Sunnyside Up Breakfast and Lunch Cafe

6909 Menaul Blvd NE Suite A, Albuquerque
(505) 888-3447

Recent Reviews

Michael H.

On a recent trip that took us through New Mexico we decided to stop at Sunnyside Up for breakfast. This is clearly a popular local spot as there was a hefty wait to get a table, but we were weary from the road and decided to give ourselves a break. Sunnyside delivered. My French toast was absolutely superb, and I was delighted that they offered real maple syrup. My wife's eggs and sausage and fruit were fresh, wholesome, and done to perfection. Our service was quick and friendly and we left feeling a lot of positive vibes towards Albuquerque.

Alicia Lawrence

Every trip to New Mexico has ALWAYS included a visit to Sunnyside Up restaurant, formerly known as Egg and I. However, the experience this time around just wasn’t quite the same. While the customer service was, and has always been stellar, the food was only mediocre at best this time around. I had the apple cinnamon pancake, and it just didn’t quite come together for me—neither in flavor nor texture. My son had the Mexican omelette, as he has had for the past many years, but for some reason, it was not as requested or what it had been in the past. In fact, it looked like a standard omelette. My daughter had the bacon and a regular pancake, while my husband opted for the Turkey sausage, which, by the way, was incredibly salty. The biggest disappointment was the ranch potatoes, as this was previously a favorite of ours. The potatoes were incredibly bland and the consistency was just not very palatable. It felt as though they’d been reheated…not to mention there was zero hint of ranch in the ranch potatoes. Not sure what happened that caused such a drastic change in the food quality and flavor, but I hope that when we return next year, it will be all figured out. If not, that will likely be our last visit.

Zoe K.

**HAVE THE PUMPKIN WAFFLE WHILE IT IS AVAILABLE** Excellent customer service ( Ty is tha best!!!) Comfy, welcoming setting. Smells like love and pancakes The wait, however long, IS WORTH IT! I'm never eating breakfast ANYWHERE ELSE if I'm in town!

Kevin C.

I have never been here before. This establishment is very clean Including the restrooms. The young lady named Amanda was our serve I give her a High 5 for excellent service. Wide selection of food that is very good. I am looking forward to going back and try some of the other items on the menu. My son had the chicken and avocado omelet. My son said he really enjoyed it. I had the egg-ceptional omelet, I have mine with a side salad. The only dressing that they offer for the salad is lemon vinegarette. If you check in with the app you get a free pot of coffee,a $2.99 value.

Samir S.

Food was great and tasty. Excellent service. I would definitely go back when in town. I had one of their omelettes and it was excellent. I would definitely recommend it.

Elizabeth B.

Great food! Worth the wait on a busy Sunday. Was extremely happy with our server Riley as well. Personable and efficient!

Tureen P.

Wow!!! This place has AMAZING breakfast! I loved my experience dining at Sunnyside Up, I would eat here everyday if I lived in Albuquerque!!!! On my ride over to the place my Lyft driver told me he's head great things about this place so I was excited from the jump. I ordered the corn beef hash, eggs over easy and English muffin to finish it off and I LOVED IT. I can't stop thinking about it, it was a great bowl of breakfast. I ordered the caramel iced coffee and our sweet sweet server gave us iced coffees to go! The best thing about this place is how affordable it is, we got 7 menu items for under $40! I don't know if I'll ever be in Albuquerque again but I will always remember the breakfast I had here.

James L.

Food was awesome and delicious. Had the corn beef hash and eggs and decided to go with the pumpkin iced coffee, both great choices. Service was great as well.

Caroline Whittemore

This place was absolutely fantastic! Best waffles I've had in a while, nice atmosphere, kind staff, great service, and awesome drinks. The waffles we're so fluffy and airy and the butter and wipped cream were delicious. I wish they warmed the plates so the food didn't get cold as quickly but it was so good! The prices were very reasonable. It took a while to get out food but it was around brunch on a Saturday so it was very busy. Will totally come here again! Also try the pumpkin iced coffee while they still have it

John D.

