Bbear Cafe

6850 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas
(725) 400-4647

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A Day with Melo Melo

I ordered Java chip affogato and red beans/chocolates fillings Boongeo-Pang. Yum yum:)

Marites D.

Bbear Cafe is a cute little shop that offers an array of milk tea, iced tea, slush, and coffee. They're located on Spring Mountain and Rainbow at Korea Town Plaza, inside Greenland Supermarket, and there's ample parking. This is a great place that use lactose free milk! There's no additional charge to substitute with soy, almond, coconut, or oat milk. I had Taro Ube (20 oz, $5.49) as a blended drink and it was yummy! They also have Korean shaved ice dessert and Taiyaki which is a delicious fish-shaped waffle. Taiyaki is cooked fresh to order and it comes out very crispy! I had one Taiyaki filled with sweet red bean, and the other with Nutella, both were good. If looking for a happy indulgence, the Java Chip Affogato ($4.99) is a personal favorite! Vanilla soft serve with espresso, Java chips, and chocolate drizzle is quite a delight to smile about and well worth enjoying :)

Ruby Rivera

This place is really good! I got the matcha green tea latte and it’s amazing Total - $5.95How ever their entrance is from inside the Greenland supermarket, they don’t have their front entrance anymore.

Logan H.

Best boba in the city, seriously. The Spiced Chai and Lavender milk teas are to die for. Taiyaki are also delicious here.

Rina C.

First time trying and will definitely be back. They have the best coffee and tea. The man who was there was super friendly and helpful. I didn't catch his name. And the Boongeo-Pang is delicious and vegan. Bonus points for vegan options. A must try.

Mary An

So happy to discover this place.One of the best honeydew milk teas I've tried. Loved the lactose - free option.Soo tasty! Definitely going back again

Steven Kim

Boba has great texture and the drinks taste great. Happy the menu says the drinks are non dairy by default. A few other places do this too but they never include it on the menu so it gets confusing.

Kae C.

I love that it's location. I love the variety of options and add one for boba. Their Taro Ube actually taste like taro Ube. And the available flavors for boongeo-pan are .

Jesus T.

My new favorite cafe. After getting my grocery shopping done. I was feeling a a little hungry and decided to visit the food court and boy was surprised to find this place at the back. I got some food and then read their wide variety and selection of Ice cold drinks. I decided to order the Taro Ube Milk Tea and well now I'm hooked. I ask for my with 50% sweetness and some Boba. I have tried the blended version and the on ice version. I enjoy the blended version more, specially on a Hot Summer day in Las Vegas. I also tried their Waffle that looks like a Fish and got mine with chocolate chips. I was in heaven. I definitely come here every time I want to treat my self for each personal goal I accomplish. Prices are reasonable. Right next to area where you pick up your drink when its ready, they have a cozy and private seating area for their customer. The chair and tables are sturdy, yet would benefit from more detail cleaning to make the space SHINE. Don't worry about parking, since their is ample parking space outside. There are several other business in this big plaza, so one can get a lot done in one location. I'm excited to try other Ice Cold Drinks in the future.

Kelly M.

I wouldn't visit here again if I am being completely honest. The oatnilla soft served was granulated in texture and overall not something I would crave with the imbalance in sweet and experience. The bboong o bang wasn't satisfying texture wise and the red beans themselves seemingly didn't feel in harmony with the breading, which I also found too.. tough. I would say kids of a younger age would enjoy this spot simply for the experience of cutely crafted bboongobangs and the boba on the soft serve has a good aesthetic. [also since the portion is smaller, better for their teeth.? haha despite the already prevalent sugar].

Hoyoon Hwang

Nice boba milk tea inside Korean plaza. Has mixed Chinese and Korean tea flavors. Good as desserts

Deinila B.

Blended drinks great! My kids didn't like bobas before but now they do!! Every time we go to Ktown, bear cafe a must stop!

Haz Maz

Boba Bear cafe has good snacks and drinks, not much for selection as they only have a few flavors of boba, one flavor of ice cream (oatnilla). One cashier gets my order wrong, although the other times i came here there were different cashiers and they got it right so maybe its just one guy and he might get fired or something, anyways i would recommend going here unless that cashier is there or they are out of boba because thats the only thing i come there for. You should get the little fish snacks i got one time, they had i think red beans inside and are pretty tasty. P.S. ignore my username im gonna change it. Or not.

Mary L.

This is a favorite spot at the far right corner inside. Affogatto coffee frozen dessert was very good! That's a must for this place. Taiyaki (fish pancake) all flavors are good. Hazelnut iced coffee was very strong. Oatmeal frozen dessert is perfect for people who don't want too much sweetness. Red bean drink and other cold beverages had always been excellent. Tastes great, looks great, good price, and comes in a very good regular sized cup. We come here several times throughout the year, especially when the temperatures get warmer outside. It's perfect for out of town folks, but also the locals shopping inside the Greenland Supermarket area. Yes, they take credit cards. Cashier always does a great job taking our orders and the drinks never disappoints us. Lines are long at times, but so far so good. We usually get our orders within 5 minutes. They work fast here. Unfortunately, they don't have the pineapple sorbet, lychee or pineapple swirl ice creams right now. I really do enjoy having ice cream and frozen desserts here. In the past, they used to sell more boba tea items in different colors and flavors. These days, it's a wonderful spot for sweet treats. I hope they create more new items and flavors soon. We will be visiting again for sure.


Out of bobo buttt we ordered the espresso soft serve And few other soft serves that were all vegan made from oat milk , very very good dessert ! The center it located in was a unique experience, all Korean stores and eateries , kpop store etc Highly recommend

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