Taco Bell

1001 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 299-8472

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Ryan S.

Wow. Screws up drive through order, offers no help whatsoever other than to call a manager back on Monday. Nice! I wish I could leave negative stars. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

Bernie Kriechel

Food was great. Extremely slow service tonight. Waited almost 15 minutes fir our order.Poor people in front of us were still waiting on there food when we left.

Edwardo Bustillos

I hated it cuz first i went yesterday to have lunch and had free coupon for any item of choice excluding combos I walked in and went to place my order and the cashier Michaela had to stop mopping the floor to take my order so she was already annoyed with me so I give here my coupon and she has no clue how use it so she called a manager and he didn't even know how to use the coupon so I ended up getting my food and adding more things that i wanted and by that point Michaela was still annoyed cuz she had to stop mopping and staryed being rude befor she asked for my name and then I said I need the manager cuz your being rude so she calls manager and says to manager "can you deal with this dude" which now she was being even more rude to me it's sucks now a days how you get treated by emplyoess cuz they have to stop what there doing to take an order I guess i have to find a different Taco Bell even though I'm 5 mins away

Michelle Shook

Drive thru lady was very nice. Asked her for "a lot" of fire sauce and she didn't disappoint. Service was quick and food was good.

Rose Ray

I got a chalupa supreme, steak soft taco, chicken quesadilla, and a cheese roll up. It was all good and the workers had good attitude.

Robert Jason Gambling

Got meat? They don't! But it's all good their food is still the bomb especially when you have the munchies.

Lucky Devil

America's love affair with fast food is very bizarre, some could even call it bastardized. And yes I do have a thing for Taco Bell

kerina cunningham

If I come at night their fryer and grill is always down so I go to the one on eubank next to Walmart. Much better there.

Ăłį H.

Really bad customer service. Messed up my order twice and no apology. Would never recommend to anyone. The place is very dirty. Don't go there if you want to eat good food. It taste really bad.

David McCutcheon

Nornal taco bell and service was much faster today, than yesterday, when it was super slow.

Alex Ortiz

Best experience at this location since I can remember... the taco shells were not cracked or broken... big plus there...

Number One Customer Customer

Just went by to get a couple of plain bean burritos with extra onions at the Taco Bell on Lomas & Juan Tabo. Instead, the cashier, a girl by the name of Makayla, decided to add in beef at her discretion. During the course of ordering, beef nor any other type of meat was mentioned. Not once. Of course, like any other customer, we opened the contents of the bag at home and found three burritos stuffed with beef and beans. So, I called up the Taco Bell, there on Lomas & Juan Tabo, and asked to speak with the manager. A woman answered the phone and claimed to be the manager. I told her that we had ordered a couple of bean burritos with extra onions and that our order had beef instead. (I'm not a fan of stringy beef mixed in with my beans and cheese.) The woman immediately sided with the cashier and actually had the gall to say she was standing right by the cashier's side when we ordered. (She must have a divine and magical ability to appear and disappear at will - as there was no one but the cashier when we pulled right up.) I told the manager that during the entire ordering process, not one word was mentioned of beef or meat. She insisted that the order was right and was absolutely CLUELESS that we, as customers, knew what we ordered and wanted to eat. So, instead of continuing on with a moot argument, I just asked the manager to speak with Makayla and tell her to make sure she repeats the order back to the customers. My husband knew what was ordered. I heard the order myself. After all, WE are the ones who knew what we wanted to eat! Instead, the manager hung up on my phone call. She didn't even have the common courtesy or decency to excuse herself or to end the call in a professional manner. I called back at least fifteen times to see if she would pick up, but someone there kept picking up the phone and hanging up. We will NOT be frequenting the Taco Bell on Lomas & Juan Tabo and we do not recommend it to other customers. What a GHETTO establishment and a TRASHY way to treat customers!

Ideas Practicle

The 5 dollar box is great food for a good value.

Katie Cullen

Fast service. Food was good a little cold but it was good

Brian Wilson

Sometimes a long wait for cold chalupas but decent overall.

Mark Long

They always mess my order up!!!!!!!!!!! Just go to the one by Walmart on eubank at least they understand simple orders I always pay for your cream and never get it

Ann Winburn

The server tried to force me to take the wrong order. When another employee gave me my order the first server never apologized. The food was good as usual though.

Walter Stoermer

It's taco Bell! it might not be the most authentic Mexican food on the face of the planet, but it is authentic comfort food that is easily accessible and sold at a fair price. I wish they had the $0.79 meximelts that they used to have when I was in high school, but not everything is perfect oh, and 1996 was a long time ago.

Jasmine Young

Excellent variety of nachos and tacos is available here. Best quality chicken and even the veg ones re ultimate. Crispy and soft all kinds are available. Good staff and great ambiance.

Liz L.

I show up on opening day, and I'm already mind blown! Having a build your own taco bar is exactly what Albuquerque needed, with amazing variety. Having veggie/vegan options is also a game changer for the taco scene. I devoured the three taco plate, and those loaded nachos are made of dreams. Even their beans/rice are phenomenal sides, whereas any other similar cuisine is non-exceptional. Burque has a new taqueria that's going to change this scene for sure.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

1001 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112