience!

Amber Bolser

This place is amazing!! The pizza is great, I love the crust. My new favorite sandwich is their pastrami. Thanks for the quality food!! Definitely will be back!!

Robin West

Monster slice of Pizza...Equals to a medium to large at places like Domino's. Great flavor and very thin crust. So great! That Monster slice fit in a 25 inch box from one corner to the other. Made for more than one person....

Daden Alnitak

About $30 gets you an 18" pizza with three topping and two fountain drinks with free refills. This place sells a giant 2' (yes that's 2 feet) slice of pizza, properly named the monster slice starting at $10. They do have local brew on tap, but only one was available on my visit. The place is clean, including the restrooms, with NYC pictures on the walls for decor. The pizza itself is okay. Nothing to write home about, but not terrible either.

Jaymie Killsfirst

Very nice people behind the counter and the monster slice is crazy huge! I highly recommend.

Steve H.

Finally getting around to reviewing Richie B's.... wanted to make sure the first couple of visits were a solid representation of what one can expect from this restaurant. I can now confidently say this is one of the best restaurants of its type in Albuquerque! The pizza is outstanding! The crust, the sauce and the toppings are all incredible. Haven't found a pizza joint in town yet that comes anywhere close... this place in on par with the best pizza places in Denver. Salads: We didn't think the salad would be anything more than the standard salad you usually get to accompany pizza. Boy were we surprised! Richie B's salad offering is also among the best in town. Super fresh and high quality ingredients, and an incredible value! We have been back twice, since discovering the place 3 weeks ago, just for the salad. Finally, the cheesesteak sandwich. Wow!! Richie B's cheesesteak sandwich is the best I have eaten outside of Philly, and actually rivals the top spots in Philly. No joke! Truly spectacular. This place is the real deal! The owners are SUPER nice, all of the ingredients are of the highest quality (Boar's Head), and every product we have ordered has been the best in town. We drive 25 minutes one-way to get to Richie B's, passing at least 5 Dion's locations along our route, and it is so worth the drive. Richie B's will get all of our pizza/salad/sandwich business moving forward.

Francisca G. Facinelli

Sitting in the parking lot typing this because this is the best pizza I've ever had. Now obviously, I'm not a pizza aficionado, but my pizza of choice is a Chicago deep dish.. this pizza has me questioning everything. The wonderful staff kept the tables clean between customers and asked if we enjoyed our food before we left. Fantastic place, I'm so glad we stopped in! We will definitely be back!

Hayden Morlang

I happened upon this place by accident. I took my son to duke city urgent care this afternoon, which is in the same parking lot as this pizza place. I looked out of the exam room window and saw the pizza joint. After strolling out of there we walked across the lot and ordered 4 slices to go. This is without a doubt the most delicious pizza place I have encountered in this city. It tops Dions, and that says A LOT! We will now only get our pizzas from here. I hope this place stays open forever because you have earned a customer for life. Fantastic pizza! I’ve been reading the reviews and I hear you have an amazing philly. That will be next. Keep up the amazing food! We loved it.

Kat Morrison

We ordered 2 slices of pizza, a Philly steak sandwich, and a garden salad. The salad was delicious and fresh. The pizza was fresh and crispy on a yummy thin crust, and the sandwich was melt in your mouth delicious.

Gabby Peregrina

Awesome! Met the owner, he was really nice. Overall really enjoyed the experience and will definitely be getting our pizza from here going forward.

Nekai Tsethlikai

What a big Azz slice of pizza. 1 slice is good for any normal person. The workers have a good vibe and I love seeing the flower all over them, shows they work hard for good product.

Paul C.

Excellent pizza and salad. Slices are monstrous! Salads are fantastic too. The boys do a great job with the food, service and 'housekeeping' services. i highly recommend this restaurant. if you like New York style pizza, this place is for you. Glad I found this place!

Bryan H.

I have been back twice since my initial visit. Yesterday, I ordered their Philly cheesesteak sub. It was great. The meat was high quality, and tender. And the viper sauce they serve with it is interesting. It's like thousand island salad dressing with a kick. I believe I detected a touch of horseradish, but it was hard to be sure. It's yummy though. Today, I placed a fairly large online order. I got a meatball sub, a full garden salad with Italian dressing, a whole garlic pickle, and a stuffed cherry pepper. Everything was great! The meatball sub comes with plenty of meatballs, and they are well seasoned. It also comes with a side of additional marinara sauce, and it's a very good homemade sauce. The salad was nice and fresh, and their house made Italian dressing was tangy and delicious. I didn't know what to expect with the cherry pepper. However, I now know that I will be ordering them again. It was a fun, unique item to eat. The pickle was...well...a pickle. I'm a dill pickle fanatic though, so I already knew I would enjoy that. I am updating my initial review from 3 stars to 4. I probably will only get pizza here every once in awhile. Again, I liked it, but I am not a big NY style pizza person. Their sandwiches and sides are incredible though. I will be ordering them often.

Monica Torrez

Salad was really good. Pizza was big and delicious. Sevice was fast. Thanks

Liane Padilla

Richie B's is the best pizza I've ever had in my life!! really delicious the cheese is scrumptious the sausage the best. Just an overall good dinner. If anything goes wrong they sure make it right. I have no regrets on this restaurant....

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