Jack In The Box

1591 S Main St, Las Vegas
(702) 383-6908

Recent Reviews

Autry Slay

Jack in the box? They say the way to a man's stomach is food, the way to mine is Jack in the box absolutely no doubt, and food & the price are you kidding, you better get yours before they really get discovered!

Xaivier Orion

They have the largest menu I've ever seen for fast food most variety great food.

Tinae Humphrey

Food is good but they only hire Mexicans at this location and until I see diversity, I won't be returning to buy anything, you lost me as a daily customer!!!!!

David Parren

I ride with a big group of cyclists downtown . If I we can stay away from here we do. First you have to make it past the homeless out side then you have to get past the homeless lounging on the inside only to deal with rude employee. We have been here in numerous occasions we wanted to use it as a pit stop for the women to use the rest room get drinks and food but it's to much of a hassle. You should tell you employee to talk nice to people or hire people that want there job.

Carlos Cruz

I love jack in the box. Especially their curly fries. Its very dufferent from other fast foid restaurants.

Darnell Clay

I was on my way to work for my 4am shift and I stopped by to pick up a quick bite. The cars before me were terrible in that they were not satisfied with there orders but I am sure it was an alcohol induced dissatisfaction and I was iredbecause I felt I would be late due to there shenanigans but I got my breakfast and made it to work on time.

Doc Duggan

Its pretty ok. They hooked it up in all the right places.

Johnny Angel

The food is good and the prices are competitive. I would recommend it.

Matthew Lemerond

Water cup should be free no one should be charged for them we live in the desert.


Good food, not too crowded

Erick Guevara

23 minutes waiting , no body take my order .. Come on >~<

Emma Manolis

We had some excellent service at this location today. Food was also great.

Jellica Hood

Nasty yo idk y it happens Everytime i come here

deedee l

Horrible service.. They made us wait up front for our order..waited 20 minutes..drove back thru the drive thru only to be told our order was given to someone else. The cashier was an idiot..manager stepped in and I asked for a refund rather then waiting another 20 minutes for my order.

Melissa T

Good burgers, this place was on my daughter's must go to list, she's a 10 yrs old foodie and she wasn't disappointed.

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