Jack In The Box

3235 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas
(702) 736-7458

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Chris B.

Dont qaste gour time, myself and 7 other cars in drive thru were just forced to leave because the moron managers decided everyday at 4am to completely shutdown their entire "system" for 30 minutes. Wtf???????? Weve been waiting in drive thru for 30 mins for this???????? How dare yall. Shut this place down how absolutely ridiculous.

Paty L.

The customer service is disgusting, the cashier at night with a bad attitude, my question is for what they work if they don't like what they do they would stay at home, the food is super bad.

Nicole Bowen

Amazing food!! We need one in Wisconsin!

Felecia Valenzuela

We went very late with a very large order. The employees were great joking with us and making the food with great speed but it was on point. Thank you for a great snack night with the kids we didn't miss a beat thanks to the great employees.

Michael Tassler

I like Jack, while I living in Texas.. been about 6 years till I had their cuisines. Still pretty good. Yep I will be returning.. one of my favorite fast food places.

S Delgado

Drive through order. It was fine but items were forgotten and my husband had to get down to get the missing items even though we were asked to pull over to the side and wait for our order.

Carlos L.

first time at this place , all employees using face mask. service , actitudes and cleanliness awesome. not complaints about this place. tou can dining in but all tables open , sitting is limited.

Tamara W.

Extremely slow drive thru, finally got food (24 minutes with only me and one other car), got home, dumped my curly fries onto a plate and found half a dozen short curly dark hairs woven in. Just ew. Not cool at all.

Eli Mez

Not great food was cold and they completely messed up my order


Who would believe a good chicken sandwich on sour dough bread. Made to order with bacon and lettuce and grilled on sour dough bread. Hot and fresh and a good surprise. I have gone back several times.

casey wood

Better treatment than Wendy's. Fast service, good value, good food, free refills, open bathrooms and all around friendly attitudes from staff who genuinely seem to enjoy their jobs. You earned every star

Marc Basile

They had a long wait to order and get food. On top of that, they told me they no longer had any drinks other than water, orange juice, or milk shakes. Plus side is they didn't charge me extra for the milk shake.

Gary B

My wife and I dined here for lunch. We both had a fish sandwich combo. Very good sandwich and fries. Friendly staff. I will return.

Tina Ridgway

It's 11:04p.m. and they closed, said they where short staffed. I'm sure the owners would love to know they lock there doors early to avoid work.

Rhea F.

This is how I got my sandwich! Bitten off you with teeth marks! And I was refused a refund twice!

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