1695 Great Basin Blvd, Ely
(775) 289-2272

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Abril Villanueva Nava

I ordered 7 spicy mc chickens and I asked for ketchup and ranch at the window… and only received 1 of each. I felt the upmost disrespect..

Rosanne Supp-Royster

After a long trip decided to stop to eat. Ordered a chicken sandwich and a hamburger with cheese. There was only pickles on both. My chicken sandwich was really well done and so dry you could not eat it. We had to ask the employee to get some ice for drinks as the machine was totally out. Also the drink machine was Empty but we laid for a drink. Had to tell them to fill the machine. A lady next to us had to tell them they needed napkins also. We won’t be back. Next time I will travel with an ice chest with my sandwich’s made and get a drink at the gas station. I realize everyone has help issues but there needs to be a manager there and on top of these employees. Fast food employees wanted $15 per hour and most of them are not worth 15 cents per hour.

Samantha Dukart

Line was horrendous, so I tried to use the kiosk that ended up freezing and the worker at the counter just sat there watching and never helped me even though I motioned for him. Left and went else where for food.

Hilary Dowson

Eve this morning demanded I used the kiosk then I waited quite a while for one drink. Lacks professionalism and common courtesy. Bypass this one if you’re on a road trip

Michael Vogt

Very strange, they want to know what kind of drink you're going to get from the self-serve machine before you pay.

Parag Deshpande

This place had a self checkout kiosk which was a good thing but the bad thing was didn't even had a simple coffee like latte. I ended up ordering on the kiosk and only later on I was told that their machine was broken. They end up replacing it with a regular coffee. Annoying experience ?


I gave them two star because staff was courteous, but food was all waste of money.


Went here twice during my trip both times were super bad. Dinner the first day got some nuggets and fries two cars ahead of us we waited 15min and the fries were cold. Breakfast two Samwitchs and 3 hash brown's thay gave us 2 hash browns and the Samwitchs asked for the missing one and thay end up giving me fries instead witch would be ok but they weren't cooked all the way through the centers were still frozen.


I was overcharged and when I pointed it out, the response I got was a shrug. The customer service staff needs training.

Cameron Lewis

Haven't been in the lobby since COVID hit, but the drive thru is hot or miss when it comes to getting your order correct. I can understand leaving things that usually come on a burger (multiple times I've requested no onions and it still came with them), but not putting items on that a customer paid extra for is unacceptable (didn't get bacon on it when I requested and paid for it).The attitude of the workers doesn't help much. They ask you to park out of the way when there's nobody else in line, but ignore when the line stretches all the way to the entrance.

Robert Anderson

Took a bus load of people there in Ely. Staff was great! Prepared in a timely manner, hot fresh and with a friendly positive attitude! Thank you

Clay Schutt

Worst experience from a McDonald's I have ever had. I get that places are short staffed but I am extremely patient. Passing through and stopped in to order our food to go. Waited 15 minutes (again I could see that they were short staffed so I was patient) and got on the road. About 5 miles out on snow covered roads I dug into my cold shriveled fries, and towards them out. Chicken sandwich was below standard with old mushy tomatoes, which is why I was looking forward to my hamburgers. First hamburger was hot and fresh, second hamburger did not include the hamburger patty. Upon reading the receipt that stated that "if you are unsatisfied we promise to make it right." I decided to call Maria the store manager, and after 4 phone calls over six days, I have yet to hear from her. I didn't want my money back, I just wanted to air out my experience at her establishment. After 35 years in food service, with 29 years in management, I would never not return a call for someone that left a voicemail or email let alone 4 voicemails. Like Burger King used to ask, "Where's the beef?"

Liz Cushman

First of all, one of the bathroom stalls had pee all over the toilet. The sink area was a little bit gross, too.Used the kiosk, which said we’ll bring it to your table (“We’ve got your number”)! After we ordered, it had us take a placard with a number on it, and to punch in the number that we took, which was 2. We put it on our table, waiting for our food. The gal yelled number 678 about 7 times, and after our food hadn’t arrived at our table for several minutes, I went to check on our order. I asked her if the food waiting at the counter was #2? No, it’s 678. When she told me what’s in the bag, I said well that’s our order, but I didn’t come get it because we’re #2. “Oh, we don’t use those.” O...k... I said well maybe next time you could bring the food into the dining room and ask the people who are waiting for their order? She said we just have a few people here and we’re really busy. I just said ok and enjoyed my lunch. I realize good help is hard to find, and this is a small town, but this was a confusing situation.I didn’t even bother telling them about the disgusting toilet.

Kim Roberts

20 minute wait, hamburger was burned, bun was stale, and no salt on the fries. A complete waste of time and $10.

Les Robison

First, it's McDonald's so don't set the bar too high. That said, my order was completed quickly and accurately so it was a good experience. If you want better, it'll cost you, and the wait increases.

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