Echo & Rig Butcher and Steakhouse

440 S Rampart Blvd Suite 120, Las Vegas
(702) 489-3525

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Kennica W.

Soooo.... This place is a MUST! I tried this place for the first time yesterday for my birthday. My party of 3 had a 4pm reservation and we were seated immediately when we arrived. The manager came over to the table first and greeted us and thanked us for coming. Then our server Minon took care of us. Service was amazing, prompt, and friendly. Dishes were cleaned promptly from the table throughout the meal as each plate was finished. Drinks were refilled so quickly that you didn't have to ask. We tried a lot of the food and we all enjoyed every single item. Portobello fries with aioli- BOMB! Garlic mashed potatoes- super flavorful Shrimp cocktail was standard Calamari- hot and delicious and cooked perfectly(soft fried if that makes sense) Steaks- were all seasoned and cooked perfectly at medium and med rare (we all got different cuts) Risotto- delicious Steak sauce additions: Horseradish cream- sooo good Blue cheese sauce- it was really rich I put a picture of the bill just to put in perspective the prices. Which we all felt were reasonable

Ken L.

We had a great meal at Echo & Rig. Our appetizer was watermelon salad, a great amuse bouche. For sides we had Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and cauliflower. All excellent and a good variety of flavors. We had three steaks, Spencer, Bavette and Skirt. Each of us thought ours was the best. And each was stellar. Drinks downstairs were tasty and the wine list is solid and well priced. In face the whole meal was high value for the taste and quality. Service spectacular. Portions of steak 8-12 ounces which helps keep prices in check. No regrets. Pro tip: steaks come with house made potato chips so maybe pass on the mashed or ask for a substitution. Note to management- decor is a bit plain as is the bread that comes with the table. Otherwise great.

Arleen E.

We walked-in around 8pm on a Thursday night and the hostess informed us we were in luck as a table for six just opened up. Yay! Hostess was friendly and welcoming. We were sat right in front of the kitchen on the second level. Manager came to our table - she was informed that we were celebrating a college reunion (1984!) and wanted to wish us well. Our server was friendly and quick to offer suggestions. With "butcher" on the name, they literally bring the meats to your table when requested. They even serve tomahawks and ribeye caps (its got the flavor and juicy fat of a ribeye, with the tenderness of a tenderloin)! We started with two orders each of the Prosciutto and Burrata Sourdough Boule with Roasted Fig and Portobello Fries with Herb Aioli. Holy wow! Both were very good. I can eat those fries every single day. I ordered the Classic Ribeye medium rare (came out perfect) with chips. I didn't care for the garlic chips it came with so I added a side of Cauliflower, Chili De Arbol, Crispy Shallots and Onions and a side of Brussel Sprouts. Surprisingly, I finished my dinner. Yes, it was that good. Too bad we did not have room for dessert... maybe next time!

Jake M.

Vegas Local for 20 years and this place is pretty nice. Not a super fine dining but for the price you can't beat it!!! Been 3 times. Clean, great area and view. Staff is great, Smart and knowledgeable. Everything we've ordered has been pretty spot on for flavor. The only real issues I've had is twice they were out of certain cut steaks that I was wanting. Wasn't a huge issue but made something else for the night.

Bryan M.

Hands down the best steak restaurant I have been to in Las Vegas/Henderson. I was almost expecting to be disappointed as I usually am with steakhouses but this place really knows their meat and how to cook it. When it comes to the cuts of steak my group got, I couldn't really tell you, I just know that everybody was supremely satisfied. Mine was probably the third best steak I've had in my entire life. For sides we got the portabella fires, the pork belly burnt ends, and the chili de arbol cauliflower, all of which were fantastic as well, with special nods going to the portabella fires. This place is a bit pricey but the food, service, and atmosphere were all top notch.

Ruby W.

Interesting place with a lot of great reviews so we were under the impression the experience was going to be flawless. I will say the steaks were good. I also ordered a salad with lettuce, radicchio , 2 hazelnuts, 2 tiny pieces of blue cheese. The dressing tasted of pure vinegar. I assume we are cutting costs. The lettuce was torn to large pieces making it odd to enjoy. It looks like the Caesar salad are the full leaves of romaine. I know Chefs think this is cute, because t consider the diner trying to eat it. The place is kinda industrial feeling and certainly needs a woman's touch. I thought it was going to end up being kinda romantic. But their is quite a lack of decor, centerpieces are a tiny candle from the dollar store. Flooring is cheap looking. I just thought being on Tivoli it would have the ambiance thing down. The portables fries were ok. Came with a tiny container of green sauce. Asparagus with egg I guess they were proud of. Not sure what that was all about. Shrimp with artichoke was rough! Just not even something anyone would eat. Breading was sloppy and nothing with it? I observed a waiter bring a Saran wrapped tray of steaks to a table. I think they were the Waygu and other fancy cuts. The table was for sure going to be an awesome check. I thought really? A raggedy Saran plastic wrapped tray? Deserts were small. And really nothing chocolate? HUGE miss! Or cheesecake? Wait staff was pretty well choreographed. Bread was not memorable. So my suggestion to them; Get a couple WOW's going!! So nice music in the waiting area. An awesome WOW bread and butter Lose all the side dish ordering separate! Too many dang plates all over the table. Create a signature side dish. Create a couple awesome salads with interesting ingredients. Go ahead and add the sauce on the steak. It creates a more well rounded presentation. Some nice centerpieces A meat showcase

Terra S.

Really great brunch! I had the salmon eggs Benedict was really great! Others had steak hash and something else.... Great for brunch on Saturdays and make a reservation!

Shayla W.

