Pizza Hut Yellowknife

312 D Old Airport Rd, Yellowknife
(867) 669-6700

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To start off, I have to say the food WAS good for a pizza place, but the service here is horrible. The first time we ordered here, the pizza arrived squished around in the box like the delivery driver dropped it on the ground or something. The second time we ordered from here, they didn't even bring it for an hour and a half then when it came it was the wrong order. There's no point in even rating the atmosphere of the place because it's just a delivery or pick up Pizza Hut

Chris tof

The most overpriced pizza in the country, where a Medium two topping stuffed crust is over $35.00Food: 3/5

Garrett Mclean

Food quality is always amazing super fast delivery but the cost has gotten so unreasonable

Colton Hughes

Tried to order after having multiple errors using the app was instructed to call the store. After waiting on hold for 15 minutes was told by the employee that they couldn't do anything and that a manager would help then promptly hung up on me. Had to deny the payment through my credit card company.

Catherine Guay

Would like to have dine in again. For now it's just take out.

Mandita Morotinova

Pizza a bit tooooo greasy I've had some looking like it was dipped in oil/butter ....and prices are steeper than other spots in town, guess it depends what type of taste your into too.....staff also is quit unfriendly and always seem upset ??‍♀️ and operating hours can be good to closed. I've driven there a few times only to find it closed so had to head to dominos ??‍♀️

Kyle Warkentin

“Trying to do contact-less delivery” is such a joke. Clearly you just want payment before delivery and are using Covid as an excuse. If that’s so, change your business practice and make it public on the website as opposed to using Covid as an excuse.

Sam S.

They make you prepay for your order. It's not necessarily a bad thing but it's kind of insulting. It's cost over $40 for just a small pizza and an order of wings (8 or 10 I can't remember). When the food came, the pizza was good but the wings were disgusting. They were very clearly freezer burnt. I tried calling the restaurant back but they were closed by the time I got my food, ate, and then tried to call. I won't ever be ordering from here again which sucks because I love Pizza Hut. But this place is trash

harmandeep singh

Food has gone downhill in last couple of months, has multiple signs for customers to wear a mask but never seen the manager wearing one .


Terrible customer service. Ordered food online for delivery and i was waiting but i got a call you need to pay online rather than paying in person. Which is not even mentioned anywhere online,I did order online yesterday and paid cash. NPBut she just make an excuse on moment we are not doing delivery today unless you pay online.extremely unhelpful staff in Yellowknife pizza hut.

Jesse Lange

Lady on the phone misplaced my order and overpriced us on the EMT wouldn't compensate or cooperate to help us understand. Disappointed and definitely wont have my money.

Shawn Rabesca

Good ? good service, even the employees were nice

Mandroska Marquez

On the over priced side, quite greasy the dough almost looked soaked in although my husband and I love thier chicken pizza (tastes like Alfredo) we definitely wouldn't eat hear often


Took an hour and twenty minutes for dilivery, they put the wrong ingredients on both pizzas and I paid $4 for extra pinapple that I did not get.

Jason A

Way over priced. Went for the $10 deal but to add it to cart the pizza is $17. How do you justify a $7 markup???

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