251 Old Airport Rd, Yellowknife
(867) 675-0331

Recent Reviews

Adam Gordon

Order showed up cold (delivery driver was quick, not their fault). Dips were all missing.

Miguel Gordon

Been waiting in drive though for almost an hour had 3 cars in front of me and customer service is just out the God dang window

william macleod

Always closed and food isn't the same as other KFC location's.... YK misses the original KFC (Jason's).

Marcus Halberstram

Service was terrible, food took over half an hour to prepare and the manager Abin really needs a customer service course, I can't imagine how he must treat his employees. I felt so bad for the young man working the cash, no wonder this place has staffing issues.

Jake Miller

Extremely slow inside and in drive through. Rarely open, hours on google are incorrect. Hours of service vary day by day it seems.

philip mcphail

41 minutes in the drive through!A new record for yk.Must be short staffed,people being turned away at the front door.Locked

Derran McGuinness

The food is horrible, does not taste like KFC is supposed to, like they forgot to send this store the secret herbs and spices. It's just deep fried fatty chicken with no flavor. Second attempt their website says they're open so we order online, and pay, only to go to the store to find out they are not open. This store needs to be shut down, poor service, disgusting flavorless fatty greasy food, and corporate has no idea what they're doing st the store level so they allow online orders despite the store being closed. There's a reason KFC shut down once here, take a hint and follow suit and shut it down.


I called they confirmed i can place a order for pickup then we i went there pick up . No one shows up. I called they said they closed . I paid for food already , i got nothing. Pls updated your online services if you r closing. Horrible experience

R. Webb

This has got to be the worst KFC I’ve ever been to . Very poor customer service .Chicken dried out and soggy with grease . I’ve worked at KFC and people this is NOT how it’s done !

William Owens

Service is always bad. They mix up order miss items like gravy.Going to be along time before I return.Go to Mary Browns way better service

Sheldon Jenkins

They constantly close the doors way to early and their drive through times are rediculously slow and long. They need to up their customer service game for sure.

Arlo Marshall

lets just say my cats ate better tonight. :(

Tigerz Eye

Everything here is off, the gravy tastes bad, the chicken is dry, VERY dry, I got to go OUT OF THE CITY just to get good KFC, wow.

Miles Gale-Catholique

Worst customer service in yellowknife do not recommend eating or ordering from here. You want chicken go to mary browns this place is a disappointment


If you go to drive-thru and see at least 3 cars in line, you will expect to wait at least 15-30mins, the slowest kfc in the world

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