Breakfast time after work and we've got the where down - it's the what. So here we are looking at a menu where everything looks amazing. With fall in the air some of the classics are available. After all the going back and forth we settle on the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle & Avocado Toast. Coffee comes in a carafe with flavored creamers in the table. Breakfast arrived and looked delicious. Cinnamon butter and candied pecans added great flavor, as did the cinnamon on the waffle itself - but I like cinnamon. The avocado toast was loaded. It looked like a whole fresh avocado over the 2 halves. My complaints - service was slow. Unless there was an area I didn't see there were at least 4 servers moving around the dining area. Maybe 6-7 tables were occupied - probably 15 people? So it wasn't overly busy. The store had been open for almost 30 mins when we got there. It took a long time to get our server back for a drink order after he sat us. When our food came out it was warm at best. I'd have liked the waffle's heat to melt butter. The butter was soft - it just never melted, even after being spread on the waffle. Yes I could have sent it back. But why should you have to complain to have food served as intended? Disappointing to say the least. What could have been an awesome breakfast was turned into a mediocre meal.

Erika Lee T.

What used to be one of my favorite breakfast spots in Abq (The Egg & I) rebranded to Sunnyside Up. I was excited to see the lemon vinaigrette salad dressing still on the menu so I ordered the Cobb which has been my go-to breakfast dish for at least 8 years. I haven't been here since pre-pandemic because I moved out of state and was absolutely stunned to see the side salad is now the full portion. I had to order a side of toast to fill up. The salad dressing is still as good as ever, but the portion size was NOT worth $10.69. To add insult to injury, they now charge a 3% upcharge to pay via card even though they encourage card payment by giving a receipt with a QR code. As much as I loved this place, I'm not coming back. I gave a second star because Ty was such a nice server. He made a disappointing visit a bit better. Editing to add a follow up after receiving the owner's comment: I have had laryngitis for a week and had a doctor recommend hot lemonade as an alternative to tea. I'm fully aware that it's not a menu item and never implied that it is was considering I didn't even mention it in my review! It's weird that the owner felt compelled to bring that up - maybe just a passive aggressive response to a negative review to let me know she knew who I was based on other items ordered... but on the topic of other items ordered, my dad ordered over medium eggs and they came over hard. The toast and waffle our friends ordered were cold upon arrival. Despite what the owner says about portion sizes not changing, I'm sure if I look hard enough in an old phone, I can find a picture of the last time I got the salad during a trip to NM because it was my favorite ever. It wasn't made exclusively with spinach and it was easily double this portion. I've been raving about the salad because of the lemon vinaigrette for years and even asked if I could buy some during a previous visit (they said no). The owner's response has solidified my choice (and my locally residing family) to not return. She could've simply said "I'm sorry we missed the mark and hope you'll give us a chance to do better," but the snarky comment about thinking the worst of people makes me glad my dollars will be spent elsewhere. Lowering the rating to one star now (sorry, Ty!) because of the really poor customer relations. Jessica should stick to letting Cole respond to dissatisfied customers - the reviews show I'm not the only one.

Michelle Massey-Goldberg

Relaxed, open concept restaurant with some of the friendliest wait staff I've encountered since moving to Albuquerque four months ago! Exquisite food and service. I had the Parisian Benedict, made with a buttery open croissant, creamy hollandaise and added avocado. Could only finish half but later ate the leftovers, which reheated beautifully because nothing was greasy. So good!! Took out of state guests who were very impressed as well. My son had French toast (photo), also perfect. Can't wait to take my husband!

Peninah W.

Delicious food: well priced and gorgeous. Fun place to be in as well - decor not over the top but welcoming and fun. The food is super creative and well made and our server is amazing. We have found our new breakfast spot !!

John Sturgis

The bad news. If you’re in Uptown, you don’t have a lot of choices for breakfast. The good news? Anywhere is better than Sunnyside Up.From the burnt toast to the thimble of awful chorizo, the food and service are dreadful. Oh, and for added bonus of awful, they charge you a 3% credit card surcharge.You have a better choice—anything is a better choice. If you’re traveling through Albuquerque, pass on this place. You won’t miss it.

J W.

Completely and utterly delicious. Met a friend here a few weeks ago and with the first bite we agreed it merited a repeat visit! The coconut pancake was absolute perfection. Not too sweet and packed with coconut and pineapple, the vanilla cream sauce drizzled over the top was delicious. Bacon perfectly done, neither too crisp nor too floppy. My friend had one of the seasonal specials and it looked phenomenal, as did the plates gracing all of the packed nearby tables. Coffee was smooth, and I liked the creamer options. Our server was excellent. Solicitous and knowledgeable without being a pest. Ambience feels like you're visiting your aunt's place. Cozy and chill, a little early 2000s, but homey and welcoming.

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