When visiting Vegas, who wouldn't want to eat steak? From Yelp, I found Echo & Rig. Off the strip, great pricing, and high reviews, let's go! Reservations were easy to book with open table and parking is located on the property. The restaurant is located in a beautiful shopping area with fountains and lights. Food menu consists of different cuts of meat, seafood options, sides, and appetizers. We decided to try their ahi tartare, butcherstrone soup, ribeye, bavette, risotto, and Brussel sprouts. The butherstrone was delicious! It had three different types of meat (lamb, pork, and beef). The bavette was amazing. So soft and tender. The ribeye was disappointing. It was really tough and undercooked. Sides weren't anything special so can't really say much about it. The service was terrible. It's bad when you feel your waiter is treating you different from the other tables. That made us really uncomfortable. We noticed he was so friendly with others but when it came to us he seemed like he was uninterested and just upset. The other issue I had was that when he poured water in our glasses, the top of the bottle would make contact with our glasses. This made us wonder how many other glasses did he touch before pouring into ours? Not sure how it's rated 4.5 stars on Yelp but sadly, I can't recommend. Sure the price point is great but the quality and the service, I'll pass.

Stephane M.

Extremely great service, we reserved a table at 215. It was ready at 204. Downstairs bar service was great. Shane was our server and was extremely helpful. Leroy the manager was friendly and came and had a great chat with us. They made us feel very welcomed. Drinks are great. Awesome and tasty menu. Great prices. The deserts are AMAZING. Just please have more Quiche!

Trish S.

We made reservations for Echo & Rig after experiencing a delicious bone marrow appetizer overseas. When looking for a restaurant serving this type of food, we were directed to Echo & Rig in Tivoli Village. The food was delicious-- amazing-- and the staff were friendly and well versed in the menu. We had the Carne asada bone marrow and the portobello fries as appetizers. My husband had a perfectly tender steak and I ordered the fried chicken salad for entrees. My salad was alright-- I'm not going to say it was the best salad I've ever had, but I was already full from the appetizers. The steak, however, was melt in your mouth perfection and better than any steak we've had on the strip! The main takeaway I would like to give you, however, is that this restaurant, even with some of its clientele and even with its high end menu, isn't pretentious. You don't feel uncomfortable amidst the other diners and the staff is great. We will definitely be back.

Alexx R.

My family and I went to an anniversary dinner for some family friends. We were a large party of 14 people and honestly they were so accommodating. I know a lot of places struggle with large parties but our waiter never skipped a beat. We ordered some apps to share for the table. Highlight was the herb aioli on the side of the mushroom fries, I don't think I have ever had anything like it. Then I ordered a hanger steak which was perfectly cooked. I was doing "low carb" so I didn't get the chips on the side. (I tried one of someones else's and ehh I wasn't missing out on anything.) Overall we had a great Experience and the food is very reasonably priced!

Bernadette A.

I got the short rib hash and it was so delicious. This serving was definitely enough for two people to share. I was so stuffed. The short rib was tender and was seasoned well. The potatoes were crispy and the bell peppers were so tasty. The poached eggs were cooked to perfection and the hollandaise sauce definitely complemented the dish. I would definitely return again and try out their dinner.

Rodney W.

I was in attendance for their famous Happy Hour. Excellent: the food ($3 steak & eggs, loaded fries, and butcher's hot dog - all of which are top quality), the service, and the atmosphere. Both bartenders were great and the environment is immaculate with a generous amount of filtered light (no ultraviolet rays punishing anyone's skin here) and floor to ceiling windows. One caveat: their $3 cocktail is essentially a snow cone. It's just okay. I will return next time I'm in town.

Yaron Yarden

If I could give Echo & Rig 10 stars, I would. One of the best steaks I've ever had (Ribeye medium rare), my girlfriend who's vegan enjoyed the kale salad, brussel sprouts and cauliflower side dishes tremendously. I also had the steak tartare - which was to die for. Service was impeccable, drinks were spot on. Bottom line - if you want a 5 star meal in Vegas, without being overcharged for everything - venture on to Echo & Rig.

Vincent Sulaiman

I found Echo & Rig through Reddit recommendations when looking for a steakhouse in Vegas during a visit. This was our last dinner in town before leaving and it was the perfect place to end on. What drew me to this place was its cool name and that it was a butcher shop. This place is about 25-30 minutes off the strip, so if you’re visiting and have a car, it’s a great place to go for great steaks at great prices.I started off with the Bone Marrow Carne Asada. This is a great little starter plate to curb some hunger if you came with an empty stomach. It has small chopped pieces of Carne Asada in a large bone, and toasted bread. I do wish there was a little more bone marrow on ours; regardless, it is a good plate with a great balance of acid from the onions and salt from the meat and bone marrow!After talking with our waiter, I settled on the hanger steak, one that isn’t often offered at steakhouses. It is known as the butcher’s steak and there is only one on each cow. It was cooked perfectly to a medium rare. The 8 oz. steak was seasoned lightly to allow the beef flavors to stand out. The hanger steak is lean like a filet, a little tougher to cut and chew, but will still melt in the mouth. If you haven’t had a hanger steak or had a bad experience with one, give it a try here. The house made potato chips on the side were a nice side and added to the causal ambiance of the steakhouse.We ended on the Pineapple Upside Down cake which was very good as well. It had firm edges, while maintaining its fluffy cake. The pineapple was cooked down well enough to remove the sting from a fresh piece, but remained sweet!If you have a rented car in Vegas or a local that hasn’t been, Echo & Rig is a great steakhouse that won’t leave you disappointed! We’ll definitely be back to try more! No

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