1695 Great Basin Blvd, Ely
(775) 289-2272

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Arianna G.

if i could give it no stars at all i would. they're super slow and don't know how to handle rush hours, they get orders wrong as well.

Liz Cushman

First of all, one of the bathroom stalls had pee all over the toilet. The sink area was a little bit gross, too.Used the kiosk, which said we’ll bring it to your table (“We’ve got your number”)! After we ordered, it had us take a placard with a number on it, and to punch in the number that we took, which was 2. We put it on our table, waiting for our food. The gal yelled number 678 about 7 times, and after our food hadn’t arrived at our table for several minutes, I went to check on our order. I asked her if the food waiting at the counter was #2? No, it’s 678. When she told me what’s in the bag, I said well that’s our order, but I didn’t come get it because we’re #2. “Oh, we don’t use those.” O...k... I said well maybe next time you could bring the food into the dining room and ask the people who are waiting for their order? She said we just have a few people here and we’re really busy. I just said ok and enjoyed my lunch. I realize good help is hard to find, and this is a small town, but this was a confusing situation.I didn’t even bother telling them about the disgusting toilet.

Kim Roberts

20 minute wait, hamburger was burned, bun was stale, and no salt on the fries. A complete waste of time and $10.

Liz G.

The employees are always very nice at this location and you are able to enter this location although the play area is closed. (I know most locations in Las Vegas will not let customers in.) The inside of this location is not usually busy so if you are in a hurry I'd recommend walking in because the drive through is always packed. Doesn't matter what time of day. Inside is clean, kiosk was broken on this trip so it took a little bit of time to place my order. Only because the girl working the cash warp was working the drive through. The food is always seems to be made fresh and they are not stingy with the sauce or ketchup. I hight recommend using the app because this locations drive through gets VERY busy as I mentioned before. You can also score awesome deals that are not available is you just order.

Les Robison

First, it's McDonald's so don't set the bar too high. That said, my order was completed quickly and accurately so it was a good experience. If you want better, it'll cost you, and the wait increases.

MobSlayer 4211

Tasty food, not healthy though. I recommend only coming here every once in awhile

Advanture Zach

Even with their doors closed (likely do to COVID staffing shortages) they are efficient and polite. Thanks for a good and easy experience and good food!

juan morales

They got the order wrong 3 times in a row in the drive thru. The young assistant manager that was on duty in the afternoon around 2ish was rude and kept cutting me off as i kept trying to explain why I was irritated. After 3 tries i jusy drove off with the wrong items. I dont know why they ask what we want to order if they are just going to give you what ever.they want. The lady at the cash register window was polite but it kinda gets canceled out if the other person gets the order wrong.

Edward Y.

Terrible absolutely terrible. Drive thru windows so dirty you couldn't see into the restaurant. Ordered filet of fish and add shredded lettuce, and a cold sandwich came with a ton of onions! Worst McDonald's I've ever been to and the owners should lose their franchise!

Firstname Lastname

Only open for Drive thru at this location. Burgers tasted like someone dumped the salt shaker on them. The receipt claims that if you are not completely satisfied to call the customer service number listed on it instead of leaving feedback on mcdvoice survey website for a free ice cream cone, and they will make it right. Called the number and got voicemail, so left a message. Still waiting to hear back from them weeks later.

Mac B.

thomas griffen is the nicest and cutest mf ever. his service was immaculate, and he was so quick at getting our order. the girl at the window there wasn't very nice tho, she smelt like fish and kept being rude to me and my fellow golf team members. i felt very very disrespected. but thomas in the other hand was completely the opposite. i think some day i would go back and like to get his cell phone number. xoxo gossip girl

Amanda Garcia

This place is ridiculous, management is a joke. They are rude, slow , and unbelievably the Last place I'd ever eat on earth ? DO NOT EAT HERE.

Joseph Moreno

Fast drive thru friendly people

Jake Lester

Same great taste, a little slow under the circumstances.We went here and got in line to order with the rest of the cars because the Delta Variant had shut down the lobby. Presumably you'd think all the resources would go to moving the drive through quicker, but I'm under the impression management looked at it as a way to understaff the restaurant.Every worker was super nice and apologetic if the food wasn't quick, but I gave it four stars for the time spent in line and question how many are actually working in there.


I eat here on a regular basis as I live in Ely. We have 4 other fast food windows in town and McDonalds is the fastest. They have a continual line and move people right along. Customer service is friendly. THANKS, McDonald staff.

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